Why More People Are Leaving The NDC

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 Source: Nsiah, Kofi

On the contrary Mr. Martin Kwaning is NOT as you seem to suggest. You are talking about resignation of Said Sinare, what about the resignation of Alan and the RPD members? Maame Dokono, even though contested on NOC ticket in the 2000, she has never being a staunch member of the party and find out if he even had a party card, and if you to listern to her atterances and compare to the women currently in NDC she can not match them because the party will not condone such abusive language on our platform and she says this and you (NPP) clap for her then the good people should be good judge of what they want between party who is talking about issues which impact on their life to people who uses vulgar language on their opponent anytime they mount the political platform.

Reading from what you have written makes me believe that you do not leave among Ghanaians here in Ghana, where have you being writing from? You are saying majority of Ghanaians are working? What jobs are you refering to here? My brother have you being on the streets of only Accra? In 2000 when you and your party (NPP) were going round campaingning to get our mandate and rule this nation what didn't you say? During that time you accused the then gorvenment for creating uneployment in the country and the gorvenment was saying it had done a lot by letting people open their COMMUNICATION centre and employing people, laughed and said it was not the form of employment you expected Ghanaians to have and that when we give you the mandate you WILL make us have a well paid job that will cause Ghanaian men to marry and careter well for their children. But what do we see? Even the NYEP that you managed to introduced you are paying them a meager salary of GHC50.00 (500,000.00 old cedis) per month without paying even their social security, aside these you do not have money to pay them, cocoa spraying, which is a seasonal job, what happens when that season past? Give us a break before even one will be enrolled he/she is suposed to register at your constituency office, what does that mean? You were saying Ghanaians were selling dog chains on the road at that time, this time not only are they selling the chains but also selling the dogs, the number of children on our streets in Accra have quadripled, look at what recently happened to some of these unfortunte ones at the Kasoa toll booth, about four (4) of these children lost thier life is that what you call employment?

On Investment, point one major investment that this gorvenment has been able to bring into this country apart from selling our own assets to these foriegners a practice you and your party opposed when you were in oppsition, an example is the Ghana Airways which even after selling it to the investors they are not able to fly and this say rendered about 300 workers jobless and till now their benefit have not being paid for them, is this you call employment?

There was no single confisting of assets during the NDC regime, the confiscating which were done were those drug barons who the law of our land recomended for the confiscating of their assets and when your party came you have almost deconfiscate all, just because your involvemnt in that business. (Dworwulu NPP women, Amoateng, Son of Appiah Menka and the Son of Nyaho Tamakloe) just to mention a few. Just take a tour to the Ghana Free Zone and you will find that indeed the businesses there are folding up simply because of your tax imposition on them.Â

You make me laugh, when did you (NPP) realised that global economic hardship can have effect on our micor economy? God should stay where he is else you people would be sack like Jesus did to the people who were selling in the temple of the Lord. At the time in 2000, when NDC gorvenment were also blaming the hardship on the global economic situation, where the price of crude was at its highest level ever, gold and cocoa which are our two major foriegn exchange eaner had their prices going down, you said it was as a result of mismanagement and corruption in the country to the extend that your MPs in parliament moved a motion for the resignation of the Minister fo finance at the time.

On violence,Ghanaians are not vengeance, else I can tell you for a fact that this our dear nation will have being like our neighbours, Nigeria, Cote d' voire, Kenya, Zimbabwe and the like. Just imagine my father or brother, being killed for close to 8years (Yaa Naa and 40 others) and 4years Mobila, the 14year old boy who was shot and killed by one Munkaila in Tamale and also in 2004 Red who was arrested for shooting indiscriminately in Tamale but was gotten to be released by the Deputy Regional Minister, Till now no justice seem to be carried out, if all the families or friends are to retariate what would have happen in this country?

We are all in this country and when we talk about election violence of the kind we are witnessing in Tamale, there has always being these kind of clashes in the North, since NPP came to power, you can close check these things and you will find that these kind of issues started and gotten it to its creche when NPP assumed reins of gorvenance since 2001. Just last weekend the MP at Bekwai was seen shooting in broadday light. look at their recent elections the kind of violence which charactised them. what happened at Dormaa, to the extend of constituency chairman beating some to death. You cannot even count these things related to NPP, they are uncounterble,

Let me sound a word of caution to your NPP and its cronies who the people of Ghana have entrusted them with their lives that we will not forgive them, especially President Kuffour if they allow this nation to go the Kenya or Zimbabwe way.

We are wide awake and watching the Gorvenment.

Please Martin open your eyes..

Kofi Nsiah - Bubuashie

Columnist: Nsiah, Kofi