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MP For Central Tongu And A Neglected Constituency


Hon. Joe Gidisu, Mp For Central Tongu And A Neglected Constituency (A Failed MP)

The 2012 election is a chance to change our future and the life chances of our citizens. The MPs we elect to take us into the next 4 years is the key. The past 4 and 8 years were broken promises and failure. We can't progress with tainted MPs so we must find new ones. Election 2012 is not about party only but also about a new MP for our constituency(s), one who will unite around good policies regardless of personalities. Enough is enough. We need MPs whose careers before politics show they have the skills to make us prosper.

Our current but failed MP, Joe Gidisu, who hails from Devime and Akramador, has not done much to develop his constituency. Central Tongu and for that matter Devime, is a constituency among the least developed rural areas in the country. Roads are impassable, schools are neglected and there are no self-help projects to empower poor villagers. Our member of parliament has nothing to justify his presence in parliament. This time around, we are advocating for parliamentary candidature of one of the locals who have interest of his home area at heart. Joe Gidisu had not only neglected the constituency, but also failed to fulfill his promise to construct the road that link Mepe and Sogakope. He only tends to pay too much lip service to the youth and forgetting that his integrity and personal brand must be non-negotiable. There has not been any significant development in the communities for a very long time in the constituency under his reign.

People want their MPs to reflect their concerns and worries in Parliament. MPs must master the art of doing so, without scoring own goals. Hon. Joe Gidisu has lost focus on the people he serves, as well as failed to hone the social and developmental needs of the constituents.

Hon. Joe Gidisu, MP for Central Tongu, has demonstrated a gross ineffectiveness leading the constituency. Before and during the 2008 elections, members of the NDC especially the youth in the constituency laid their lives, volunteered, devoted themselves and worked extremely hard day-in day-out to make sure the NDC came back to power. This they did together selflessly. They did everything possible to make sure that that dream is realized, and thank God power is won. Having done all these, the constituents expected from their MP, programs and policies that would inure to their benefit, as he promised them. This, he failed to do.

Hon. Joe Gidisu, during 2004 and 2008 elections, promised the youth in the Constituency heaven and better conditions, jobs, scholarships and also promised to construct Devime-Sogakope road if elected. Everybody was happy when he eventually won with the hope that he would fulfill his promises. Soon after his victory, Joe Gidisu entirely forgot not only his promises, but also forgot the constituents he made the promises to. He never answers calls, never visits the constituency, not even programs and activities except funerals.

In the constituency, you will see disappointed and frustrated youth now, even more than you can number, as once you saw them in opposition era even more despondent ever than in opposition. They are the same unemployed, unsponsored, neglected and deserted youth who devoted, volunteered, selflessly and tirelessly worked for his victory. Even the Devime-Sogakope road is still bad, even worse than before.

We are in a moment where the passion, excitement, hard work and volunteerism, the simple truth which in common times were the foundation upon which victory 2008 had been won are forgotten and disregarded. Our youth are so despondent and frustrated and yet no one cares about them. If you doubt that Joe Gidisu has failed, just look at the scars of despondency, scars of disappointment and frustration on the faces of our party youth in the constituency. Look at how much the constituency has been flooded with gross neglect and hardship.

We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Joe Gidisu is hardly seen in the constituency, now that he is a minister of Roads and Highways, he failed again to construct the road he promised the people (Devime-Sogakope Road). I think time has come for the people of Central Tongu to elect a new MP to assist them in terms of leadership for development – socio-economic development of the area. I think it has been neglected for far too long under the leadership of Joe Gidisu.

We are demanding replacement of the minister for roads and Highways, MP for Central Tongu from parliament because he hardly pays any attention to issues related to his constituency. The constituency is under siege of deliberate and total neglect by the current MP, Joe Gidisu. He even failed to use his MP fund to assist talented but poor people to further their education. He was elected because constituents thought he would represent them in parliament and also they thought he would fulfill his promises to develop the area, something he failed to do and it is unfortunate.

If we are going to be sustainable, if we want more victory and development in the constituency, then we cannot do it through a polarized leadership of Joe Gidisu. We need a leader who is committed and willing to work closely with everybody to bring socio-economic development to the constituency. The future is very bleak under Joe Gidisu’s leadership.

Joe Gidisu is a war against the progress of the Central Tongu constituency. He must be fought for the survival of the youth. And now we declared war on Joe Gidisu to resign, and on all hands we hear the cry that he is a patriot and comrade who failed to listen and changed. We urge the youth in the constituency to rejoice that they are called upon to this war, to fight against their failed MP. This declaration means vote of no confidence on our current MP, and that he must step down for a new and dynamic person to take over.

We hope as Joe Gidisu resigns, we shall soon have a better future in the constituency under a new leader…

Long live NDC!





Columnist: Afari, Jones