Mahama's hired free SHS saboteurs unmasked - Absolute hogwash

Sat, 29 Apr 2017 Source: Andrews Krow

The Former President John Dramani Mahama addressing party faithfuls in Accra prior to the elections, touched on how Dr Goebbels a propaganda merchant showed great ingenuity and cunning in moulding public opinion to see everything Hitler did or said,as sacred.This was the campaign strategy the Npp adopted, and still pursuing it after winning power.

So far we've not seen any practical move by this administration to solve the problems they enumerated on their campaign platforms or to add to what they inherited and no wonder the Lawra overlord father of their own Anthony Karbo, cautioned them to end their promises and come out of their campaign mood and begin serious work. The Vice-President recently mentioned 130 achievements within their 100 days only to be exposed disgracefully by some aggrieved nurses,civil society organisations, some public sector workers, and the opposition.

I don't know if it was President Mahama who drafted that speech for Dr Bawumia. Prior to the 2012 elections, Nana Akufo-Addo was hosted by one of the world's most powerful media platforms HARD TALK (BBC) to discuss how he was going to fund his Free SHS programme and we all saw and heard how he disappointed the host and his numerous supporters with his abysmal performance.

I don't think President Mahama was the one who arranged for that programme. The Npp promised Ghanaians Free SHS,parents went to the polls to vote for the Npp with the hope that their wards were going to enjoy free secondary education only to be told few months after winning power that the policy will cover only the new entrants.

I don't know if it was John Mahama who proposed this new idea to Nana Addo. The Npp promised galamsey operators of his support if elected as President and the operators voted massively for him with the hope that they were going to destroy our lands and water bodies through their criminal activities when Nana takes over the executive position.I don't know if Mr Mahama is the one who advised Nana to quickly eat his words and change his original position.

Are they telling us per their lies and nauseating propaganda that Professor Aryittey,the Vice Chancellor of UCC and other educationists who have insistently cautioned governments to thread carefully with the introduction of the wholly free SHS are also missionaries imported from South Africa to sabotage or obstruct policies of our governments?I think we must get serious as the Lawra overlord suggested, and begin to take the masses serious.

For the records, President Mahama has never objected Free Secondary Education rather, he always uses his own case as a beneficiary of free education to support his position that free secondary education is paramount but must be pursued guided by provisions in the constitution vis-à-vis the resources of the country to avoid the situation where qualified students are denied access to education.


It is clear that altering social patterns is particularly hard,especially in a single four year term,yet it may be argued that if a party makes emphatic promises and repeat them like the Npp did with the free SHS, then the hope is that it can surely redeem these promises. The public have come to expect certain standard of comfort because of utterances of our politicians and parents at this point expect that children who achieve scholastic standard will be able to continue their education without them paying a pesewa as promised them by the Npp.

The Npp in their campaign promises aroused the expectations of the public with their sweet promises and the unfortunate aspect if one side of the equation has to be sacrificed,the disappointment is far greater or of more political significance than the pleasure felt at the achievement of the other side. The npp in opposition using its Goebbels propaganda machinery, succeeded in indoctrinating section of the public that government can achieve everything under this sun so that nothing unfortunate happens for which the public will not blame government.This theory affected public confidence in the system since there are in fact,many things about which a government can do nothing. We don't need this kind of utopian indoctrination if we really want to reach our envisaged target.

The masses must be indoctrinated with the view that large part of the nation's life is outside the competence of government. The Akans have a proverb which perfectly suits what the current administration and its media cabal have embarked upon "if you are unable to carry your load, blame it not on your headgear".

This administration has started reversing many of its promises and giving new interpretations and explanations to what they told electorates, the one district one factory is no more the what we were told,the $1million to every constituency has changed in content,the promise to pay DKM victims we are told was not an official promise by the NPP.

I don't think all these reverses were recommendations Former President Mahama placed on the table of Nana Addo for consideration.


The intrinsic motivation is clear and one does not need a seer to tell him the real intention behind this primitive propaganda. The planned agenda to tarnish the reputation of Mr Mahama and incite the public against him is clear. The administration has started feeling the public's reaction to its abysmal performance, the regrets being expressed by Ghanaians including known NPP faithfuls, statements by some persons in the clergy fraternity, civil Society organisations, the nurses, teachers etc are all pointing to the fact that Ghanaians are demanding for change few months after voting out the NDC.

The NPP knowing very well that the most organised political figure,the most attractive and well composed political figure who can easily retire the current President is Mr Mahama, has adopted this image tarnishing mechanisms and has extended this outmoded Machiavelli to other members of his family.

Columnist: Andrews Krow
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