Look, He is Happy and Laughing!

Thu, 24 Jul 2014 Source: Adofo, Rockson

A Ghanaian man in London artfully wades himself into the heart of a married woman. The woman then chucks her husband, by whom she has some beautiful children, from not only her life, but also, from the marital home. The man saunters to the house of the woman, without the least shame, but with broad smile on his face, chest puffed out, acting big.

No parents love to see their daughter behave so irresponsibly; adulterously, so to speak. She has by her behaviour brought disgrace upon the parents. They are thinking, will people not say that we did not bring up our daughter properly? Is she not behaving like one of us, as the adage goes, “Like father like son” or “like mother like daughter?”

No, it is her own mental weakness the cause of the embarrassment she is about to drench the entire family in. She has fallen for the flatteries and the outward physical beauty of this apparent womaniser. This womaniser knows no shame. He is happy to break another man’s heart. He thinks it’s genial to snatch someone’s wife. While the husband wets his pillow at night with tears elsewhere, this man enjoys the comfort of the bed of the evicted husband, tucked in-between the thighs of his victim’s wife.

Why are some Ghanaian women that cheap? Why are they without mental strength but mostly fall for other men’s flatteries? There are many instances of both Ghanaian women and their men abroad behaving outlandishly.

Why not go after the numerous girls or women without husband but a married one of whom you even know the husband? I wish I could meet this man and give him real life situation education on the consequences of his action. Today he is strong, handsome and trusts the power of his “dick”. Tomorrow, he will be weeping and regretting his action. Time changes, the bible says. There is a time for everything on earth.

When a married woman falls in love with another man, she will do whatever it takes to go out with her new love. If her husband will die by her going out with the new man or not, she does not care. Whether her children approve of her habit or not, she does not care. She may not even hesitate to poison the husband if he becomes an impediment, slowing down her eagerness to go out with the new man, if she has her own way. During such times, the woman becomes dangerously selfish and narrow-minded. She cares only about herself and her interests. What an egoist? She can even fall out with her parents when they become obstructions, not facilitating her licentious behaviour.

I do not want to say much, but will only advise her to look before she leaps even though she has leapt already. The man should be careful as he stands to reap and will be forced to eat, the sour fruits of the seed he has sown in the life of that lone voice crying in the wilderness. As the husband is shaking from head to toe, wondering how it all came about, and cannot believe his eyes and ears; the trespasser is happy and laughing. He has got a beautiful woman without wiping any sweat. Mind you, “Easy buck goes as quickly as it comes”

If you are a woman and have seen another man that you want to have in your life, please divorce your husband first before you begin to go out with him. Do not engage in extra marital affairs; to get caught, before you start your nonsense of moving out. Shame on you such easily convinced women. Be strong in character when you are a married woman.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson