Lifestyle of Zongos which many people doesn't know

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Mon, 31 Dec 2018 Source: Osuman Salisu

Zongo is the most important and interesting places to live, but some people are trying to distort that attitude of us but rather to make it look like Zongo is a violent area that use to attracts some recalcitrant behaviours across the country.

Sometimes is our leaders that normally create an atmosphere to pave way for all these bad manners of reasons within our various Zongo communities why do I say this, am saying this due to lack of justice among the leaders to the Youth who are willing to give their best to the various communities they belong to.

How do we improve as people where everybody is only fighting for him /herself whilst we suppose to keep one another as one people as the religion taught us.

We always trying to sabotage one another with no reasonable reasons, maybe if someone is doing something you don't understand or you have no idea of what he /she is doing instead of asking to no what he /she is doing even if there's any support you can give to the person to improve on what he /she is doing to even make it bigger and better for the community and the entire country at large, then the will prefer to sabotage and pull the person down that's why Zongo communities are still marking time because of this attitude and the bad thinking towards our own self.

Moreover we have the perception of discouraging ourselves from some profession that we are seeking or intending to do, that's where the will begin to allude you to some people that have taken such steps before you, that when they intend to pursue what you are hoping to do today where have they gotten too, which means what you are trying to achieve in your future per the career that you are hoping for must change per their view but forgetting that Almighty Allah (God) has blessed or entrusted each and every one of his career and destiny.

On the more serious note we need to come together as one people and support ourselves and friends who are in need of help to build their careers in future because everybody is looking up to us as Zongorians, we have the talents, capacity and all that it takes to make differences for ourselves and the communities we belong to, everybody wants to claim to be a Zongorian, why is because God has endowed everyone in Zongo the capabilities to use it to better his life but we don't seem to realize it, now let's show the world that we can work hard to make it but not to tag ourselves like they always try to tag or paint as to be violence and later turn to claim to be.

Written by Osuman Salisu


Columnist: Osuman Salisu