Mahama’s Assassination Attempt, Which Theory Is Plausible?

Tue, 4 Aug 2015 Source: Baidoo, Philip Kobina

President Mahama is a synonym for incompetence. And I wouldn’t hesitate to push a button to see his back in a heartbeat if it is that simple. In the midst of the economic gloom, which has been aggravated by the all pervasive dumsor, institutionalised judgement debt gravy train and blatant theft, it is very strange that his toady lieutenants still think he is the best thing that ever happened to Ghana. However, as a passionate believer in law and order I will prefer his exit through constitutional lawful means. Any means to push him via the back door i.e. assassination and you turn him into a martyr, which obviously we have to go through the painful transmogrification of this incompetent man into sainthood.

The recent, so called, assassination attempt on his life has generated accusations and counter accusations. A plethora of conspiracy theories have surfaced all over the place to explain what is now turning out to be a bungling joke. The NPP’s take is that it was staged in order to appeal to our most atavistic basic emotions of sympathy. NDC are also shouting from the rooftops that the gunman was hired to get rid of President Mahama. On the neutral side, the possibility also remains that this gunman is a deranged lone assassin.

In my estimation, the latter scenario is the most plausible. On the other hand, NPP trial balloon is not beyond the realms of possibility. That of the NDC has the least credibility. First of all, eliminating Mahama will not fulfil Nana Addo’s desire for the ultimate office in the country. There is constitutional line of succession. It might even jeopardise Nana Addo and NPP’s chances for good. The fact is if Amissah Arthur is sworn in he will have the sympathy vote and the likelihood of him pitching a new and fresh slogan to remake the battered current image of the NDC party is quite high.

Again, the strangest part of this drama is the swift nature with which the gunman was tried and convicted. The worst part is that there is ample evidence to suggest that the man lacks excellence in his thought processes. Now, let’s hypothetically take Asiedu Nketiah seriously that NPP is behind the assassination attempt. This is where their inconsistency falls apart. If NPP is really behind the assassination attempt why wouldn’t the government with all the power at their disposal direct the national security machinery to conduct thorough investigation to expose NPP once and for all, but rather convict this man with unusual lightning speed – a rare occurrence in our notorious legal system?

If there is any validity to what Mr Asiedu Nketiah is suggesting, they will throw every resource at their command to get to the bottom of this. The fact that they have not done that, but instead railroaded the gunman through the legal process; I am convinced that if there is any fishy thing going on, it is rather the NDC apparatchiks who have cooked this up to boost the tattered image of their only edible apple in their rotten barrel.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr



Columnist: Baidoo, Philip Kobina