May God choose the best for NPP

Sat, 30 Sep 2017 Source: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa

I must be frank, Nana Boakye (Nana B) is very strategic, he has really stretched his lead in the political campaign strategies.

I'm really impressed by how he is going about his campaign with his latest being his collaboration through a walk with the "So Far So Good Alliance" to show appreciation to President Nana Addo for his good works for Ghana in just ten (10) months, of which they have started from the Greater Accra region, I learnt from one of the group's write-up that their next stop will be the Ashanti Region.

I don't want to hasten with an open support for any of the candidates now though, in fact, I want to restrain myself from joining these internal elections, but from an analytical observation, I'm itching seriously from trying to restrain myself from saying "he has proven to be the most strategic and innovative so far among the contenders" ever since they all started campaign, an exact quality a National Youth Organiser needs to possess to help keep the youth wing strong, vibrant and increasing it in numbers.

He has mostly left his contenders very confused on which next strategy he is likely to use, and also getting them to gasp for air in their desperation to attempt to catch up with the pace of his political campaign strategies' marathon.

It is early days though, so more surprises can spring up as the days goes by, and so, it can be a win for any of them.

In fact, I will be seriously monitoring, analyzing and pushing my findings as the time goes by.

May God choose the best for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), at least for the sake of the party's success in the subsequent elections, since the basis for winning an election relies mostly on the youth in a country since they form the majority plus they are the most energetic of the population of a country, so a first step for any party to win an election devoid of all other illegitimate factors is a snatch of most of the youth of the country to its side.

May the best win.

Columnist: Nana Kwadwo Akwaa