Mahama is a Thief. Mahama is an Error President

Thu, 25 Jul 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

It has been the observation of many a discerning Ghanaian that President Mahama is not only incompetent but also, a thief and an error President.

He has been presiding over the most incompetent and corrupt administration ever seen in the history of Ghana. His party and some members of his Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Arthur-Amissah-led NDC governments have colluded with some companies and certain individuals to dupe Ghana out of gargantuan sums of tax payers’ money through fictitious payments of judgment debts.

His administrations rewarded people for being incompetent, insulting, lawless and sheer crooks. The more one is vociferous in defending the administration for whatever it stands for and represents, the more the person is rewarded financially or with a promotion or a post of some kind.

Okudzeto Ablakwah, that baby with sharp teeth, evil dwarf of course, has the shameless audacity to defend Africa Automobile Ltd in her fraudulent attempts to collect US$1.5 billion from the government for judgment debt payment. The company claims to have supplied cars to Ghana government, ordered by the Rawlings NDC government but without Parliamentary approval.

I wonder how the NDC government appointees and Ministers were always at the forefront defending and siding with those individuals and companies swindling Ghana. They had ganged up with these common criminals with the sole intention to deplete the coffers of the nation through daylight robbery. They have succeeded in their evil plots to wreak havoc on the economy. The economy of Ghana under Mahama both as a Vice President and a President is retrogressing instead of stagnating, let alone progressing.

Mahama has his long dirty youthful hand in many dubious deals that have cost Ghana money. Some of them are the STX Korea venture, rearing of guinea fowls (nkomfem), SADA planting trees at the cost of GHC33 Million in dry season (it is a complete lie), the purchase of Embraer aircrafts from Brazil etc.

He is an Error President as by acknowledgment of Dr Afari Gyan, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, during the latter’s cross-examination by the Lead Counsel for the petitioners. So many proven irregularities, malpractices, omissions and violations deliberately or inadvertently took place at election 2012 to facilitate the election of John Dramani Mahama. These numerated violations that Afari Gyan calls administrative errors, led to the declaration of Mahama as the President-elect and then confirmed the President of Ghana. Therefore, he is an Error President having been elected on errors.

I sound the following note of warning to all Ghanaians unknowingly or knowingly assisting some members of the Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC governments to get away with blue murder. It has come to my knowledge that some of them sensing defeat in the impending declaration of verdict by the Supreme Court have started disposing of their movable and immovable properties. They are selling off their trucks etc. He who buys them is assisting a criminal to dupe the country out. Anyone that does that will be charged with aiding and abetting crime when the right time comes.

I have to end here to go and prepare my sumptuous dinner for the evening.

If President Mahama feels I am lying or wrongly accusing him, he should throw a challenge and I will instruct Lawyer Adreba Damoah Abrefa to take him before Nana Asuo Nyamaa to perform the invocation ritual to determine the truth or the falsity of my assertion against him.

Those politicians, their agents and assigns stealing Ghana’s money will not know peace. I shall hold them by their balls, squeeze them hard until they say ouch, ouch, and begin to tell the nation the extent to which they have robbed the nation.


Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson