Mahama’s Presidency with NDC Lawlessness ....

Sat, 31 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

... Screeching to a Halt

The current state of John Mahama’s presidency with the lastminute.com desperate actions and reactions by some NDC gurus and government Ministers is a perfect similitude of an animal in its death throes.

? They have been going about fishing for faults to implicate members of the NPP to give them cause to resist the Supreme Court verdict that is surely not going in their favour. They have come out with a doctored tape recorded voice presumed to be Sammy Awuku’s. Sammy Awuku is the Deputy Communications Director for the NPP 2012 Election Campaign.

? The NDC evil dwarfs do not only want to cite him for contempt of Court but also, want to destroy him by the tenets of their hypocritical selective justice. They know when to direct the police to investigate people for allegedly committing crime when that person does not belong in their evil NDC family. When the person is covered all over with the same feathers as they are, for example, Yaw Boateng Gyan, then it becomes to them, "we have seen no evil, heard no evil and so will speak no evil".

? All their evil attempts to derail the about-to-be-delivered Supreme Court verdict barely hours from now will not work. God has resolutely determined how the verdict should go. Anyone who cares to know about the verdict should please quickly refer to my recent articles on the dreams and trances by Kofi Basoah, a man whose dreams come to pass exactly as dreamed. ? ? The NDC with their agents and assigns are currently howling like wolves whose loved ones have been removed from them. They are toothless barking dogs. Are they not ashamed of themselves thinking Ghanaians will forever lay back while they deplete the national coffers and carry out their lawlessness with impunity? Their cup is full if not overflowing.

? They rigged the election and they have been caught naked with their pants down to their knee. No matter what they do, the whole world has seen how they rigged the election, how they have been embezzling public funds and how lawless they are. Their propaganda will not be sufficient to save them from the wrath of God which to start with, is to expose their acts of election rigging to the whole world and then their obnoxious thieveries.

? The incompetence of the NDC administration baffles any rational being. The battle is the Lord’s. To the NDC fanatics, be it known to you that the Supreme Court has the power to remove John Mahama from the presidency if he is found to have rigged the election which God has already found him to have had. We all live to witness this scenario in less than thirty two hours from now.

? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson