Letter From The President: Listen to the teachers

President Address NAGRAT

Fri, 13 Oct 2006 Source: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents
Isn’t it a shame that in Sikaman today almost every teacher is on strike and no one is paying much attention to them? It all started a few weeks ago, when graduate teachers decided to abandon their classrooms to demand improved service conditions. Not long thereafter, we heard that some branches of the national association of teachers (whose members, I’m told, are mainly teachers without degrees) had also decided to vacate their classrooms to back demands for improved service conditions. Amidst the upheavals and shouts for improved service conditions, we celebrated our national teachers’ awards day last week. Needless to say the celebrations were overshadowed by the agitation.

Columnist: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch