MANASSEH WRITES: Blame Not the Widow!

Lydia Alhassan Widow Op Minority in Parliament today walked out parliament during the swearing in of Lydia Alhassan

Tue, 5 Feb 2019 Source: Manasseh Azure Awuni

Bloody widow?

That tag is unfair, insensitive and senseless. The widow did not deploy the armed men. The widow did not beat or shoot or kill anyone. So know where to put the blame and leave the poor widow in peace.

Blame the government officials who armed and deployed the ruthless men. Blame the President, who is the head of the National Security Council, under which the armed men operate.

Blame the past presidents and ministers and politicians who have used their positions to systematically destroy the sanctity of our security agencies. Blame those who have created the Azorka Boys, the oldest political vigilante group in the recent political history of Ghana. Blame those who created the Bamba Boys to counter the Azorka Boys. Blame those who have created the Invisible, Delta and other violent political thugs.

Blame those who stupidly asked what Ursula Owusu was doing in Odododiodoo because that’s not her constituency. Blame those who foolishly asked what Sam George was doing in Ayawaso West Wuogon. Blame those who have hailed political violence in any form because it served their cause.

Blame the NDC.

Blame the NPP.

Blame those who did not speak up against violence in their party because they feared to hurt others and lose their morsel of bread.

Finally, blame the man or woman who is condemning the violence today, but will sponsor the same amount of violence or an even brutish form if they have power tomorrow.

Mr. MP and Madam MP, if there’s no more person or group to blame, get a mirror.

Stare thoughtfully at it.

Blame the hypocrite!

Columnist: Manasseh Azure Awuni
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