Mahama: Act Now On Delivery Of 10 Regional Airports

Tue, 19 Feb 2013 Source: Thompson, Kofi

President Mahama: Act Now On Delivery Of 10 Regional Airports & 250 Secondary Schools

By Kofi Thompson

The idea to place the delivery of the 10 regional airports and 250 secondary schools countrywide in the hands of three of the most experienced politicians in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), was a stroke of genius on the part of President Mahama.

It is just the kind of creative thinking discerning Ghanaians expect from our nation's leaders. If planned properly anti-regime bureaucrats will not be able to frustrate the delivery of those projects.

Key to that is the designation of the "Three Wise Men" as senior ministers in the new administration.

That designation is vital if they are to successfully complete that very important assignment handed them by President Mahama - regardless of what impediments anti-regime public servants place in their path.

Their being designated senior ministers will ensure that hierarchy-concious officialdom does not end up frustrating the efforts of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration to fulfil President Mahama's promise to Ghanaians made during the campaign for the December 2012 presidential election within his 4-year tenure.

The powers that be must remember that key to victory in the 2016 presidential elections by the NDC's candidate, will be the fulfilment of President Mahama's promise to Ghanaians during the campaign for the December 2012 presidential elections that he would build 250 new secondary schools and 10 regional airports if elected president.

Alas, though still early days yet, apparently the signs on the ground thus far, aren't propitious.

As it happens, a few days ago, I was told of a Ghanaian gentleman who was contacted by a UK-based consultancy who wanted to know informally, whether bid documentation and technical information on the 10 regional airports could be made available to them, if they contacted the presidency directly.

To the horror of the gentleman concerned, it apparently turns out there are neither any technical drawings nor bid documentation for the 10 regional airports. Incredible.

I am yet to verify that claim, I must admit that I find it hard to believe personally. However, if that indeed is the position, then President Mahama must immediately take a personal interest in this all-important PPP project to build 10 regional airports. Ditto building 250 new secondary schools.

He must ensure that the planning and delivery of the 10 regional airports and 250 new secondary schools is done with military precision by his regime - and executed within a time-frame that will enable him point to those projects as achievements of his administration, during the campaign for the December 2016 elections.

With respect, it is said that time and the tides wait for no man. Let him heed this call. A word to the wise...

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Columnist: Thompson, Kofi