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Letter From The President: NDC fails ? again!

Wed, 24 Aug 2005 Source: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents,

I think you must be getting bored with me for writing a lot about the NDC these days. It?s becoming a bore for me as well. Nut I can?t help it. Try as I do not to write about them, they keep giving me reasons to get on their case. So, I am afraid that, once again, I?ve compelled to just pen a few words about their recent antics.

Not long ago, we announced a plan to absorb some fees of pupils in basic schools as part of the first steps towards the implementation of the Free Compulsory Universal Education (F-CUBE) Programme. I will like to point out that F-CUBE is a very good policy ? a constitutional provision, in fact ? and every government is obliged to implement it. The constitution was drawn up under the PNDC regime which gave birth to the NDC ? yet the NDC did not make any attempt to implement that policy. I think the NDC has allowed jealousy to have the better of them. In their usual attempt to punch holes in everything I do, they have been crying wolf against our methods of implementing the F-CUBE policy.

Columnist: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch