Manasseh Azure, your rants are misguided and unfortunate

Wed, 20 Feb 2019 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

They say you are an investigative journalist, yet your rants expose the two timing double standards that most of your kind have. Look at your opponent, Anas, for example, has made the whole world endorse his so-called journalism while he is suspected of creating a mafia with criminal elements, here in Ghana, twisting the arms of people who can pay to avoid disgrace.

It is, also, said that he has acquired properties and continues to grab with ill-gotten money, mainly from his supposed illegal dealings. The problem is that he seems to be shaded by a “legendary” Journalist, who will certainly lose his credibility once the assertions and suspicions about kakamotobi Anas are ascertained, verified, and confirmed.

People are working on that, and in as much as he is camouflaging himself, his odour cannot be continually covered by the perfume that his supposed ill-gotten money affords him!

So Manasseh, are you turning into another Anas? Are you looking for stipends from people you wake up one morning to harass, hoping that your carry-along would be filled by the close of the day? If it is so, then you might want to apply to the Police Service! Who knows, you just might have the freelance to extort moneys from unsuspecting prey, as the Police are allegedly professional at!

Anyway, let me tell you something that you might not have heard, or heard but have not butted an eye to debunk! But before that, your attack on the Hon Chief of Staff, Hon Akosua Frema Opare, is nothing, but a camouflaged call for stipends which you will not get! If you are all over the place ranting about a corrupt female at Jubilee House, having mentioned her name in a supposed cover-up for KK Sarpong, you ought to be ashamed of yourself because in the first place KK Sarpong is guarding the GNPC for the Nation like he would his own interest.

Certainly, in every house there are quarrels, little squabbles, and some controversial back and forth nagging, so do not expect anything different at any government institution, including the GNPC. If you have any information, put it out and let us shame the perpetrators instead of hiding behind a poltergeist to shockingly mar the reputation of Honourable people and terrorise them with a pen that is getting balder by the day!

Again, you claim that a “she” at Jubilee House is covering up the most corrupt person to have descended from the Ghanaian sky since 25 years. We all know that person to be Jospong, and my opinion of this guy is as terrible as can be, too! Besides, you and I know the two major “Males” at Jubilee House who are covering up for him, and because she, Akosua Frema Opare, is not dancing to their tunes, and she never will, they have sought to mar her with all sorts of propaganda! You said that the suspect, Jospong, is all over town claiming that he is being shielded by a “most corrupt woman”.

Shame onto you for such unbefitting language against a woman who has defended the coffers of the State. She has not allowed anyone to freely dip their hands into the national kitty to grab whatsoever they wished. This, amongst a host of many other reasons, is why some idiots have waged war on her! Then you scurry along like a church mouse hoping to get some crumbs as if it is there to be doled out without refrain and restrain!

Let me tell you one thing, my friend. If Jospong is all over the place making those iniquitous claims, I might as well spell it out to you. Word has made the rounds, and I certainly heard same discussed last year, that someone went to Jospong to negotiate a deal on your behalf. It was said that he succeeded in getting paid as a supposed middleman. So when you continued to write against him, he was surprised because he thought he had bought you. I know he did not buy you, but I am now beginning to wonder if he still cannot buy you! However, if say I did not know who Manasseh Azure was, how would you feel if I peddled such nonsense to tarnish your image because I acted on mere hearsay, like the witches of rural England?

Herh, let me tell you, not all Akufo-Addo’s appointees are angels, but this particular one, Honourable Chief of Staff, Akosua Frema Opare, she is! #Mendaadawo

Just play your game safe my friend, lest you get entangled in a legal tussle that will put your credibility to flight like the akonfem’s of the NDC! Sit still for a minute, take a deep breath, and calculate your strides because it will take you a long while to see through the billows from the backs of misguided missiles and missed fire, where you have found yourself!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi