Massive corruption in Sissala East District Education Service

Mon, 1 Jun 2015 Source: Ali, Prince Justice

With reference to my earlier publication (@ May 23, 2015) with the aforementioned title, I wish to make the following corrections. First, I noticed that Madam Mariam at Kong Basic School, who received one of the laptops, actually partook in the ICT training. Therefore, the ICT Coordinator Mr. Haruna Abu was perfectly right for giving her the laptop.

Accordingly, I pull in or undo the said allegations made against the ICT Coordinator; that is, giving the laptop to Madam Mariam instead of Jawara. I earnestly regret any embarrassment or mortification caused him on this issue.

The second correction is on the issue of teachers who went for the ICT training since last year but haven’t yet been paid their feeding and transportation monies. It is true that the teachers have not received their training allowances but that PROBLEM is not the ICT Coordinator’s making. Explaining the non-payment of the said monies, the Upper West Regional Representative of the RLG laptops Mr Prosper stated categorically that the issue is a nationwide problem. That is, most teachers in Ghana too haven’t received theirs either. Further, he said that teachers in the Northern Region have started receiving theirs, so those in Sissala East may soon receive theirs too.

Consequently, I negate the said allegation which sought to suggest that the ICT Coordinator refused to give training allowances to the teachers. I solemnly regret any awkwardness or embarrassment caused him on this issue.

Beside these two corrections, all the other allegations therein raised remain soundly valid. See more in the paragraphs that follow. And for the achievements of the said write-up, words on paper can NEVER DESCRIBE. Just call or visit Sissala East and/or Sissala West.

On the other somewhat valid allegations against the ICT Coordinator, I present the following. According to the ICT Coordinator, 275 teachers took the training to be given laptops to teach ICT in their respective schools. He CLAIMS to have received 158 laptops and has subsequently distributed all except 2 or 3 which have some faults.

What are the matters arising from THESE CLAIMS? First Arising Matter: Did 155 or 156 teachers actually receive laptops in Sissala East? I strongly suspect that teachers who received the laptops may never be up to that number. If even they are up to the number I doubt if the beneficiaries were all trained? In consequence, I pray the District Director of Education (DDE) to set the records straight by publishing the names of the beneficiaries as against those who were trained. The report I’m to submit to the NATIONAL HEAD OFFICE of the BETTER GHANA AGENDA on the laptop raises this same allegation.

The ICT Coordinator’s CLAIM that TWO or THREE laptops are faulty is suspicious because Mr Prosper stated categorically that all faulty laptops were to be returned to their office immediately. So ask why Mr Abu is still keeping them. And only he Mr Abu knows. I therefore call on the DDE to investigate this problem.

Second Arising Matter: The ICT Coordinator CLAIMS to have taken twenty Ghana cedis (GH ¢ 20) from each teacher who received his or her laptop. Asked why he collected the money and he CLAIMS for his services rendered and that it is a nationwide issue and that teachers were informed beforehand. But what are his services? Just installing software packages ranging from Microsoft (MS) Office to some few antiviruses. Some of the beneficiaries who spoke to me argue that the anti-virus had never worked since the installation. I leave this to Allah to judge! He further CLAIMS that some districts even charged the beneficiary teachers far more than that which he has charged. Which districts are those if I may humbly ask? CONTRASTINGLY, the Regional Representative Mr Proper said teachers are suppose to send their laptops to wherever they think is appropriate for them to do the installation.

From the above, two litigious issues are born. (1) Where did Mr Abu get the mandate and/or backing to have extracted this money from teachers who hitherto were struggling to have their loan forms and salary adjustment documents signed? (2) Whilst Mr Abu CLAIMS to have collected GH¢20.00 per teacher, some teachers who spoke to me on condition of anonymity said they were not informed about any charges except at the point of collection where the Coordinator asked for GH¢ 20.00. There are more issues!

This and many other payless write-ups are to the benefit of SISSALA LANDS and SISSALA PEOPLE. As human anytime my source misleads me I will be quick to admit it but posterity will judge all my write-ups and I am more than convince that something good will always come out of any of my write ups.

The author Mr Prince Justice Ali sentimentally advocates for development and positive change. Cell: 0204803328.

Columnist: Ali, Prince Justice