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Like an epidemic, corruption has spread to every part of Ghana

Corruption Signpost According to the author, corruption should be killed not Ghanaians

Tue, 1 Jun 2021 Source: Joel Savage

As long as Ghanaian politicians satisfy their greed at the expense of the common people, nothing will change

Ghana faces the biggest challenges in providing clean water, quality education, better health facilities, regular power supply, good roads, and maintaining a flexible economy, despite the natural resources available in the country.

It is a fact that the continent of Africa has suffered many setbacks from slavery, colonial power, the institution of the Apartheid system of government, and some diseases that “miraculously appeared from heaven,” but chronic corruption has also played a significant role in under-developing Ghana.

In 2019, the exported gold value from Ghana amounted to approximately 6.23 billion U.S. dollars, with an increase of almost 800 million U.S. dollars compared to 2018, yet nobody can actually explain how this money was used in the country.

Also in the same year, the Bank of Ghana Annual Report, revealed that exports of cocoa beans from Ghana increased by 5%, amounting to 2.29 billion dollars. As usual, foreign exchange derived from the export of raw materials from Ghana, can’t be accountable or play any significant role in the economy of the country.

It is not a hidden secret that many Ghanaian politicians have foreign accounts, either registered in their names or families, to avoid detection. Most of the exports of Ghana’s raw materials consist fundamentally in false invoices of products with proceeds ending in foreign accounts.

While Ghana continues to remain poor, the money deposited in foreign accounts is given as loans with interest, develops the foreign countries, while the common people face unemployment crisis.

This is one of the reasons despite the vast resources in Ghana, including oil, no one sees any significant developments in the country.

The lack of integrity and feelings for the common people illustrate the anger among the population, including the youth, who are now using social media to voice out their anger.

Until Ghanaian politicians begin to realize that the common people are human beings, they will continue to receive the baptism of insults.

What kind of a country is Ghana? Like an epidemic, corruption has spread to every part of the country, especially in government institutions and ports.

Since corruption has collapsed the country's infrastructures and the economy, the government has no choice but to introduce multiple taxes and increase levy at the ports.

The NPP government lacked the knowledge to admit that high taxation and customs duties at the ports will discourage investment in the country, yet, they are encouraging the intelligent Ghanaians in the Diaspora to come home and build Ghana.

No, Mr. President Nana Akufo Addo, if you are not clever enough to know that those high introduced taxation and customs duties are not the solutions to salvage the poor economy of Ghana, then build your corrupt and crippled Ghana alone with your inefficient useless ministers.

Columnist: Joel Savage
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