Mahama, your nation is in crisis.

Gii Mahama President John Mahama

Fri, 14 Oct 2016 Source: Bombande, Emmanuel

Good day folks. I bring you greetings from Tamale this time around. Our "economic miasma" has compelled me to write today's piece. Our political animals are gradually becoming more sinister and uncanny with the approach of the 7th December elections. Many of them will pronounce to the media that they are not corrupt,but I swear to "Jah",they will miss the point.

Ghana,my beloved country; the home of the black stars, the home of the rich African fabric(kente).The very land that sits upon the majestic splendor of gold, the robust thickness of timber, the sincere purity of diamond, the aluminum strength of bauxite the profound elasticity of rubber,the reflecting glitter of silver,the softness of oil and the host of other rich resources are all sinking with impunity under the full glare of "incompetent Mahama".

Once upon a time,the mention of the name "Ghana"brought warmth like these and even more to the heart. From grace to grace we thrived into independence and a very long way we have come. Leaders have come and gone,more shall come and go,yes they shall.Every leader that comes,comes with a season. Kwame Nkrumah came with liberation, Rawlings came with revolution. Kuffour came with upgradement of mentality. Our late president Mills is widely remembered as "asomdwehene".President Mahama on the other hand has chosen to give birth to "incompetence", "corruption", "tattered economy" and the likes.

Ghana has become a land of "chop and walk".After not answering fully to questions about the World cup expenditure, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah,instead of being held accountable was removed from the sports ministry to serve in another position.

Despite having the biggest water damn in Africa,we still experience "dumsor".The people are crying and the leader of the land is joyfully dancing to "yentie obiaa".I have a long memory so I can still recall all these including the "dead goat syndrome".

At this time, I am certain some might already be judging me and saying,"he belongs to party this or party that".One does not have to be a pastor or an imam to make it to God.Likewise, I do not have to be in party A,B or C to speak what I have observed. Actually, it is thoughts like these that have stripped us of our actual dominion.

Comrades, it is your responsibility to dutifully check the leaders you appoint over yourselves. But before you appoint, I humbly suggest that you make sure he or she is someone who can stand the test of "power intoxication" but certainly not "incompetent President Mahama".

See you again next week with another episode of "konkonsa".

Bombande Emmanuel.

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel