Machinations by the NDC “Greedy Bastards”

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 Source: Amenowode, Jonathan

I challenge the “greedy bastards” to tell NDC supporters that they loved the late president of the Republic of Ghana, Professor John Evans Fiffi Atta Mills (Prof) more than the founder of the NDC Party, former President Jerry John Rawlings (JJ), who fought tooth and nail to select Prof on three occasions as the party`s Presidential Candidate, despite the opposition and grumbling by all these guys who now profess to idolize Prof. I want readers to learn that three times, these same guys opposed the nomination of Prof by JJ. Some of these greedy bastards even left the party and subsequently came back. It is the founder`s love for the country Ghana, for the masses and the NDC that made him to stand firm despite the opposition from this group of people who are crucifying him now. Yes! The ingratitude souls!

Prof upon taking the seat of government was ready and prepared to consult with the founder JJ and the immediate former President J. A. Kufour for advice if and when it becomes necessary. The group led by the political advisor Mr. Kofi Totobi Quakyi however hatched a plan to cut off the link between Prof and JJ. This group fabricated stories to convince the late President to distant himself from JJ, the person the same group of greedy bastards served for over twenty years! Their main objective to isolate the late President from JJ was to prevent the former President and the Founder from watching over their shoulders when they steal from Ghana Government coffers. These group of greedy bastards claim that they were not able to steal under the 20-plus years of JJ’s rule and that with Mills sidelining JJ, the door would be opened for them to carry out their unpatriotic deeds. Most often as confessed elsewhere by the group, JJ was always calling for investigation if he heard of any corruption or financial deals by his officials. Accountability was what the Founder preached and even practiced. Unfortunately however, the greedy bastard’s group succeeded. After having made Mills side line JJ, they had their own way with the late President Mills. I will use the forum to let Ghanaians know that the late Prof was a man of God and a good person. It is rather unfortunate that the very group that discredited JJ is the same group of people that brought discredit to the late Prof. The greedy bastards were running the government and Prof was listening to them and taking instructions from them. That is how the late Prof. was used to achieve their greedy agenda.

We should all appreciate and adore the late Prof. for his Godly and courageous act of inviting JJ to the castle few days before he passed away. Prof did by breaking protocol (the invitation was done without the knowledge of the Chief of Staff at the seat of government). The very statement Prof made to JJ has a spiritual undertone – “I do not hate you”. The intention was to reconcile with his political mentor J. J. Rawlings before ascending to heaven. Yes! Prof, the man of peace and the man of integrity even until his final days on this earth! Furthermore, I want all Ghanaians to realize that every member of the “greedy bastards” has personal grudge with Rawlings the founder. They often blame the wife, the former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings for being the cause of his isolation from his friends. However, they forget that every woman or wife will watch the back of the husband. A woman is like the mother eagle, whose duty is always to protect the children and their territory.

The personal grudges by the individual members: There are about five people belonging to this evil greedy bastard group. 1. Chief “Capo” - Mr. Kofi Totobi-Quakyi. This is someone who graduated from the University of Cape Coast and was a frustrated person dreaming of becoming a Headmaster in one of the secondary schools in the country. These are the presumed “charle–watee” socialist opportunists. Kofi is very tribalistic. He is fond of befriending a lot of women to feed him with information on other ethnic groups. This is someone who has made lots of derogatory statements about prominent people including Capt. (Rtd.) Kojo Tsikata (Kojo T). Kofi is a double agent who was always looking for opportunity and fame. Initially, he was not in favour of the late Prof`'s selection as forerunner. He was the person who behaved like Nicodimous; he went to visit former President J. A. Kufour in the night dressed like a woman to sell NDC SECRETS TO THE THEN NEWLY ELECTED REGIME!

Kofi, what is your motive for hatching these series of plans to destroy your mentor and the person you at one time idolized? This is a personal vendetta that you have taken to another level - evil. May God forgive you for all of your several evil plans. We want you to understand that you were the political advisor to the late Prof and that it was you and some few others who told Prof that JJ is evil and that JJ had gone to a juju man who buried live cow to make the late Prof to become blind. This bad-mouthing about JJ happened during the election of 2008. The action that JJ apparently took to antagonize you was that he requested for an investigation into some of the dubious financial deals you were involved in without discussing the issue with you or the appropriate stakeholders. We are aware of your maneuvering to be Prez. John Mahama`s right hand man but this is not going to happen. We shall resist that as a lot has already been written on the wall for us to see. The new President should take a cue from the demise of the late Prof and JJ. Your lies and machinations shall eventually find thee out. 2. More coming later on the “greedy bastards” and their financial deals that we have tracked down.

After having sent the late President of Ghana to join his ancestors, Mr. Kofi Totobi Quakyi and his group of funeral planning committee members were reported to have paid a “funfon or awam” respect to and laid wreath at the tomb of Asomdweehene, the late Professor John Evans Fifii Atta Mills on August 20, 2012 at the Asomdwee Park in the capital Accra.

Knowing very well who they are and how they operate politically and financially, Kofi tries to preempt themselves by making a statement that the media quoted as follows: “He also indicated that the committee would address the press sometime next week to render full stewardship on matters relating to the successful organization of the late president’s funeral.”

It is our hope that this “funeral committee” is not going to be another “Ghana’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations” money making or “judgment debt” fiasco since the infamous Deputy Information Ministers, Mr. Ablakwa Okudzeto, the “greedy bastards” judgment debt contactor is once again featuring prominently in this round of events.

We expect Mr. Kofi Totobi Quakyi as the Chairman of the Funeral Committee to invite the Auditor General to audit the accounts. There should be accountability as has always been preached by the founder JJ. We do not expect another “Tarzan Wireko Brobbery” scam.

Jonathan Amenowode


Columnist: Amenowode, Jonathan