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Lowering High Entropy Democracy (HED)

I’ll like to initially calibrate readers thought-space to put across a view on how to lower the High Entropy Democracies that is making mother earth shed tears and agonies of unpleasant life.

At the most fundamental or at the being level, or in the face of quantum factor, the entire universe(physical or non-physical matter) is a digital Information system with entropy.

Since human beings are part of the universe, we are all digital information systems with entropy at the intellectual and the being levels.

What is Entropy?

Entropy is a measure of disorder(organized or disorganized). Information Entropy(low or high) is simply an organized or disorganized information system.

Low Entropy(organized) information systems does good(profitable) work, good work brings happiness, happiness brings love and peace in both physical and non-Physical aspects of life.

Clearly Love is a derivative of Low Entropy(L.E) Information systems at the most fundamental level or at the being level.

High Entropy(disorganized) information systems does bad work, bad work brings unhappiness, unhappiness breeds Fear and War in both physical and non-Physical aspects of life.

Clearly Fear is a derivative of High Entropy(H.E) Information systems at the most fundamental level or at the being level. Furthermore, Fear (Disorganized information ) is the root of all evils.

Beliefs (Scientific, Cultural, Religious etc) and Egos are derived from Fear (disorganized/H.E information ). Beliefs creates expectations, needs and wants. Ego(self) is the root of all corruptions, jealousy and hate etc.

Clearly, the above elements of High Entropy Democracy(HED), are breeding grounds for disunities and Wars. Just pause, close your eyes, think about it with Open-Minded Skepticism and you will see H.E information system is within, around and beyond you.

What is Democracy?

Democracy simply is “People Power”

In the face of Information Entropy(I.E), “People Power” (PP) is either L.E or HE information system.

L.E “People Power” yields Low Entropy(Loving) Democracy and hence the atmosphere for peace and development.

H.E “People Power” is the root chaotic Democracies.

An example of a HED.

Take city A with population of say 5000 people with the characteristics of HED and blessed with Natural Resources and technology as a model experiment. With the H.E mentality, hoarding and fighting will be the norm. Eventually City A will de-evolve(not profitable ) and become extinct.

I think, we can all agree that , City A is all over the globe with High Entropy Democracies.

The question next is, how can we solve the problem of HED?

The clear answer is to put ourselves in an EGO (H.E) REDUCTION MACHINE to become Love (Low Entropy information system ).

Research have shown that human make an average 1000 decisions everyday(consciously or unconsciously) everyday and most of the choices are about self(Ego) which accumulates over time to feed the fear at the being level. The fear manifest itself in different forms mentioned above, looping to social vices, including corruption that have grown a long and big ugly heads in the society(politics, religion, science, culture and judicial etc)

The Physics of Ego Reduction Machine (ERD).

Because Egos are self choices we make, we can easily Identify IT and reverse the choices we make to be about others. The opposite of self is others. So become love(mostly about others without expectations, needs and wants). If things are done with expectations, it doesn’t count towards the ego reduction and hence the quality of consciousness can’t be improved for high quality spirit for profitable work (physical or non-physical)

In a nutshell, when we reduced egos by default we become love. It takes time but it is doable. Becoming love is not a mystery. Mystery is the point where knowledge meets ignorance. When knowledge shines on Ignorance, mystery disappears and Ignorance over shadows knowledge the magnitude of the mystery increases exponentially and that can be a perpetual belief trap

Egos can not be reduced or eliminated through beliefs or legislations because Ego can’t solve it’s problems. Individuals understanding the mechanics and applications of Ego reduction machine to lower thought-space dynamic Entropy is the Key to Low Entropy( Loving) Democracy.

A Low Entropy Democracy is the governance that provides Low Entropy(organized infrastructures or tools) (physical & non-physical/objective & subjective) to citizens to help in the evolution of this complex universe with elegant simplicity.

By: Joe Klatsi, AMT (FAA), BSc.AE, MSc.AE

(Aviation & Aerospace Engineer/Low Entropy Systems Researcher )

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe