Mahama/NDC anti-Ashantiism is the bane –my verdict

Thu, 10 Jul 2014 Source: Yawose, John

1. The cedi fall is threatening. The cedi is presently 1/3.3 as against 1/1.3 in 2009.

2. Mahama government must realise that putting in measures to increase cocoa production is a sure way to get more dollars into the system to shore up the economy and stabilise the cedi.

3. Mahama is refusing to take advantage of Ghana’s natural comparative advantage phenomenon.

4. Ghana’s woes are needless and are the result of NDC self inflicted waywardness in the last 5 years as far as negative attitude to Cocoa industry is concerned.

5. Mahama policies are just hostile to cocoa production and cocoa farmers.

6. Mahama has withdrawn mass cocoa spraying without economic reasoning.

7. Mahama has stagnated the cocoa producer price since 2012.

8. Ghana price is 212 cedis per ton whilst Ivory Coast Price is 320 cedis per ton

9. The incentive for Ghana cocoa production/farmers is just very low.

10. The annual production around 800,000 tons per year can easily move above 1,000,000 tons per year to boost the economy.

11. But Mahama is just refusing to see reason to take the necessary measures to push Ghana forward.

12. Mahama is acting dumb, dense and thus killing the economy.

13. Mahama thinks Ashanti Cocoa farmers will have the advantage with enhanced measures in cocoa production.

14. Mahama does not care. Mills acted same

15. Mahama is clearly on ethnic -suppression agenda.

16. Mahama/NDC acts are based on evil tribal prejudices

17. Anti-Ashantiism is the cornerstone of vindictive Mahama/NDC economic and developmental policies such that the economy is suffering unnecessarily-----in the manner explained above.

18. The government economic advisors are also bogus, wicked and malicious

19. Tribalism is killing Ghana.

20. My No 19 idea was reinforced when I listened to Kwakye Ofosu’s press conference Tuesday morning enumerating NDC achievements in road projects as part of Better Ghana----- Burma Camp Road, Teshie East Corridor, Legon Road, Nkrumah Interchange, Giffard Road, Dansoman Road, Madina Road, Laterbiokosher Road, Chorkor Road bla bla bla bla— with very little for the other cities

21. Does Ghana consist of only Accra? What makes NDC/Mahama believe developing Accra alone is developing the country?

22. This is lopsided development which is not in Ghana’s interest. Only warped thinkers like NDC think otherwise

23. Of course they are just damnably envious. They know that if they spread out development, Kumasi will also get some. And they don’t like the idea. So everything must remain in Accra.

24. NDC/Mahama must work harder to convince us that they have all regions at heart.

25. Their attitude towards cocoa farming industry is not impressive. Their developmental spread is not inspiring either.

26. Mahama/NDC anti-Ashantiism is the bane - my verdict.

Columnist: Yawose, John