Letter to Argentina As The Legalizes the killing of humans

Abortion Ban 1 Argentina has enacted laws legalising abortion

Sat, 2 Jan 2021 Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Woe to any one, country or individual who accepts to take one’s life. “I have come to give life and give it to the full”, young Jesus said. Human life is expensive and under no circumstance should a nation or an individual choose to kill. The Argentines however, choose to join those murderers on this planet earth.

It is unfortunate that a good size of the population of Argentina shouts their hearts out praising a murderous law enacted by their country. A Catholic country opting for abortion is bitter news for some of us. As I watched DW Tv this morning, I saw some of the populace jubilating and sharing tears of joy as their long-awaited wish has been saved before them in plates. Some of the people interviewed by a DW correspondent termed the moment as “incredible”. It’s sad to hear news of legalization of the killing of Human Beings in the womb.

I wonder if the people of Argentina need the Covid-19 Vaccine. With the advent of this deadly disease, the whole world ardently looks forward for a cure. But as some scientists are seriously in the lab searching for a cure, some Lawmakers of some countries are seriously enacting laws that will allow the killing of babies. I beg you the president of Argentina to stop putting measures in place to control the virus since it serves the same purpose: the killing of human beings. It doesn’t matter with age difference, the babies in the womb are 14-week-old can be killed by choice, the same as the 56-year-old woman has to be killed by the Novel Corona Virus.

The law you have signed today Mr. President serves that common purpose, “killing human beings”. The Covid-19 too is doing the same for human beings who are already living on planet earth visibly. It is with a deep heart, a bleeding soul, and sorrowful mother Mary that I writ you this letter. Do not hesitate to reply my letter with good news.

My dear Christians and loved humanitarians in Argentina, I mourn with you as this murderous law see daylight. Continue to pray for those who will choose to live this new path Argentina has chosen. “Live out your human life, to protect mother earth, a call to realizing our full humanity.”

(Emmanuel Graham Nyameke, 2019)

I Remain Yours in Christ

Emmanuel Graham Nyameke.

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke