Mahama has spoken; let the leader of NPP speak - Anyidoho

Depty Gen Sec Koku Anyidoho Koku Anyidoho

Mon, 19 Sep 2016 Source: Koku Anyidoho

By Koku Anyidoho

President John Dramani Mahama spoke last week about his plans for Ghana; where is Akufo-Addo's plan for Ghana?

Is it not very insulting for Nana Akomea to hold a useless press conference and make a nuisance of himself and NPP, by saying that President Mahama entered the head of Akufo-Addo and stole his ideas? Which serious mind will believe what Akomea said?

It is now very clear that Akufo-Addo has no plan for Ghana. President Mahama stood on his feet for more than two hours to tell the good people of Ghana what he has done; what he is doing; and what he will continue to do if God grants him another term as President.

When will Akufo-Addo also stand on his feet and tell us what he has done; what he is doing; and what he will do for Ghana? Akufo-Addo should tell us what he will do and stop sending Bawumia to lie.

Bawumia is a discredited liar and so Akufo-Addo must wake up from his sleep and take charge of the NPP.

Is it not very sad that Akomea said that their ideas have been stolen? Where are the ideas? How come they allowed their ideas to be stolen? If they cannot protect their ideas; can they protect Ghana?

It is as clear as daylight that the NPP has no manifesto and no plan for Ghana. It was amusing to hear John Buadu, the pretending/acting General Secretary of the NPP say they will launch their manifesto on the 8th of October; only for Akomea to say the manifesto will be launched on the 18th of October. Obviously, they do not know what they are talking about.

As for Bawumia, he is a pawn in the NPP's disgraceful chess game, and they are destroying him. No sensible Ghanaian respects Bawumia anymore because he is a pathological liar. Bawumia has disgraced himself beyond recognition.

President Mahama has spoken; let Akufo-Addo too come and speak oooooo!!

Rain or shine, I remain under the umbrella.


PS. So Professor Martey has succeeded in putting himself into the stinking dustbin of Ghana's political history. Nyansafuor eeee; mo wo hin?

Columnist: Koku Anyidoho