Martin Amidu Is Helping A Coalition-Of-The-Decent To ...

Sat, 2 Jun 2012 Source: Thompson, Kofi

....Emerge In Ghanaian Politics

By Kofi Thompson

Ghana has reached a watershed moment in its politics. That is why if there are any patriotic Ghanaians who are wealthy enough, and can afford it, it might be prudent for them - as their contribution to the fight against corruption in Ghana - to club together to sponsor a short period in exile in the UK (or somewhere similar of his choice perhaps), for Mr. Martin Amidu.

Such is the importance of what Martin Amidu is doing for our nation, that it would be far better, from the personal security point of view, for him to be persuaded to accept to temporarily live in the UK, with his family, in order to safely carry on the fight to expose and confront the powerful rogues in the Mills administration - and those outside it who are collaborating with them to rip Mother Ghana off.

It is obvious that there are dark and powerful forces in the Mills administration that want him silenced - and are resorting to character assassination via the 'rented' pro-NDC media, to do so. For now, that is.

One doesn't know what lies ahead - and how such ruthless and powerful individuals, facing the prospect of losing everything that they acquired through dubious means, might react.

It is both in the overall national interest, as well as that of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in the long-term, that Martin Amidu exposes all the hypocrites in the Mills administration, who are abusing the trust that Ghanaians reposed in the NDC - when they elected it to replace the New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime in the December 2008 polls.

In case the fact is lost on some in the NDC of today, the NPP was turfed out of power, precisely because Ghanaians had become fed up with the corrupt ways of the powerful individuals, who dominated that party.

In a very real sense, Martin Amidu's crusade against corruption will help in sanitising the NDC - and paradoxically guarantee its long-term survival.

By exposing the crooks in the regime, and their outside collaborators, he is helping to ensure that going forward, confidence in the NDC will eventually be restored amongst ordinary Ghanaians once more.

Martin Amidu's appeal as an anti-corruption campaigner, cuts across party lines - and his fight for honesty in the politIcs of our country, could be the basis for a new coalition-of-the-decent, in our public life, to finally emerge in Ghana. All patriotic Ghanaians must support and encourage him for that reason. A word to the wise... Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Vodafone

Columnist: Thompson, Kofi