Madiba Hyperbole 2 - A Special Tribute

Wed, 11 Dec 2013 Source: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi

Mandela, our firebrand freedom fighter and towering father figure is gone,

His audacious and stentorian voice to be heard no more viva voce,

At his passing, an eclipse of heavenly bodies,

A luminous comet ignites a sombre sullen sky,

And wings its way across galaxies and constellations to the utmost recesses of the universe,

His passage, there is no reverse or regression,

Mandela is dead, yet Mandela lives on long after he is gone,

His death cascades an emergency UN summit of who is who,

Four AF1s in tow, abreast trio of imperial emissaries,

Mandela magic enthrals the world, even at his passing,

Oh what a man of uncommon ambience

And unique humility,

The African drums sound, summoning all,

The lions roar above the thundering sounds of the Mosi O Tunya,

A deafening din vibrates across the dambos and miombos of Africa,

Announcing to the world the passage of a great personage of no mean mien

Mandela the man, stood for all the oppressed in the world

Yet Mandela the man stood and sacrificed his entire life

So that many others may enjoy larger freedoms

While he languished in jail on Island Robben(Robbery)

Viva Mandela, aluta continua, Amandla,

Amazulu, Amazimntoti,Nkotho wa Sizwe, Nkosi wa Nkosi,

Viva Mandela, May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace

Mandela, Madiba, Tata, the wise man standing tall

As the African reed, a symbol of purity and righteousness,

At one stage, an elusive and phantom fugitive in furious flight,

He played rope-a-dope with his apartheid opponents,

Mandela traversed far and wide, taking freedom’s fight to the global stage,

He sneaked out unobtrusively from the apartheid cage,

All this let him get himself beside himself into an irresistible rage,

He delivered a knockout to a comatose apartheid

Mandela was indeed driven from pillar to post,

Fleeing from his deadly pursuers,

Mandela went into exile for military training, strategy and support,

Yet as he matured, he called off the bluff

Of armed conflict and needless bloodbath

He pursued the superior royal highway of non-violence

Mandela did not revenge nor avenge his persecutors

When ultimately he regained his freedom

He reached out to all and preached reconciliation, forgiveness and unity

Single-handedly he detoxified the tense atmosphere by his riveting speeches

He recommended brainpower over reckless bloodshed

He won the hearts of people far and near

He imparted humility and impacted humanity,

Madiba taught despotic African sitting presidents how to relinquish power

He set example how to retire in dignity and peace

He handed the reins of power after his duty was done,

Mark of civility in humility

Today, Madiba is gone

Yet tomorrow, Madiba lives on in our hearts and memories

Adieu, Madiba

Dammirifa due

Ghanafuo ma mo y3ako

Kos3, kos3, kos3

By Kwesi Atta Sakyi ©2013

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Columnist: Sakyi, Kwesi Atta