MR. Spew-Garbage Invokes FIRE for HOME-ful JJ

Sun, 14 Nov 2010 Source: Mensema, Akadu N.

*By Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.

“A National Vice Chairman of the ruling NDC, MISTER Ekow Spio Garbrah is angry

at what he calls Government’s lack of care and sympathy to the plight of JJ

Rawlings. According to MISTER Garbrah, the Mills government has not made

attempts to house the former President nine months after his house was gutted by

fire” (Abridged from Ghanaweb, Nov 11, 2010).


And “from the where”

Spew-Garbage is just that

Full of toxic fumes

Orifice-ing wind

FIRE-ing JJ’s house

Dokita ask JJ & Konadu

Ask them what burnt

Cats & dogs were safe

Cars were safe

Bicycles were safe

Jewelries were safe

Kentes were safe

Batakaris were safe

Family photos were safe

Flower-pots were safe

Memorabilia were safe

Valentine cards were safe

Everything escaped

Everyone escaped

Only the house burnt

Roof burnt

Structures burnt

And Ridge died

Dokita Who

Don’t speak for JJ

Don’t speak for HOME-FUL JJ

JJ has mansions, palaces, factories


Benefactors who bend backwards

Do everything for him

Those who killed for him

Those who lie for him

Those who paid school fees

Those who buy fleet of cars

Those who gave him gold bars

Those who buy designer clothes

Those who supply kerosene & matches


Blowing wind over JJ’s FIRE

Firing darts at MESS-iah Mills

Spew-Garbage is not a DOKITA

Not a Dr. Liman made homeless by JJ

Not like Dr Atta Mess-iah

The fermented Fante dokono

Mobbed at Swedru

Molded in the crafty hands of JJ

Packaged to Ghanaians

Oh! The faulty Ghana agenda

Oh! The “second” coming of JJ

That never was

Mills has been his own MESS-iah

Milling around with Awonoor’s craft

The saga of JJ’s Voltaic dogs

Dogs baiting

Cacophonic barking

Discordant howling

Detracting Mills

The saga of JJ’s “Northern” sheep

Sheep baying

Eclipsing all

Tractor noise-making

Distracting Mills

Dokita Who

One who spews garbage

One who seeks to lead the NDC

One who seeks JJ’s anointment

One who wants JJ to be RIDGED

In a home in a lake

A new home

That no fire can burn

Dokita Who

Who celebrates Obonsam Fireman

Of Valentine Ridge


Dokita Who

One who spews garbage

Fired by sycophantic wind

Oh! Dokita Who

Speak for the REAL homeless

Of Madina Zongo Junction

Of Sodom & Gomorrah

Of Asafo Market

Of Mokola Market

Of Kotokroba Market

Impoverished Ghanaians

Ah! Dokita Who

Be a JJ-eti benefactor

Build a house for JJ

A house of ashes

A house from the ashes

Of Valentine-day Ridge

Of Obonsam Fireman

For Obonsam Fireman

A house that won’t burn

Entombed by a lake

A lake of sycophancy

Dokita Who knows it all

Spew-Garbage is just that

Full of air

Orifice-ing wind

Over JJ’s FIRED house

*Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained

oral historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in

Pennsylvania with her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college

in Maryland. In her pastime, she writes what critics have called “populist

hyperbolic, satirical” poetry. She can be reached at akadumensema@yahoo.com

Columnist: Mensema, Akadu N.