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Mahama Must Sack DCE Of Abura Asebu Kwamankese


Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, I would like to appeal to the office of the President to sack Hon. Atta Mends for the incompetence and intimidatory tactics against ordinary workers within the District, Insolence and “one man show”.

I am a tax paying citizen of the District and can say with authority that his administration is full of lies, intimidation to people who criticize his style of leadership. The latest casualty is the hardworking District Superintendant of Police DSP Twum Barimah.

Mr. Twum Barimah has brought professionalism into the police service in Abura Asebu Kwamankese has been commended by many including the Chiefs of all the 3 traditional Areas. Indeed, a visit to his Office shows a plaque of commendation from the People and Chiefs of Asebu Traditional Area for the role he has played in maintaining peace, Fighting crime and maintaining Discipline on the roads within his area of Jurisdiction.

I remember in 2012 when I was the NPP Constituency Chairman, the DSP brought all parties under one umbrella and in partnership with the NCCE, set up the District Peace Council where any disagreement emanating from elections campaign.

It is quite unfortunate that the DCE instead of making sure all projects are completed within the District is now chasing out DSP Twum Barimah. Between the two, the one that should be chased away is the DCE Atta Mends not the DSP. What crime has the DSP committed?

C.I 76(38) of the Police Service Regulations, 2012 gives the authority to Transfer a Police Personnel to the National Transfer Board. The policy on Transfer also talked about transferring a police Officer who has stayed in a station for more than 5yrs. The question I am raising with this press release are:

1. Why didn’t the DCE inform the DISEC/District Assembly before going to the Regional Police Commander to Transfer the DSP?

2. Has he constituted himself into a one man DISEC/District Assembly?

3. How can the Regional Police Commander on his own Transfer DSP Twum Barimah without recourse to C.I 76?

4. What crime has DSP Twum Barimah Committed to warrant the summary transfer to a place below his rank?

5. Does the Transfer authority of the Central Regional command take instructions from Hon. Atta Mends?

5. Was due process followed in the transfer of DSP Twum Barimah?

6. Does the DSP know any dubious act of the DCE to warrant him being chased away?

I am by this also commending the Youths of Abura Asebu Kwamankese for standing up for DSP Twum Barimah. If he was a bad person, the youths wouldn’t have poured onto the streets to defend and protest against his Transfer. I urge Mr. President to sack this incompetent and confused DCE with immediate effect and call on the office of the IGP to conduct thorough investigations into the sudden Transfer of DSP Twum Barimah who has worked so hard to lower the effects of crime within the District.

I am also appealing to the offices of our Respected Paramount Chiefs from the 3 Traditional Areas call the DCE to order. He must concentrate on the numerous projects that has been abandoned by his administration within the District. Matrons of the School Feeding Program within the District have not been paid, Capitation Grants to schools and promises to the people are in arrears, Free school Uniforms started by Prof Mills has been abandoned, Poverty, unemployment and filth has engulfed the people of AAK. This is what we want the DCE to address. He was put there to make sure the people welfare and interests are guaranteed. He wasn’t put there to chase Policemen away from the District.

Thank you.

Kingsley Kofi Karikari-Bondzie




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Columnist: Karikari-Bondzie, Kingsley Kofi