Mahama’s Obstinacy, yet Silent Inward Confession

Mon, 11 Feb 2013 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

John Mahama’s Obstinacy, yet Silent Inward Confession to the NPP, Ghanaians and the World

We hate the way you think accurately ahead of time; we hate your sense of moral, ethical and intellectual supremacy in Ghana; we hate your bright perceptive ideas for a future Ghana; we hate your excellent ideas for Ghana’s development; we hate your sense of artistery and unparalleled aestetics; we hate how you set high development targets that we cannot match, not even if we are allowed a century to be in office; we hate how our NDC Party is composed of savage mediocritic non-entities who cannot reason for themselves with the highest sense of herd-mantality, and we hate how all reasonable, well-meaning and sensible people in Ghana appreciate and talk well of NPP. The real reason is that we love what you do, your composition and disposition and who you are. We would want to be like the NPP but we can’t no matter how hard we try, so we envy you, that is why we hate you because we are paranoid. The above is the un-sung confession in the heart of ‘President’ John Mahama and the NDC as a political party. This is an extremely zoilist-pocessed Party that would criticise everything including even a candid advise given to them to shelter themselves from a heavy tempestuous downpour. Their conduct in relation to their mental disposition is that, they would eventually shelter themselves but would do so after having been heavily soaked

Within a space of four years, what has changed about the celebrated Jubilee House, the magnificent edifice built by the J A Kufuor-led NPP administration? NDC raised several red flags about this Jubilee House as Presidential Palace including being too proximate to the Nima Zongo community of Accra; so, have they managed to distance the Palace from the Zongo people? John Mahama’s NDC Party’s position was too cynical, including using the edifice for a poultry farm whiles on a milder note, they would use it for a hospital. None of these came to pass whiles at the same time nothing has changed, neither in real nor dramatic terms. Therefore, what has prompted John Mahama to all of a sudden decide to move into the Jubilee House?

There are four theories; one, two, three or all of which could apply for this shameless change of mind. As a preamble to the first of the theories, it is said that, whenever a toad is seen jumping about on broad daylight, an assailant predator might be after its life; this is a nicely loaded sentence taken from Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’. The first theory is that after murdering Professor Mills in his office at the Osu Castle where his office remains closed to this day, vengeful and vindictive Mills as he has been known to be keeps on haunting his murderer, John Dramani Mahama and all accomplices who assisted in any way to facilitate his killing. This situation has evoked an unanimous concensus that the Osu castle be left alone as a haunted place. The next option for a Presidential home and offices would have been the Peduase Lodge yet various factors militate against it for a seat of government including the psychological obviousness that would pervade in the minds and eyes of the public of having fouled the Osu castle therefore a U-turn to move into the purpose-built Jubilee House had to be made to save the situation. Mills, it is said, hated even to cast a glance at the Kufuor-built Jubilee House so he would live his principle not to haunt Mahama if he moved into a place he abhorred so much but hei! Mills will be there.

The second theory is that Mahama and Amisah Arthur, his vice-President need to be closer together for a probable he-man wife and he-man husband to be closer together for a most comfortable and convenient proximity of reaching for one another to satisfy their lust for their bisexual gratification, whiles the third boarders on Mahama, an eudaemonist, sensing that he has a short time left to enjoy all the good things imaginable in Ghana, hence ensconcing at the Jubilee House must one day be counted as one of the life’s enjoyments he has experienced. Fourth and finally, John Mahama is dissociating himself from the thoughts and thinking of the NDC by frowning on and scorning their decision in regard to what the edifice might be used for. He has therefore, contrary to NDC insipience, settled for the Jubilee House as a Presidential Palace and seat of government by even insisting to retain its maiden christening by Kufuor as ‘Jubilee House’ instead of a Flag Staff House. It may be recalled that several countries and international organisations have metronymic references such as the White House for the US administration, the Kremlin for the Russian, No 10 Downing Street for the British etc. Whereas Jubilee House would be unique in reference to Ghana, Flag Staff House is not unique to Ghana, so cannot be metronymous to Ghana as it should be

George Orwell, aka George Arthur Blair, whose clever Muse as we all now know from his ‘Animal Farm’ political satire novel, that after taking the Manor Farm from Mr Jones into Animal Farm, the animals agreed that the Pent house, which was Jones’s residence and office would be used for a museum so no animal would live there. Afterwards, when Napoleon had succeeded in kicking out Snowball and had gained control over the animals, to tha jaw-dropping amazement of the less equal animals, Napoleon and the pigs moved to settle in the self-same Pent house. Napoleon’s explanation for the U-turn can be as obscure and too distanced as John Mahama will have to give. Never did any person, let alone clear-minded, within the ruling fraudulent NDC think the seat of government would be moved from the 17th century-built Christianborg Castle that was transformed into a slave-holding warehouse, into the purpose-built Jubilee House magnificent edifice. Big square-mouthed Asiedu Nketia and his like-minded miscreants had informed the whole world that the NDC would use the US$56 million Jubilee House Presidential home and offices and ceremonial grounds for a poultry farm and grazing ground.

Most times, it is easier to identify the weak-minded fool not by the the answers they give to sensibly asked questions but by the questions they themselves ask as well as the comments and suggestions they make. For the NDC with their so-called ‘Dr’ Tony Aidoo, general secretary Asiedu Nketia, Oko Vanderpuje etc to make comments and suggestions that would eventually bounce back on them can overtly suggest to anybody the sort of academic qualifications claimed by most of them, the mental faculties possessed by the Party members as a whole and their king pins. Jubilee House is now officially the official Presidential Palace and offices of the presidency but not a poultry farm as posited by some weak-minded nonentities. Any idiot can go to court has had its lashing back as Asiedu Nketia finds himself begging to go to Court with some frivolous matter, several of his applications thrown out whiles he doses off in Court. Oko Vanderpuje must be awake from his frenzied overdose of fanaticism and see things objectively with both eyes and with open mind.

It is a welcome news that ‘President’ John Dramani mahama has at last defied his Party’s position to live and work from the Jubilee House. It wouldn’t have been a matter for political give and take commentary had the NDC not made such prior unsavoury comments and suggestions about the edifice however it is better late than never. John Dramani Mahama must shirk his haughtiness, pride and arrogance that has inebriated him, sober himself and apologise to Ghanaians, his Party and the international communities for licking back his own sputum.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa