Love, like a rainbow (1)

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Sat, 1 Oct 2016 Source: Daily Guide

Sincerely, Bimbo was beautiful. She was so beautiful that all the men swooned to love and marry her. She was light-skinned, of moderate height, with a well-set white teeth and she had all the curves in the right places.

No man could resist her charm and enchanting visage. She also came from a rich background, as her parents took good care of her financially. But she had pride, the absolute and unique pride that most young ladies from her kind of background always had.

She was the rightful daughter of Chief Clifford Bajulaiye of the Owokoniran dynasty – a very wealthy family. She had a silent ambition to marry nothing but a man who was rich and also handsome.

So, most young men scurrying to date her had an uphill task to check their pockets if it were fat with cash and not lean like that of common men. What would happen at last?

You can imagine the rush by many young men to date Bimbo, the undisputed angel of our time. They came in different sizes, hues and professions – men professing nothing but pure and absolute love.

Some men came in big cars, jeeps, space wagons and many other wonder-on-wheels. While some also came without cars, not rich but with the sole intention to have her hand in marriage.

The history of lovers or suitors the world over can never be complete without the mention of Bimbo, the celestial jewel of inestimable value that made fool of even the wisest of men. It's a fact that beauty and love can turn a raging warlord or king into a harmless, dotting baby.

Somehow it happened that of all the myriads of men seeking her hand in marriage, Thompson Bagana was the luckiest among them. Tall, huge, brown-skinned, witty, handsome and with money in his pocket, Thompson won the heart of Bimbo.

Sincerely, Thompson was a man with a lot of guts and wits. Only God knew how he mastered the art of winning the love of Bimbo! Till this day in Igbosere, Lagos Island, it still remained a mystery how Thompson Bagana won the precious heart of this lovely lass. Thompson was an officer working with the Immigration Department. He loved women to a fault.

And lots of ladies simply couldn't resist his masculine charm. Without much ado, Thompson and Bimbo became husband and wife after a brief marriage ceremony. Thus, the love adventure had started in earnest.

The relationship began like most love scenes in romance movies or dramas. Thompson showered her with so much love that would make Romeo and Juliet go green with envy.

Then surprisingly, within a space of three years Thompson started showing his true colours. He started dating quite a large numbers of young ladies and women alike. He would come home late in the night reeking and smelling of alcohol and tobacco. He had no reservation or control regarding his insatiable thirst for the female gender.

If Bimbo protested or raised an eyebrow she would get the beating of her life. So, she continued to endure such crazy and reckless attitude of her husband just to save her marriage from crashing. What could she do? She now had two little girls for Thompson Bagana.

Thompson was so mannerless, rude and uncaring to his wife. He actually didn't know what real love was all about. He was very corrupt in behaviour, depraved and loose. Most times for several months he wouldn't come home but stay put at the office insisting he was doing overtime or extra duty at the office. So, the young beautiful woman continued to live a lonely life like a nun in a nunnery.

“When would this suffering and loneliness end, oh God?” she asked herself for the umpteenth time, “I think I'll commit suicide to end this sad and uninteresting life…” she concluded.

Unable to bear it any longer, one day she trailed her husband to his office to find out why he just wouldn't come home for weeks and months.

She was numbed with shock when she saw Thompson Bagana making love with two sultry-looking ladies right there in his office!

She almost had a heart attack. She opened her mouth in disbelief and screamed, “Good gracious, Thompson, this is what you always do everyday behind me!” Instantly she started sweating and the tears came cascading down from her eyes.

She wept and sobbed like a 3-year-old kid who was denied food for days. Like a bolt out of the blue, Thompson sprang to his feet and descended heavily on his loving wife.

He beat the living daylight out of her, first by giving her several heavy slaps and thunderous blows on her face. She ran out of the office when she realized that her life was at stake and she could die in the process.

To be continued…….

Columnist: Daily Guide