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Mahama told blatant lies about the Kumawu Hospital

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Mon, 29 Feb 2016 Source: Rockson Adofo

There is a Government hospital under construction in Kumawu, my patrilineal place of birth. This is an undisputed fact. However, for President Mahama to tell the whole nation in his State of the Nation Address that he has presented sixty hospital beds to the Kumawu hospital is a blatant lie.

The hospital is still under construction. Even some workers have recently been made redundant for lack of money to pay their wages. The hospital is nowhere near completion. How can a hospital still under construction be supplied with sixty beds?

For argument sake, let us accept that President Mahama has actually provided the uncompleted hospital with sixty hospital beds. Has he got his priorities right? Is he not putting the horse before the cart? Should any money available to him not better serve the purpose of completing the hospital before purchasing the equipment or beds that the hospital will need?

What benefit will the beds be to patients if the hospital never got completed? It is sad to see a person who cannot set his priorities right entrusted with the management of the political, social and economic affairs of Ghana.

President Mahama must be seen as a bloody liar if he says the Kumawu hospital has been completed and that he has supplied it with sixty beds.

I challenge President Mahama to provide me with the published list of all his allegedly achieved projects throughout Ghana. I shall arrange someone to go round all the projects wherever they happen to be to ascertain whether the projects do actually exist, are fully completed and were constructed by him or not.

I am sick and tired of seeing the President of Ghana makes lies his daily intake of vitamin supplements. He thinks a country is successfully run on propaganda and divide and rule tactics.

Was he not the one who not long ago said he is the President of only the NDC faithful, yet he is in charge of managing, if not mismanaging, the money for the entire nation?

This “ede bii keke” joker President must be booted out of power by all sensible Ghanaians come 7th November 2016. He is making a complete mockery of the presidency.

Finally, it must be noted by all Ghanaians, especially the citizens of Kumawuman worldwide that the Kumawu Government Hospital being constructed at “Owan mu” on the road to Kwamang is not completed as otherwise alleged by President Mahama, Ghana’s Comical, if not Chemical Ali.

As Iraqi “Chemical” Ali was constantly on television lying about the imminent defeat of Iraq by the Western Coalition Forces, telling Iraqis that the forces of Saddam Hussein were fending off the Coalition Forces whereas the opposite was actually occurring on the ground, so is President “Comical” Mahama doing to Ghanaians. Therefore, I call on Ghanaians to vote massively to Boot him Out of office on 7th November 2016.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo