Opinions Fri, 30 Jul 2010

MTN and Vodafone!! Stop Desecrating Our Country!!

The Ghanaian Executives at MTN and Vodafone who have placed such corporate greed above both common sense and patriotism and painted our dear country solid yellow or red, all in the name of advertisement must be brought to book. In any country, such morons will be fined and jailed for contravening town planning laws. If permits from such institutions were issued for these graffitis, those who approved these activities will be equally fined and jailed. Where in any world capital would authorities approve such universal (whole blocks) painting of a corporate logo? Even the trees are not spared!! A trip from Cape Coast to Elmina now shows the trunks of the coconut trees along the beach painted white and yellow for MTN.

During our 50th independence anniversary, when heads of state and foreign dignitaries and tourist came to town, the main road from airport to Independence square was lined with “AREEBA”, prompting a foreigner to ask to which historical figure or event did “AREEBA” refer?

Now under the watch of the AMA chief Executive, a supposed PhD who has lived and worked overseas, our cherished Kwame Nkrumah Circle is donned with VODAFONE flags. Don’t you corporate nitwits have any shame? I am sure you have NOT covered your Big Ben, Your Buckingham Palace, etc with this your logo graffiti.

These acts must be stopped NOW.

Nana Kofi

Columnist: Nana Kofi