Look Out! Rawlings Is Now Riding Two Horses

Sat, 3 Nov 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

....and a Hungry Lion Heading Towards Three Different Directions

The Revolutionary organs popularly referred to as cadres on whose backs Rawlings rose to power again on 31st December Revolution 1981 but has completely left the poor cadres to their fate by trying to let the IN EVITABLE HAPPEN as he warned on June 4 2011in Kumasi last year. Cadres died for Rawlings to make him what he is today, so we must die for President John Mahama as well.

The Rawlingses were the very people who imposed the late Prof. Mills as the NDC Presidential candidate BY FORCE in 1996 at Agona Swedru. Thousands of cadres protested vehemently against that singular nomination because Mills was not only a stranger in the NDC, but a Law lecturer and Lawyers did not support the revolution because they hated the C.D.R idea. When the Consultative Assembly members were framing the 1992 constitution, the CDR’s had no place, in that Constitution at all. Professor Mills contested in 2000 and lost because of the breakaway of the Reform Movement led by the Cadres In 2004, Mills lost the election to Ex-Prez. Kufour since Dr. Obed Asamoah was peeved because Mills did not nominate him as his running mate so he undermined Mills’ in his capacity as the then National Chairman of the NDC by saying that Mills was not a Presidential Material so we must rather campaign for only our parliamentary Candidates. Prof. Mills contested the 2008 elections and won with a slim margin of 40,000. With a misconceived hidden agenda, Rawlings the very man who imposed Mills as the Presidential Candidate of the NDC by force in 1996 was now saying that the man of integrity that he imposed on the NDC rather sat unconcerned while his appointees indulged in massive corruption little did we know that he was preparing the grounds for his dear wife to replace Prez. Mills. Nana Konadu must bite off Rawlings’ lips whenever he is kissing her because it was Rawlings’ mouth that caused her humiliation defeat at Sunyani in 2011 and not that the election was rigged by Mills. The Rawlingses formed a political party known as the NDP and the EC, being the referee disqualified the NDP. Are the Rawlingses now COWARDS to allow TENANTS in the NDC to eject them from their house which they built for the past 20 years?. That house is the NDC. Rawlings is now ridding Two Horses and a Hungry Lion holding the flag of the NDP and one of the horses is holding the NDC flag while the other horse is holding the flag of the NDP which has now been crashed by law. Therefore Rawlings is now 3 in one. Strangely enough, Rawlings rather prefer the Hungry Lion holding the NPP flag to win instead of his own horse holding the NDC flag why? It is because his wife lost the flagbearership bid of the NDC. (2) It is because he does not want a Northerner from the Minority Tribe to become the President of Ghana because Ghanaian leaders had always being an Akan or an Ewe that explains why he met with Nana Akuffo Addo an Akan, and advised him to meet his wife, also an Akan. How can we leave the NDC and start a new Party from a scratch and continue to suffer for ever?


I am going to prove it to you today that it is no longer a question of the Military against the Civilians, it is no longer a question of the Akan against the Ewe, the Ga against the Northerner. But a question of THOSE WHO HAVE against THOSE WHO HAVE NOT. A question of the vast majority of HUNGRY people against a VERY TINY MINORITY of greedy, in human selfish Senior Officers, Politicians, Business men and Bank managers and a banch of cowardly Lebanese who will not stay in their country to fight a cause. But who is a fool? You and I, “J.J Rawlings when he was facing trial at the Burma for trying to overthrow the corrupt military regime on 15th May, 1979.”

However today 2012. Rawlings who is an Ewe is now in bed with an opposition leader, and his wife also an Akan who have ganged up and turn into rotten planks across the river indirect against a Northern President for him to step on it and break his legs to ensure that the Akans defeat the Northern President because he is from a minority tribe. Today 2012. Rawlings have gone back on his words by joining the very tiny minority of greedy inhuman and selfish politicians and business men by amassing so much wealth with his wife and have even formed a political party which they call the NDP. Leaving the majority of the very hungry people he talked about during this trial on 15th May, 1979 behind him.

It seems the Rawlingses have forgotten all what we all went through as cadres. This writer is among the vast majority of the hungry people he talked about and cadres have become a laughing stock since 1992 up to date. The Rawlingses must hit the campaign trail to ensure President Mahama’s victory in 2012 or find themselves alone in both the NDC and the NDP if their double and tripple standards cause the defeat of President Mahama – God forbid.

Again, during Rawlings, trial he boldly told the Tribunal panelist to LEAVE HIS MEN ALONE HE (RAWLINGS) WAS RESOPNSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING meaning he was prepared to die alone so that the remaining military officers who joined him would be set free – so after he succeeded in over throwing that regime thousands of youngmen and women including this writer joined the June 4 Movement because Rawlings was a Real leader- and a Hero But today, he has become unpredictable and is now somebody else. With a very strange behavior. How sad.


When Rawlings handed over power to Dr. Hilla Limann in 1979, that spineless government made several attempts to isolate him and cut all his limits and connections with the soldiers in the barracks as well as the masses by poisoning their minds to rather turn against him but they failed between 1980 and 1981. Today you don’t know we the June Four members who were behind you at the risk of our dear lives. The hungry Lion that he is riding holding the NPP flag will finally devour him and his wife and cook his meat for break fast in 2012 since he is now very huge if you help it to succeed. Give us tractors to go and farm and produce food for the people if you destroy the NDC. To the Rawlingses, we say, “Tikunsaki” to wit: we won’t Agree. I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sargaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement