Opinions Fri, 6 Sep 2013

Letter to a politician

Massaging of feelings, politics of deception, divisive ultrances on

political platforms and hate speeches have been given massive clearance in

our body politics for quite some time now. My crusade is still active.

The preponderance and craftly style of making palpable falsehood appear

even more convincing than the truth through vociferous communication by

untired communicators who under the influence of their paymasters, are left

with fewer options of peddling falsehood, trade in messages of threats and

hatred to taint and malign the reputation of others.

Our current political posturing has created an easily accessible market

facility which sustain and sell lies in a more decorated form to the poor

desperate masses.

Majority of our population are unsuspectingly being exploited by

politicians as pawns in their cheers game.During campaign periods, daily

meals are provided, paltry amounts and needles items ranging from china

phones to chamber pots are distributed to desperate voters to lure them for

their mandate by pushing down their throat hook, line and sinker.The psyche

which drive this act of irresponsibility and desperation is quiet scary.The

poor and the unemployed youth are mostly used, a situation which is

inimical to the future of our nation, out of sheer desperation and fear of

dying under the unbearable weight of hunger, luxury of alternatives are not

available to choose but rather the situation render the youth vulnerable,

and in their desperate quest in securing jobs from these politicians, they

end up being used as ambassadors of violence and invective politics.

So you now notice how revealing the evil strategy employed by some

politicians in Ghana and Africa at large to resurrect the era of slave

trade stands? Selling their own people to abject poverty, destructions and

despair for money and fame.The voter becomes the sufferer who continues to

brood in servitude of the rich.Ghana politics has hit a new era of

revolution where it appears to be the only way of securing unbreakable

financial survival, it has therefore turn the situation to what justice

Atubiga described as illegal political galamsey,a syphoning machinery for

diverting state funds for personal gains.

Acquisition of state properties illegitimately, financial malfeasances and

illegal procurement tactics are the tools used to pump monies into their

personal coffers, getting richer and richer at the blind side of the

electorates who continue to suffer at the bare hands of poverty.

Undeniably these illegal state funds acquired are used to sponsor their

immediate blood-bonds into the finest of universities at the diaspora like

Cambridge, Oxford,Havard etc to prepare them towards inheriting their

wicked and adventurous political empire.

This style of politics has lost its usefulness and all moral considerations

and must be placed at trite corners. It reveals the conspiracy theories

deliberately designed by politicians to hold this nation to ransom.

Our dedication to the course of development as citizens of a country

seeking to overcome the myriad of economic tussles confronting us should

not influenced by our political biasis or any act of predilections but

rather unreserved patronage of national interest.

Political power necessary means those betrothed with political mandate must

swiftly act in the collective interest of all Ghanaians devoid of partisan

affiliations within the confines national resources.

Nailing to our psyche is the fact that political leadership are transient

but Ghana remains forever therefore any of our actions which seek to betray

our nation for selfish parochial interest will definately mar and corrupt

the future of generation yet unborn.

Deliberately designing theories of failure for political opponents wishing

them fail is as well not good for our democracy, on several platforms and

occasions we notice to our disappointment, the utter seriousness across the

political divide, the ploy to malign policies bond to inure positve

prospects into the state's benefits.

We have come this far only to realise the damning implications of our

inactions and how much we have cost this nation in terms of development.The

singular option we have to undo the irreparable damage caused is to garner

our intelligence towards rebuilding the nation selflessly and


Isn't it surprising to see an entire bunch of intellectuals reasoning in

the same direction anytime issues bothering on national interest pops up

all in the name of politics? It's indeed funny but we must rather admit

such past as a mistake and move on from there.

God has not forsaken Ghana yet.The Bible is my witness.

From; Ivan Kyei Innocent/0206262717


Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei