Mahama’s imminent exit and signs of the moment

Sat, 7 May 2016 Source: Kwarteng, Amaning

Luke Chapter 11:46, 52 “And he said, Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers. 52 Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

This scripture quotation should sound a note of caution and be a wake-up call for the incorrigible Charlotte Osei, who thinks she has all the world at her beckon so the rest of Ghanaians, irrespective of their wisdom, party colours, creed, colour, should go to hell!. All that she is waiting for is bidding time to declare JDM as the winner and the president-elect on November 9, 2016, i.e. 48 hours after the polls, and if Ghana should burn, that will be her back case and not pose any problem for her. She would have satisfied her master’s bidding and considering her defiant arrogant posture, that will not be anything special for her to write home about. That will be insignificant to her. Ghanaians could go hang! And the Good Lord will not allow this insolent behavior to continue otherwise the God that we worship is not the one who always guided Abraham and ensured that Enoch saw no death. Once she and her boogies have decided to behave like Korah, Dathan and Abiram in the Bible – Numbers Chapter 16, surely, the earth will soon open up her mouth at the appropriate time and consume the recalcitrant trio before the scheduled date for the elections. The verse 37 continues to say that “The earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that appertained unto Korah, and all their goods.” Trust your authoritative writer that the battle is the Lord’s. As she cares less about whatever happens to Ghana and Ghanaians, be it a civil war or whatever, this is the very time our respected chiefs, clergy, academia, opinion leaders and what have, look on unconcerned as gaping sycophants and snoring like half-dead goats that have been knocked down by hit and run drivers! Eh? When that rich fool in the Bible had all the wealth, food and other necessary goodies in the world packed in his barn i.e. present day warehouse and was preparing to celebrate his wealth a night of merry-making for his soul to be at peace and enjoy like a Nigerian tycoon to show off his riches and wealth, that very night a shrill voice from nowhere came to tell him, “Thou fool, tonight, your soul would depart from you and you would see whether your intended celebration would come off or not. This same scripture text could be attributed for Messrs.

John Mahama, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah and John Kudalor, who also probably, would want some extension to his retiring age like Alhassan when your retirement gets due in September to serve your master. As the 20th Ghanaian IGP and luckily, the fourth Ewe to occupy that prestigious hot seat – after JWK Harlley, John Kugblenu and CK Dewornu, one would have thought and expected that he would wizen up and eschew partisanship. Is he the same John Kudalor who was an ASP way back in the 80s? Why do you want to continue to toy with the lives of the suffering majority and do not care a hoot about it? From the Supreme Court ruling of Thursday, May 5, 2016, Georgina Opoku Amankwah’s press conference soon after has confirmed that she is a complete mediocre, an apology to her profession and a disgrace to the Ghanaian womanhood because when the SC speaks, she has no moral rights to even cough but it is all because of some money that may have been stashed in her account. Be careful, for God does not entertain bullies and oppressors.

Cherished readers and countrymen, this piece was prepared long before last Christmas and supposed to have been published early in the New Year but a few knotty points needed winnowing to remove the chaff from the wheat. Once that was done, it had to be blended with the current events for fluency. It is hoped the general reading public will accept the due apology not from any printer’s devil. However, now that the dust has settled after the Easter festivities, and the poorly patronized May Day celebration, full time work has begun in the cities and the urban areas with the settlement of loans at the back of people’s minds. In this article, the truth, nothing but the truth no matter how distasteful it may be, Ghanaians must be told as it is and would like to go down to town or memory lane and publish it and be damned no matter the consequences. Now please read on and forget about the length of this article.

“Ghana, Oh Ghana”, my Motherland! “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the land of Gold! “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the Black Star of Africa! “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the once touted Abibiman Piesie (Africa’s firstborn state south of the Sahara to gain socio-political independence from their colonial masters)! “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the first Sub-Saharan State to declare herself as the gateway to Africa despite all the hustle and bustle and the unthinkable difficulties an investor goes through before his/her investment becomes a reality and possibility. “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the only country where billions of Cedis are dished out from state coffers as dash (no accountability to anybody) through judgment debts where nobody has time to chase it for the people except Martin ABK Amidu, Esquire. “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, the only country poised to be kissing the canvas for the second time to taste the HIPC’s humble distasteful pie due to the gross mismanagement of the economy, thanks to Kofi Wampah’s bogus handling of the fiscal and monetary policies at the Central Bank, coupled with the general incompetence, ineptitude, unprecedented corruption, disregard for human dignity, insensitivity to the national dilemma, the daily thievery of the national kitty where Kofi Wampah was the chief watchman, and many, many more. Fortunately for Ghana, God realized that political power will switch from the NPP to NDC in 2008 and be plunged into economic abyss and never to resurrect unless by divine intervention. Truly, the political pendulum tilted and the Omnipotent God again saw the need to endow us with the Black Gold i.e. “OIL” to be able to resuscitate and gradually wean the growing economy that had risen to the middle income economy and bequeathed to NDC with ease. As you read now Ghana’s debt burden under Mahama has risen through recklessness to Gh¢110bn all because he wants to entrench himself in power. The interest servicing on the debt alone is much more than the oil revenue we get. Are we serious as a country or a bunch of ‘IDIOTS?’ But because the country had been handed over to the imbecile greedy politicians who thrive mostly and derive their strength and power from propagating lies and falsehood, they succeeded with their hidden agenda because of the illiteracy population in Ghana and that is how we find ourselves today. Lies, deceit and falsehood quickly became the daily prescription for Ghanaians; and alas, the hollow and shallow minds, easily embraced and absorbed same as their daily bread and butter. Most people forgot that if they collected Gh¢50.00 that time and voted foolishly, they would have exchanged their destinies and thumb (kokromoti) power for that meager stipend for another 4 years. And the resultant effect is how Ghanaians see themselves now. Ironically, abject poverty stares at us all! It is unfortunate that both the Holy Bible and the Quran abhor lies and deceit as very abominable, yet some politicians close their eyes to do the opposite. A case study is the Eric Opoku’s inexperience knowledge of the Holy Quran that has sparked off heated argument. Very pity indeed! Ghana’s mineral and natural resources can never ever be matched with that of the U.K. yet our hollow ‘youthful’ leaders, bereft of ideas of governance, always trooped to them for loans and/grants before they were able to cushion the government machinery. Every trek they undertook was for loans, and nothing else! Currently, Ghana’s debt burden stands at Gh¢100bn without any sign of hope in sight because of knowledge deficit and the wherewithal to solve the myriad of problems facing us as a country. Mr. Mahama and government are very jittery, desperate and would like to cling onto any straw for safety and that was precisely the reason for their political intercourse with the EC to save face.


The mad rush and ignominious scramble for material gains especially any single square inch or square foot of land by the nincompoops in government and elsewhere who have not tasted life before but are at the helm of affairs now are the culprits who were amassing wealth and ill-gotten properties left, right, centre. The common sight you can see all over the place is what has been enumerated below. The construction of gasoline fuel stations has become the talk of the town by adults and easy recitation by toddlers at the various crèche homes. A commercial border town like Aflao, in the Ketu South constituency in the Volta Region with a population of some 50,000 has had not less than 100 fuel stations in the last four years. Undoubtedly, as a border town with our eastern neighbor, Togo, it is too easy and obvious to cross border to clinch any dubious deal with the nationals there at our expense. And believe you me that the sole intention was to cross border under cover of darkness to make the illicit gains from fuel sales. Another near border town like Bawku in the Upper East region has some 80 or more stations with the same aim to also illegally cross border to sell fuel and lubricants in exchange for the much stronger French CFA that has more value than the Ghanaian Cedi that is sometimes jokingly referred to, or more or less, regarded by many as “T” tissue. Are Ghanaians patriotic at all and do we have the sense of patriotism imbibed in us? In and around Accra-Tema, at almost every distance of 300 meters, one can locate a new fuel station and all of them, no doubt and by no means are owned by the members of the ruling party. The situation has become so alarming and worsened by the day that even some hard-pressed landowners have mortgaged their plots of land and houses in residential areas i.e. (plots measuring 70’ x 100’) for this highly inflammable enterprise that if care was not taken by the Town and Country Planning department and the Environmental Protection Agency to be circumspect to streamline things, the expected danger was that, if there was any untoward catastrophe like the June 3, 2015, Nkrumah Circle calamity, (that was purely self-inflicted by the reckless Brazilian Contractor for ignoring constructional norms to make deep gutters to allow the free-flow of water during the heavy rainfall periods), the imminent casualty rate could be very disastrous for this near-HIPC nation of ours. The irony is that fuel stations currently nationwide may easily outnumber the figure in London whilst the vehicular population of the City of London alone could be much more than the number found in Ghana. The sad aspect at the centre of it all is the perpetual daylight thievery of the national coffers by majority in Mahama’s government from head to toe without any exception. To them, it looks as if the world was only coming to an end today or tomorrow.


Massive and unprintable officially sanctioned corruption has engulfed almost all the people who matter in the NDC fraternity without any reprimand. And this sordid picture could easily become the second national anthem if not outpacing it to take its proper place as the main rhythmic anthem. Not a single person has ever received the jolt but rather been patted either on the shoulder or the back with congratulations by the leadership for a job well done. Many a time, and more often than not, in the reign of JDM, such persons have been relocated to a much juicy place than the previous one. Several instances have taken place in Mahama’s Ghana where recalcitrant dyed-in-the-wool appointees have gone unscathed to further inflame the fury and passion of the discerning majority. The strange emergence of new and expensive vehicles like the Range Rovers, the V8 Land Cruisers – the Prados, the Sequoias, etc., the Nissan Patrols, the Mitsubishi Pajero, the Lexus and the latest BMW 7 series, which former sidelined minister of works & housing, Joe Gidisu had as bonus from some benevolent contractor, has become a whirlwind fashion and the order of the day. It looks as if they were gearing up for an international automobile beauty pageant slated for Accra. A casual visit to the Volta River’s confluence at the Ada Beach where it empties its waters into the Gulf of Guinea recently revealed a ghastly scene of as many yachts and speed boats like what pertains at the weekend holiday resort on The River Thames in London. If care was not taken, one might be tempted to curse his Creator for not being endowed with wealth if one went there for sight-seeing. The arrogant show of pomp and display of wealth and the needless unhealthy competition in vogue in recent times has compelled a 17 year old schoolboy to take his elder brother’s 4-year old son for voodoo so that he too could become fabulously rich and relegate the schooling to the background. When the poor boy was arrested later by the police, his reason was that he did not know why suddenly, all his friends had become rich and he was still poor and contemplated why he too should not be rich. Another point worth mentioning is the rate at which people including adolescent teenagers have taken to end their lives abruptly to commit suicide – all because of poverty that daily stares at their faces like the Egyptian mummies without any jobs in sight for grabs or philanthropist to come to their aid. Very pathetic and sad, isn’t it? “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, Auntie Gina’s Ghana, where are you and how are you anyway? “Ghana, Oh Ghana”, Madam Theo’s Ghana, how do you do and hope you have not gone into hibernation? It will be sad and very memorable for many discerning Ghanaians to identify Her Ladyship the Chief Justice, Mrs. Justice Georgina Theodora Wood with the acquiescence of the infamous outcome of the Election Petition Hearing that took a big chunk of Ghanaians milestone in the year of Our Lord 2013, beginning from Monday, February 16, through to Thursday, August 29, 2013, when Ghana went dumb and artificial darkness befell us with the corrupted and/or perverted natural justice by the 9-member panel of jurists headed by William Atubuga, Esq., JSC., Ghana could easily have been in flames and some of her nationals gone outside as refugees and others into oblivion by her lackadaisical attitude. Is it a truism that she finally packs off in August after the country has reached the peak of its ill-fated shambles in all facets of the economy and has decided to remain quiet and cannot let her voice be heard from afar? “Okomfo bone hye nkom se oman bebo a, se ote mu bi” – to wit, if a bad prophet (soothsayer) prophesies that his country will hastily end up in ruins with gory and horrific sights, obviously, he has no place to flee to seek refuge elsewhere but to be consumed by the ill-fate! How many times if any, did the honourable madam have the guts and bold chance to pick her phone to prick JDM to caution him about the governance of this nation? And how many times if any, has she picked her phone and cautioned the incorrigible Charlotte Osei of the EC to beware of the politically revived and awakened Ghanaian in connection with the November elections? Is she more than satisfied with all the fat salaries and juicy allowances she hopes to collect after exiting as Ghana’s CJ? And has she thought about the numerous relatives she has in her extended and nuclear families from Accra and the Cape Coast areas? Madam, do not tell Ghanaians that at least you do not know for a second one phone number of HE the president in time of emergency, let alone that of the arrogant Electoral Commissioner. If you should fail in this primary duty as service to God and Country, courtesy, Kwami Sefa Kayi of Peace FM fame, to pre-empt these two personalities who could make and unmake Ghana, but have vowed to do all it takes to make an impossibility become a possibility come the November elections because recent skirmishes between the two clearly point to the fact that they were bedfellows. If that were the case, and be as it may, then, you should know that your name and reputation that otherwise, should have been engraved meticulously and boldly in gold on a granite plaque for the future generations to learn about your position and personality, would rather go down in the annals of this nation as the first ever female occupant of this highest position on whose head this Nation Ghana got burnt to ashes due to your acquiescence. And this will be because in your capacity as the CJ, the 4th in command by our constitution, you spared the rod too much and many times to spoil the child! And this sluggish and naïve development will cast a big slur and negatively impact or relegate your hard earned respect and recognition at home and abroad to the doldrums. This will send bad waves onto the international arena and your children’s children will never ever see Ghana a happy place to live in their lives till thy kingdom come. The political temperature of the anger of Ghanaians has now risen to such an alarming point and continues to deteriorate by the day and if nothing was done about this either by taking the initiative or sounding a word of caution to save the damnable situation, you would be consumed by the unexpected. Please take a step now or never Madam.


The author has actually designed to commence this piece of material with the initial accolades to make the reading very palatable but with reservations. Ghana, the once respected and glorified country in the comity of nations, has now been reduced to its straw state. Someone should not hesitate to ask the author why, because the answer is very simple. We have been reduced to a laughing stock. The Black Star players’ bonuses could not be sent to them in far away Brazil 2014 world cup tourney through the proper channels but airlifted in fiscal cash to them against international norms. The total disgrace that it created for Ghanaians still rages on. Then come to think of the Mahama Ayariga’s ‘chop chop’ money that ruined Ghana’s economy as Sports minister and not forgetting Elvis Afriyie Ankrah’s blatant thievery of the tax-payer’s money, not forgetting Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, who is alleged to have spearheaded the brokerage and eventual payment of the unjustifiable dubious judgment debts. The GYEEDA, the SADA, the CP’s no-work-done €94m, the series of scandals involving Armajaro, the African Automobile saga, the AMERI power barge scenario to end the 4-year old ‘dumsor’ nightmare to suck Ghanaians’ blood for 10 years; the Chinese bus branding by cronies that involved huge sums of money as much as Gh¢36,000 per bus have gained notoriety to worsen the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian. The NCA/Afriwaves disclosure by IMANI Ghana involving loss of money, the contract between ENI/GNPC (Italy and Ghana) will cost us about $3bn i.e. $9.8/mm.btu whilst if it were between us and Nigeria, a distance of just 670kms $7.00/mm. btu as compared to the distance between Ghana and Italy; and many, many more. It should be noted that the DKM’s sudden brawl between them and the thousands of victims from Brong Ahafo could have been masterminded by government or someone close to government to rope in the people’s money for electoral purpose and nobody can dismiss this allegation. The list is endless and still includes the Gh¢300m Nkomfem (guinea-fowl project) fiasco in the north, the uncountable evil against humanity while tens of thousands of kayayees (the girl porters at the market places) sleep at the forecourt of shops in and around Accra, Kumasi and all the urban areas are clear testamentary evidence that Madam should have voiced out for Ghanaians to know of her presence in Ghana and her existence as a leading figure in the country that she is a mother for all and sympathetic to all the misdeeds, but decided to remain dumb. What baffles most Ghanaians is how come Ms Akua Sena Dansua was hurriedly gifted with an ambassadorial accreditation. A questionable character as such who could not even account for the bizarre embezzlement before, during and after the 2010 World Cup tournament in South Africa that created the ensuing hullabaloo was adequately and miraculously presented with letters of accreditation to no other country than Germany. That is Mahama’s Ghana for you. Just as the Israelites yelled for a king and Saul was presented, so also has JDM been handed to us by the “Small Five” to deepen our woes. Wonders, they say, can never end in Ghana and it is true. And why will the founding fathers not tumble and tremble in their respective graves to galvanize the gods of the land to claim as many as 300 lives during the last June 3 floods disaster at the Nkrumah Circle area while the discerning minority winked their eyes about the evil in society. Meanwhile, the latest development is that with the first rains of the year, other bodies that were buried under the river bed during the recent past floods; have surfaced and the number could be much more. And one wonders why many Ghanaians became hypnotized with this revelation, yet none was able to cough about it and legally challenge same in the law courts. To all intents and purposes, the once shining star of Africa; is being administered by two presidents and heads of state – HE Uhuru Kenyatta and John Dramani Mahama, Excellency. Inarguably, when one’s end was in sight, this and many more revelations become the signs of the times that are usually written on the wall! First, as the leader, you easily get swayed off and blinded by power-drunkenness, arrogance, greed, forgetfulness, lavish spending, snatching wives of other men like David of old and all sorts of evil at the expense of your countrymen, until the Almighty God finishes with his signature to bring your kingdom (presidency) to an end just like a jumbo aircraft that has lost all the engines and crash lands without smearing the runway with rubber-like potty on it. Do Ghanaians still remember the 250 students who went to Cuba for medical studies that became the talk of town and the millions of US dollars purported to have been roped in by Oga and company? Ei, asem beba dabi ooo!


The startling revelation of the ‘gentleman minister’ Haruna Iddrisu’s US$129,000.00 unaccounted for money he trespassed to the Youth Employment Agency he is reported to have embezzled for “the usual capacity building” subject abroad on an ILO sponsored workshop but was for shopping spree; and this has worsened the plight and chances of JDM. How come that $90m vanished from the vault of the Bank of Ghana under his eagle’s eyes of the embattled Kofi Wampah? How would the Mahama boys have handled the Kufuor boys if the NPP were in power? It is a shame and great indictment on the exited governor whose drug baron son-in-law has exposed, amplified and washed their family dirty linen in public. Again, his non-performance and drowsiness at the BOG coupled with Seth Tekpeh’s comatose condition and dizziness at the finance ministry that Ghanaians have become beggars today.

Mr. President, no matter how hard you try to cling onto the straw in the flooded midstream, you cannot be as lucky as Jonah of old who was swallowed by the whale and vomited ashore alive on the third day. It should be your prayer that similar incident that happened in the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar revisit you. He ended up as a beast in the bush and ate and fed himself with leaves and other plants alongside the herbivorous animals. He never knew where he was for 7 good years until he realized his folly. Other examples took place in the lives of Muamar Gaddafi of Libya, who could have saved his life but because of truancy, died like a pauper in a tunnel. Also Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Mobutu Sese Seko of the D.R. Congo and countless number of heads of state without slighting the recently defeated Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, all notorious persons died like cockroaches – no respect was accorded them. If it was money and other forms of wealth, can anybody guess the sort of extravagance that Goodluck openly exhibited by dishing out to fellow Nigerians before, during and after the elections of last March in an oil-rich Nigeria? Did anybody catch sight of his huge billboard that was mounted near the Silver Star edifice on the Liberation Road towards the Accra airport? And what did John Kufuor also not do in Ghana and for Ghanaians that should have propelled Nana Akufo Addo’s chances? But despite all the laudable economic policies that were put in place to relieve many Ghanaians as a welcome relief during John Kufuor’s 8-year reign, did Ghanaians not show him and his party the yellow card only to be followed with a red card in the end to say it was enough? And if it were at all possible for Mr. Mahama to behead himself, and still be alive and place it on a silver platter, will it be impossible for Ghanaians to tell him that his end was in sight and that they will definitely vote him out? If he really knew that the oil money has been foolishly misappropriated; the home generated revenues that have become an all-time record in the history of this nation by his government have rather gone to wrong pockets; the ill-gotten moneys and wrongly pursued judgment debts; the otherwise inflated costs of the few infrastructure like the Accra Ridge Hospital; the Kwame Nkrumah Circle and the Kasoa Interchanges by the Brazilian contractor; the Police Hospital facelift and the misplaced priority of constructing a not-too-pressing huge Mosque at the Cantonment Police Station for a cut, should prepare for a showdown one day. All these have catapulted question marks for JDM because no other religious sect has a church building there. It would have been prudent to adequately stockpile the needy hospitals with drugs and other medication and improved the lots of the medical staff rather than the huge edifice whose cost will exacerbate the hypertensive condition of the Ghanaian tax-payer. Many nursing mothers still sleep on bare floor after delivery; the absence of anti-retro viral drugs for snake bites is not an exaggeration. School children still crouch on bare ground to learn and many a time under trees; whilst most of them have no classrooms; and all these collectively, do not matter a hoot to ring a bell to John Mahama and his cronies. Currently, many schools have no writing chalks for its teachers to teach; the thatched classrooms and dilapidated roofing have become deadly traps for lives and Mr. Mahama takes delight to trek to commission new ones built by his administration instead of refurbishing them. Is it not shameful that in the 21st Century, mounds of filth in the small communities and mountains of filth in the cities and urban areas were the causes of 500 deaths from cholera in Accra and other places? We have ourselves to blame but nobody. Some 400 precious lives were lost in bizarre circumstances last year June 3 after a heavy downpour and fire outbreak. The irony also is that when 200 lives are lost from meningitis, the deputy sector minister of health snubs that there was no cause for alarm. Suppose his family member died from that dreadful disease, would he have spat that loose talk? How many times have Ghanaians not been told of an enquiry/investigation to know the root cause of the sudden death of a minister’s this or that? And how many times if any, has the government conjectured and mustered courage to tell Ghanaians about the countless number of deaths in our public hospitals, clinics and the health posts due to their incompetence and mismanagement of the entire economy? Fellow Ghanaians, do you still remember the 12.5kgs cocaine haul by Ruby Adu Gyamfi, Nayele Ametepe via BA.078 Accra-London in 2014 and the cheeky way Amb. Victor Smith hurriedly arranged a limousine to pick her on arrival? And did Auntie Hanna Tetteh Kpoda’s defence strategy save her from going to jail in the U.K.? Do people still remember the 10 persons believed to be NDC courier staff who were arrested on Delta Air flight on arrival at the JFK Airport way back February 2, 2010 in the U.S.? And what was NACOB’s defence? That the Delta Air officials would not allow them a free hand to do a proper check on their luggage prior to departure? Is George Benneh, formerly of the Ghana Embassy, Geneva in town?

If Mr. President knew that his compatriots were slow to anger but swift to counter all sorts of insinuations and arrogance, he would better strategize and put up his thinking cap and change for the better but it is too late. No amount of flight simulations could do him the trick ; the cup has overflowed. May be, if he could do Ghanaians the favour of betraying a couple of accomplices who were privy to how his master and mentor predecessor, president John Evans Atta Mills, was butchered until he suffered his untimely death, probably, God might rescind the decision of bringing his reign to an end and to postpone his chances in the presidential race in the impending November polls. But if he remains adamant and tight-lipped and thinks that he still has no hand in that sordid murder or should I say, manslaughter that brought him to fame and limelight that fateful Tuesday, July 24, 2012, time 20.30 hours (after he had been sworn-in by the CJ, then God saves the Queen. If he fails in this ordeal, then God was preparing to face him and the wicked and murderous party that took John’s life prematurely by striking some blind, others bed-ridden with paralytic stroke till they have confessed openly to all Ghanaians. Was Cadman Mills involved in the hatching of that cruel deed? Mind you, there is no hidden secret on earth under the sun or under the water that the Lord God does not know. Even though many people knew that the late Mills was very ill, he never died naturally. Who can bell the cat now to save him from that imminent complicity? And as the ultimate beneficiary, JDM can never extricate himself from this heinous inhuman crime. WHO KILLED MILLS, GHANAIANS OUGHT TO KNOW? If he fails to own up as an accomplice, his descendants and all those involved should, in the next seven generations, befittingly rewarded with the same fate as enumerated above. Nobody should blame the writer as an “against” person because the crèche –type of mistake the production of the Independence anniver -sary brochure that must have gone through not less than a hundred (100) hands to catch a glimpse of that ‘Primary Class 1’ mistake before that fateful Sunday, March 6, 2016, believe you me, is very unpardonable and unthinkable. Suppose it was the ‘printer’s devil’ as JDM wants the whole wide world to believe, and assuming all the printers were daft with wooden plank brains, does that same analogy go for all the greedy ‘yeaka gbemo’ bastards with evil dwarf sharp teeth i.e. bunch of ‘born-to-lose ‘idiots’ and juvenile novices surrounding JDM to be regarded as blind fools who never saw the mistake to retract all the brochures from coming public? No sane person could convince anybody on earth that, that person should let the sleeping dog lie and this infantile dereliction of duty brushed aside under the carpet as if nothing was at stake. Never ever again should Ghanaians who have been reduced to abject poverty through no fault of theirs and feel like slaves in their own country, vote for JDM and his party to power. The abrupt end of a game is signified whenever the fool wizens up – “Se okwasea ani te a, na agoro agu”. And this should be a political mark the opposition should grab and maximize for their campaign message. Very silly and idiotic indeed!

Humour- The saying that, if persuasion fails, force must apply will definitely manifest itself, if the EC and the ruling party collaborate to do any discreet tricks in the upcoming elections to retain JDM in power. My duty will be to ensure that I called on some members of the progressive patriotic forces from all walks of life who themselves are the dehumanized majority in society (because they are not party to the societal corruption, thievery and incompetence that have razed this country down) but are abreast with the revelations going on but have no say, to join hands to halt the bluff and end the rot in the system where they are the hewers of wood and drawers of water.


Recent events unfolding itself clearly show that the Electoral Commission, headed by Charlotte Osei, Ms., in league with the STL (Superlock Technologies Limited), Mr. Mahama himself, his party, the NDC, have discreetly become bedfellows. Luckily for the rest of Ghanaians who number about 20 million outside the NDC population and are neither party to any of the two personalities and these institutions, have their eyes wide open. Vengeance is from God but if Charlotte Osei does not rescind from the evil intentions and the inordinate ambition of her paymaster, then the Lord will instantly make her the second Jezebel on this planet Earth where Ghana abounds. Trust me and my word! Where was JDM in 2008 when Asiedu Nketiah led some mob to attack the EC offices and now has the guts to sound a word of caution to detractors of the Electoral Commissioner? Double standards! The caution here and now is that it would be better and wise for them if they took a cue from the experiences of sister countries like Liberia, la Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso that electoral malpractices and malfeasance arising out of cheating by the incumbency that these countries became disintegrated and are now being rebuilt. Do some Ghanaians remember the sour and uncomplimentary emissions from personalities such as Asiedu Nketiah about the 17 thieves in 2007 when he led a mob of NDC thugs in his war-mongering smock to invade the offices of the electoral commission in 2008 with clubs, machetes, broken bottles ready to stab any uncompromising person, while the rest wielded deadly Roman Empire type of axes incensed to strike? The comments on radio by Solomon Nkansah and Kwaku Boahen as professional liars and propagandists who easily lie between their teeth to make believe whatever they say make the sick die prematurely. And Koku Anyidohu and Kofi Adams who, close associates and confidants (but for monetary gains remain mute) and allege that he is a Togolese, can testify that he once was a tutor at one of the Cape Coast schools hence the fluency in the Fante language and a few others could ignite the anger of the people and thus plunge it into civil war. Was it useful for him to travel to Kumasi? Why has JDM for so long a time not been able to punish the wide-mouthed, vociferous and venomous serial callers who normally attack and emit poisonous gases on Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo? If JDM does not put brakes on these persons, the beauty of the 2016 elections could be marred by their machinations.

If President Mahama is of the opinion that the security agencies will, in the unlikely event of a civil war, back him and fight on his side to quell any insurgency, then I would be the sole volunteer to prepare to stick my head out on the line as the sacrificial lamb in this 21st Century as Tweneboa Kodua during the Ashanti versus the British War of 1900 that the Ashantis emerged victorious. I say this because all the security personnel nationwide, save those who have additional or different pay rolls outside the normal mainstream like the national security and the presidential security who normally walk with their chests out due to their pregnant tummies who could probably die for him, all the rest remain victims of the political incompetence and widespread ineptitude that has brought about the untold and uncontrollable school fees at all levels. All of them or their extended relatives continue to be victims of the uncompromising rent advances charged by shylock landlords/ladies. Also worth mentioning is the high transport charge resulting from needless fuel price increases in Ghana whilst world price for crude oil has dropped dramatically to an unprecedented $30/barrel record. Soaring food prices that have prevented many people to have two decent square meals daily instead of three; and many, many more are Mahama’s latest mandatory prescription. If JDM thinks the hungry soldier, police, or what have you, judging from the above scenarios that have prematurely rendered him and impoverished his family, and is already angry with himself, as compared to the recent past that normal living was a bit flexible, would be so idiotic and naïve to die or fight for him to so entrench himself in power, then he must be thinking in a fool’s paradise and laughing at the wrong side of his mouth. H.E. Mahama is so intoxicated with power that if Ghana should burn for him to rule for another bloody four years, he does not care a hoot! If JDM should want Ghana to burn for him to win power for the second term, he should note that the rest of us dissenting Ghanaians will help him to burn it to ashes. The writer has been so touched and spiritually incensed that if the above sentiments are not puffed out and laid bare for the obstinate president to know about his mistakes and inordinate ambition there and then, I would be a bad Christian. Ghana has ever produced patriotic giants like Tetteh Quarshie, the Big Six, Kwegyir Aggrey, Paa Grant, Mensah Sarbah and living legends like Kofi Annan, Abena Kuenyehia of The Hague and Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, formerly of Korle Bu Hospital who was the first Ghanaian and the first Black African Surgeon of Cardio-Thoracic fame who decided to come home to deliver his compatriots from ‘bondage’ like Moses and Israel with Mr. Mahama at the captain’s seat (even though he was the first officer then) booted him out of office like a broom-stick. It is no wonder that Ghana still finds herself like a leprosy beggar always with a bowl in hand globe-trotting for alms and grants.


Did I hear recently that JDM was reported to have pontificated at a Kumasi church hat Ghana was enjoying peace and that “Ghana is the beacon of peace in Africa”? I dare challenge him that the peace we are enjoying was purely temporary and that he should not boast of himself and go about to proclaim that we (Ghanaians) are a peaceful nation. Far from it! We would only continue to co-exist as a peaceful nation if no ‘bloody’ cheating was exhibited. The reason is simple and it is because nobody was interested to pick up the gun to boot him out hence the relative peace. If that was his posture to become very possessed and obstinate to do as his internal toxins so dictated, then I dare say that with authority without any reservation that it was a nostalgic dream. If he was bent on cheating due to his incumbency, then I would not be far from the Danielic prophecy of old and the strong and penchant stance of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego that have rejuvenated Ghanaians that he would be shown both the yellow and red cards before it was too, too late if he used the same trickery method that brought him to power by the corrupted and perverted ruling of that fateful Black Thursday, August 29, 2013 by the judges of the EPH. While every discerning and decent Ghanaian was poised for the outcome of the ruling from the screens of our television sets and radio from 09.30 hours till 13.00 hours, when the 9-member panel of judges headed by vociferous, flamboyant and not-to–see-death (God’s friend, Enoch of old) Willie Atubuga, JSC., Esquire, JDM and his pal, Kwesi Amissah Arthur, Esquire (sometimes referred to by many people as follow-my-back vice president) were cheekily sipping their brown coffee from the board room at the Jubilee House). Dear reader, do you know that my axiom has always been proved right? The events unfolding itself by the day since the beginning of 2015 were just like what Ghanaians witnessed in the year 2000 prior to the election of that year and that is my prediction; the unprecedented corruption - the Mabey & Johnson saga, the Turkish power barges contracted for 10 years at colossal forex at our expense etc., the Afriyie Ankrah’s, the Mahama Ayarigas, the Haruna Iddrisus, the Brazilian Contractor’s over-bloated Nkrumah Circle and Kasoa interchange prices, and the endless list of corruption – no more, no less! Nobody should brand the author as a doomsday prophet because the odds were against JDM. How come that Ghana has thousands of hectares of untenable arable land up north yet, common onions, tomatoes, plantain, yams, maize, beans, peanuts, cowpeas, and even some mangoes that are the main staple foods here, continue to be supplied with the help of irrigation by neighbouring landlocked Sahelian countries like Burkina Faso, Niger, Mali and la Cote d’Ivoire respectively at exorbitant prices above the pockets of the ordinary man. The Gospel according to Apostle St. John Dramani Mahama, His Excellency; Ghana was always peaceful, and once shouted from the roof top of his church that Ghana was not afraid of the Al-Qaeda bluff. Are we so daft to believe that obnoxious and inappropriate statement? Again, why should the parliament, according to an elderly statesman who confided anonymity in the author as “rubber-stamp” bedeviled to approve and pass bills into laws to contract huge loans amounting to Gh¢100bn without any commensurate physical infrastructure that has become an albatross on our necks? Are we a sensible Nation at all, one would ask? Mr. John Kufuor did all that he could for Ghanaians including the reduction of fuel prices, but they decided to vote his party out of power so if John Mahama, Esq., should now asphalt the Kumasi and for that matter, all roads in Ashanti with ‘gold’, Ghanaians have decided to vote him and his party out of power. We will not depend on the Ridge and the Police Hospital edifices for food. Our pockets are empty! We need no cash and carry at our hospitals. And if he knows he has willfully and wrongly “robbed” Ghanaians and thus denied us of our inalienable rights to live decently, feed, clothe ourselves, shelter, health care delivery, especially, the thousands of his kith and kin, the kayayees who have no place to lay their heads at night, the dumsor menace, the innumerable graduate unemployed, the teeming thousands of jobless graduands of Colleges of Educations, the thousands of qualified nurses, the employers and manufacturers whose businesses have gone aground, and those who cannot make ends meet because of no decent square meals a day, if I were president Mahama, I would pray for forgiveness against humanity and bow out of the race because I have woefully failed Ghanaians. An appointee like Okoe Vanderpuye, for example, has incurred the displeasure of millions to cost him many votes generally. Does Okoe fear the people of Nima? If not, I dare him to visit Nima immediately for bold demolition exercises before the election as Nima falls under his jurisdiction. We should not be so swollen-headed that the other Sub-Saharan states that have been previously involved in civil wars never ever worshipped God and that it was only Ghana and Ghanaians that God loves most. Was it because we see ourselves rushing to the church houses everyday in more haste than them that could be used as the yardstick? Tweeea! It is very mischievous and pity that we have a body called the Peace Council who rather treasure in material things and delight in money, money, money, mansions, mansions and 4-wheeled vehicles that could easily ruin their lives and perhaps, run them into their own graves prefer to brush aside their own kith and kin and flock (congregation) to follow politics with their stomachs and blindly lose their conscience to the dogs? To talk about the Council of State, is to reserve one’s breath and comments. Huh!


Please read the following carefully, reflect the evil deeds committed against Mother Ghana and ponder over it solemnly why you allowed yourself to be used by mortal man to do the unexpected. “Have the gates of death been revealed to you? Or have you seen the doors of the shadow of death? 18 Have you comprehended the breadth of the earth? Tell Me, if you know all this, says the Lord. 19 Where is the way where light dwelleth? And as for darkness, where is the place thereof.” It is a pity that some judges, when fully robed with their wigs on, yell and scream at fellow human beings as if they lived at the roof tops and shouted hoarse at the top of their voices. These people banged at benches in the law courts at hearings as if they knew all above and have powers over death apart from the law they know and are capable of but would sometimes close their eyes and say 27 0 is 270. Thank God all of us will one day appear before the Throne of Judgment and see if they too could bribe their way with goats, money and guinea-fowls. Anas Aremeyaw Anas of Tiger Eye fame, has opened the eyes of Ghanaians now to know the stuff that some professionals have been made of; so they have cause to yell and scream in court. It is a pity that Africans including Ghanaians are humans without humanity, otherwise, if it were not so and by the act of God and the magnanimity and a bit of tolerance from Nana Akufo Addo that reigned supreme that particular time, the country would have been engulfed in flames. After all, was it not money, mansions in Dubai and goat that did the trick (disgrace/downfall) to floor some of them? Could it be true that Ghanaians were the by-products of human beings created by God because of the many negatives? Someone says Ghanaians are not complete humans. Why? Because of greed, envy, jealousy, pettiness, hatred, rancour, unproductiveness and laziness, black-mailing and what have you; that is the Ghanaian mentality for you. That is Mahama’s Ghana where “any idiot” can easily flout the court orders and go about scot free. Ghanaian dignity eroded! Was it not the NDC government that sacked the 420 youth who had just passed out from their military training but were booted out by the Mills Administration on suspicion that all of them were NPP loyalists and for that matter, President John Kufuor’s nephews and nieces. On hindsight, Africa does not need strong men, but rather strong institutions and policies to be put in place to ensure good governance thrived. – Prez. Barrack Obama of the U.S., said this in an address to the Ghana Parliament, Accra, on Friday, July 11, 2009 when JDM was then the vice president.


Former President John Kufuor spills the beans. He has stripped his younger brother John Mahama naked in broad daylight at Ghana’s ‘Rome Amphitheatre’, the Independence Square. Mr. Kufuor has shown Mr. Mahama the yellow card and his true size and colours that lies and falsehood will take him nowhere. All the lies and deceit he and his surrogates have gone round peddling to ‘outwit ‘ Ghanaians should cease forthwith. Thank God Mr. Kufuor was still alive and kicking otherwise, he would have a leeway. What a shame and great indictment on the presidency! He has uncovered his political nudity. He debunked the millennium lies and deceit of the people that during his 8-year reign, no concrete infrastructure was built in the Volta Region by his government. Now he should come again. Nea obebo wo mmae a, wo se obiara ntummi wo. Another Akan proverb says, “se mmarima nni fie a, na akyakya tu mmrika ma mmaa kamfo no, literally translated as thus – whenever the able-bodied men leave home for their farms and work places, the hunch-back naturally, would as a teaser, run around the women to receive standing ovation and heaps of praises. Monkeys, they say, always play by sizes. Oluwaaaa!, courtesy, Kwabena Yeboah of radio sports commentary fame. Come again, John! The timing was no good this time around. You have been cut to your correct size and if I were you, I would curtail with the tons of promises to Ghanaians that the year 2017 under your re-awakened presidency from the slumber, you will put so much money in people’s pockets! Thank God that Ghana now has two living ex-presidents who are monitoring your footsteps closely and the massive and unprecedented corruption under your nose. Ghanaians deserve to know the truth; nothing but the truth and President Kufuor has nailed your coffin at the right time to bury your propagandist rhetoric once and for all.


This article will be incomplete if mention was not made of the recent serious revelation by one Dr. Richard Amoako Baah of the Political Science faculty of the KNUST, Kumasi, to the effect that President Mahama does not seem to learn from history. And my axiom has always proved right that “History repeats itself” otherwise, it will not be called history. To quote the learned doctor of letters, “President Mahama has, since the assumption of office, winked an eye and in a positive defiance posture, appointed as much as 62% of the key positions in Ghana to friends and indigenes of the three northern regions, mostly without the requisite qualifications, expertise and a handful of Ewes – who are mostly immature, amateurs and square pegs in round holes to the dislike of the majority i.e. tribalism and nepotism at the highest order, and this is a very dangerous precedent.” This was culled from the Ghanaweb edition of Monday, April 11, 2016. From the author’s own point of view, the pith of the president’s position that warranted his action was that Ghanaians were easily forgetful; you try to put a Gh¢50.00 note each in an empty match box and distribute to a group of angry mob; the moment they discover later that the content of the boxes was money, you have won their hearts. In a matter of seconds, they forget the vital issues at hand and let sleeping dogs lie and that is why the president is confident that Ghanaians easily forget things and that is the main reason of his obstinacy. In sequential order, the national advisor, Baba Kamara, Mark Owen Woyongo, is the Interior Minister, the Defence Minister, Dr. Issahaku, Governor of the Bank of Ghana, the many ministerial appointments – ASK Bagbin, Cletus Avorka, Yieleh Chireh, Huudu Yahaya, Moses Asaga of the National Petroleum Agency, Haruna Iddrisu of the Employment & Manpower, Mubarak Muntaka, the Chief Whip, Baba Jamal, Mahama Ayariga, Ras Mubarak of the Youth Employment Agency who was hotly chased out of his constituency, Kumbungu, near Tamale recently by angry party supporters there and the now silenced Murtala Mohammed. The others are the Rose Atenga Bios, the Ayalingos, the Sulley Garbas, the Clement Apaaks at the presidency and the Hassan Ayarigas -Ayaricough and the Atugubas. The names do not readily click as at the time of writing but your guess could be the Alhaji this or the Hajia that. The others are the Mumunis, the Nanfuris, the Alhassans, Yakubus, the Benjamin Kunbuors, the Dr. Mustapha Ahmeds, the Alhassaan Azongs, the Nayon Bilijos, the Alhaji Amin Amidu Suleimanis, the Collin Daudas, the Amadu Sulleys and the ‘Burkinabe’ Soroghos, . Did Ghanaians hear Abdul Rashid Hassan Pelpuo at the presidency that unemployed persons can go to the bush and cut grass for sale to cattle and other livestock owners? The latest revelation is the Roads & Highways minister, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini who is reported to have showed how fabulously rich he is and how he dished out plenty of cedis at his birthday bash to friends and family members alike to exhibit how wealth can make some people mad and blind. The last but not the least, is Dr. Henry Seidu Daannaa, the minister of Chieftaincy and Traditional Affairs. Hmm. Jobs for the kith and kins but not the boys. Incidentally, many were those who thought that JDM’s 12 year old stint and parliamentary practice, experience and expertise could have been a moving spirit behind his presidency but not. Apart from a couple of developed economies in Europe and some of the north African countries that the writer has not visited, the rest of all Europe and Africa that your author has visited as a supernumerary, one would not come across a country with a leadership style like Ghana’s who cannot perform in governance and still would like to perpetually sip the continuity syrup just as Idriss Deby of Chad who has won the presidency for the fifth consecutive term without any special transformation in his country. And it is only in Ghana that any ‘insulting idiot’ can graciously be compensated with a state ministerial appointment or presidential staffer’s position. And the resultant effect is what we see in Ghana today. About 70% of heads of the MMDAs, the various Boards and Corporations, the ambassadorial top echelon and staff, the military, the police, the prisons, the Ghana Revenue Authority and immigration are from his backyard. Full ministers are 12 out of 30. In totality, both the civil and public services, you name it; the list of jobs for the boys is endless. May be, Mr. Mahama, the Excellency, has so soon forgotten that apart from the land mass which is bigger, whether he likes it or not, the three regions in terms of population; still constitute the minority as compared to the Akan population. In far away Burundi, it was the Tutsis, who comprised about 38% of the population occupied all the key government, military, police, civil and public service appointments and exerted their temporary superiority over their opponents, the Hutu majority in all aspects and spheres of life. As if by design or sheer coincidence, the alleged mastermind of the assassination of their president, a Hutu, whose aircraft was about to touch down in Bujumbura, the capital from a foreign trip. Prior to that heinous massacre of 1994, I had visited the capital as a tourist. This president, incidentally, with one of the longest African names but does not ring a bell now, was killed and that simultaneously ignited the Hutu-Tutsi civil war that claimed 600,000 innocent lives. Most of the casualties were Hutus; because they wielded the fire-power; thousands were maimed and the rest, mostly women and children from both sides in their tens of thousands, fled to neighbouring Uganda, Rwanda and others as refugees. Why did they decide to give them the dirty slap and ask them not to cry, one would dare ask? The Tutsis thought that because they wielded much political and fire-power with all that it takes at their beckon, backed by economic dominance, they subjected them to all sorts of maltreatment and inhuman subjugation. Because they had their own men at the helm of affairs (all key positions), they thought that was the end of the world but that was a big, big mistake. As earlier stated elsewhere, may be some Ghanaians have also forgotten about the history of that country that shares common border with modern day Rwanda with the capital, Kigali in the Central African region. How come that an amateur like John Jinapor, the honourable, who, once upon a time, was the spokesperson for his master then a vice president, be charged with the onerous duty and great responsibility as deputy minister of Energy, the live wire of Ghana’s economy, whose little knowledge and amateurish handling of the energy situation in Ghana has claimed many lives through suicide because many contractors and traders alike have no means to settle their bank debts; others lost limbs; thousands of divorces through loss of jobs thereby increasing the unemployment situation; carnage on our highways because of excessive thinking about high cost of fuel and lubricants, unprecedented high tariffs at the ports to ruin the trading activities of many persons. The rest are armed robberies, serial murders and contract killing including that of a parliamentarian, unusual fire and flood (Sodom and Gomorrah) fatal accident at the Nkrumah Circle due to the negligence of the Brazilian contractor, Queiroz Galvao Construction, also claimed as many as 400 lives that fateful Black Wednesday, June 3, last year. Some corpses were later discovered recently with the start of the early rains in Accra. Fellow readers and Ghanaians, the list that has just been released above and many, many more is endless and should sound a note of caution to our leaders because once they have become very obsessed and intoxicated with power and pregnant with obstinacy, they think therefore that because they wield power and that nobody can stop them while on the threshold of evil till it happens. If that were their assumption, then some of them could be laughing at the wrong sides of their mouths. It takes 7 years to train a medical doctor; while it equally takes 5 for pharmacy and architecture; 4 years to become a qualified practicing lawyer/barrister and to be called to the bar. But mind you, fellow Ghanaians, just as someone (a former Black Star Line merchant ship captain) mustered courage and braced the storm to tell the late Harry Sawyerr of blessed memory in Accra that it takes only a day, not more, for any “idiot” to mount a political platform, clear one’s throat and with a vociferous tone, shout – tsoooboooeiii, tsoooboooeiii, tsoooboooeiii’ and that was it, you instantly become ordained as a politician while he took some 6 years or more to become a captain. So therefore, in our political dispensation, if someone thinks he could use his wits and guts to manoeuvre certain avenues to circumvent his way via the EC corridors to so entrench himself in power, then he should prepare to face the rest of Ghanaians with civic and conscientious principles who will let this nation become ungovernable. It is very sad that some of our respected chiefs, seasoned judges, academia, professionals and the clergy who should know better by their academic, social standing and religious background, but which JDM has “bought with a price”, have jointly and severally sold their inalienable birthright, dignity and personality on the altar of mediocrity for pittance for their stomachs and parochial interest. And woe unto that group of persons who sat down that day and night to devilishly plan about the elimination of Mr. Mills from this earthly planet on Tuesday, July 24, 2012; surely, one day was also coming and set for them to wail in pain when their idol in whom they were well pleased, will also be taken from them in a whirlwind fashion, like the day Elisha was taken from Gehazi to heaven. Having stated that vengeance is of the Lord, I would not hesitate to say that all those who have by any foul means become beneficiaries of the ill-gotten and stolen money belonging to the State of Ghana, the block manufacturing business re the Bui Dam and Jabez Amissah’s golf course, should not hide it like Achan did, but to own up for accountability otherwise, all of them together with their families and fourth generation yet unborn, die in succession and mysteriously like Ahab’s wife Jezebel whose corpse was eaten up by dogs and the birds of the air. The rest who think they have supernatural ‘gods’ to protect them should be struck with deadly stroke and become bed-ridden for life because by their inordinate ambition, millions of Ghanaians have been rendered fatherless, homeless, hopeless and helpless in life. The excruciating pain and anguish that some 95% Ghanaians today have gone through to survive this incompetent and unprecedented amateurish Mahama government over the 5-year period with ‘dumsor’ taking the centre stage, is such that the Good Lord would not spare them a minute of forgiveness to enjoy their stolen booty. And the writer is very optimistic that should Mr. Mahama’s head become “Ghana’s John the Baptist” of our time as sacrifice to please Ghanaians ( i.e. Salome and mother Herodias), the continuous peddling of lies and falsehood by the likes of the frustrated Omane Boamah, Mohammed Muntaka and Kwaku Boahen that occasionally infuriate most of us on air and television screens is an eyesore. It is an insult to injury that their boss JDM has provided more than 400,000 jobs since his assumption of power. This makes the discerning people of Ghana very sick indeed. If Mahama is stealing; and all his ministers and appointees were equally stealing left, right and centre without any recourse, why will the WAEC staff who are also very impoverished and must survive at all cost to make ends meet, not leak or sell the examination question papers for their livelihood? To draw the curtains down, my good people of Ghana, the impending June 4, 2016, marks the 37th anniversary of the infamous “Let the Blood Flow” uprising when Ghana went red. Eight senior Army Generals and a Colonel were executed or murdered in cold blood for no justifiable cause before a “kangaroo” court at the Gondar barracks, Accra, but with a flimsy excuse that they used their military uniforms. It was also alleged they abandoned their profession as soldiers to defend and safeguard the country’s territorial borders to chase wealth and material gains. With all humility, the author does not in any way intend to rake the already healed wounds of the bereaved families who lost their loved ones and breadwinners during that period. The 8 generals including the colonel, some of whom would been alive by now to enjoy between 6 or 7 thousand Ghana cedis fat monthly retirement pensions but whose souls still go marching on, were gruesomely murdered by firing squad between June 9 and 16, 1979, at the Teshie military firing range by the junior military junta supposedly led by Kwadwo Boakye Djan, but indirectly handed over the baton to JJ Rawlings to take the chair because he was an Oburoni were IK Acheampong, EK Utuka, AA Afrifa, FWK Akuffo and Yaw Boakye. The rest were Joy Amedume, REA Kotei and Roger Joe Felli. Courageous Brigadier-General NA Odartey-Wellington, mustered courage to pick an armoured vehicle to fight the bluff of the incensed and inarguably the wee-smoking junior NCOs because he thought that was not the best military practice to settle their unjustified grievances. In the ensuing expedition, he too was killed at the Nima Police Station when, according to insiders, he ran out of ammo and his dead body was badly mutilated with gunshots from the junior ranks before being hauled to the 37 military hospital morque. Very sad isn’t it? May their blessed souls rest in perfect peace till we meet again one day. But what did we see after Mr. Rawlings had superintended the affairs of this nation for 11 years under the PNDC and gone ahead as executive president under democratic dispensation for another period of 8 years – January 7, 2001? Did anybody take notice about his weight and features then at the time of exiting? How much was he worth and was there any justification at all for that flimsy accusation to hang his victims if he was going to become worse? Was he therefore right for signing the death warrant of Col. Felli for taking a bank loan of present day Gh¢5.00 for private project or was dosing off when the list including his name was presented? It is my prayer that JJ lives 100 years old to see for himself, how Ghana will be. According to Kwesi Pratt, Jnr., some 232 Ghanaians disappeared mysteriously and feared dead in JJ’s two coup d’etats of (1979/1981) and since the architects and their 6-month old ‘pregnant’ or protruding tummy surrogates have not been humbled to know and learn from history but to create, loot and share, we should be careful as God will again unleash another painful catastrophe on this Nation because we have not repented and solemnly reflected with a contrite heart as a Nation, re the past deeds. What is happening these days under John Mahama is worse and very sickening to the eyesight but once God is alive, never ever despair; there is hope fellow Ghanaians. Proverbs 21:31 “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord.” –In unison with Odiyifo Kwabena Tawia of Peace FM fame, “ The Lord should rain Elijah’s fire on any person or group with the intent to cheat in the election with the help of the EC for the undeserved candidate to further worsen our woes”. Was it a deliberate attempt or inordinate intent to disenfranchise all the numerous second cycle and tertiary students who would otherwise vote against the incompetent and inept government hence the scarce registration centres for them?


As a Christian, I know that vengeance comes from God and He does things appropriately. As a mortal man born of a woman, I would wish (barring any blaspheming), that the Lord should strike all those – judges, politicians, ‘obey-the-wind’ journalists, appointees and all manner of persons whose crazy lust for money, wealth, position and whatever, conspired to pervert the natural justice in 2013 to deprive and deny the millions of innocent Ghanaians to bring this country to this horrible, hopeless and helpless situation of shame to lose human dignity – (why should thousands of able bodied workers be

Columnist: Kwarteng, Amaning