May Ken Kuranchie Perish With His Bad Omen

Thu, 5 Sep 2013 Source: Blankson, Nana Kow

By Nana Kow Blankson

September 3, 2013

Ken Kuranchie, the convicted Managing Editor of the struggling Daily Searchlight newspaper, went to jail for 10 days due to his buffoonery and contemptuous statement, thinking that if Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Co had won the 2012 election petition case which was determined last week by the Supreme Court (SC) he would have been handsomely compensated.

But that was not meant to be, as the nine Justices dismissed all the six sham allegations levelled by Nana Akufo-Addo and his co-conspirators, leading Ken Kuranchie in a state of shock, disillusionment, sadness, emptiness and extreme anger.

Can you believe that Ken Kuranchie’s anger has zoomed so high that he has gone on air to invoke curses on Ghanaians? To this terrible character who goes by the name Ken Kuranchie, Ghana is doomed under the leadership of President John Mahama because the President is taking “unholy steps” to govern the country.

Ex-convict Kuranchie, whose pocket is bound to dry out in the next three and half years because his New Patriotic Party lost out in the 2012 Election, got the nerve to state that in the next three years (3), people in Ghana are bound to suffer.

Listen to the stupid and gibberish talk by Ken Kuranchie, “Now that President Mahama has been declared a “validly elected” Head of State, the next step is to make the nation silent because the money from the oil find is available. They will buy everybody, TUC, Media, they buy as much as they can and turn them into their cronies. Those we cannot purchase, we will terrorize them. If we are not able to terrorize you, then, you will be killed. In the next three (3) years, people will indeed suffer in this country. Mark my words and write it down somewhere.”

Those are the evil words of this disgruntled evil man. Because Kuranchie’s party did not come to power, he is invoking curses of suffering on all Ghanaians. God in His own infinite wisdom will never allow such an evil thought to come to pass.

Ken Kuranchie, who has the same mind set as members of his NPP, again stated that the culture of tolerance in the country will be undermined by President Mahama’s government and this will lead the country to experience the greatest hardships under his leadership.

He enumerated that Ghanaians will suffer, “because the steps that John Dramani Mahama has decided to take in his quest to hold on to power, they are unholy steps…We are in deep trouble as a nation. And the problem is the oil that sits offshore.”

Look at this good-for-nothing ex-convict licking his wounds because his NPP folks are not managing the country’s oilfields. Can you imagine what will happen if the NPP thieves are managing the country’s oil? Ghana will not suffer! Ghanaians are not in any deep trouble!

Those who think evil about their friends will never find favour in the sight of God. Ghana will move forward, because the country is not the entity of some few individuals. Kuranchie is not God, therefore, whatever curses that he is invoking on Ghana will land at his doorsteps. It is about time we take on these NPP folks.

I learnt that when Ken Kuranchie was released from jail he went to the Ebenezer Methodist Church at Akweteman in Accra to thank God. Perhaps at the church Kuranchie met the minister, friends and family members who wished him well. But it is this same people that Kuranchie is today invoking curses of suffering on. Can you image the evil mind of a wavering wafer like Ken Kuranchie? God should have mercy on this guy.

But I want to warn Ken Kuranchie that no one apart from him and his evil machinations will suffer. May he perish with his bad omen on Ghana!


Columnist: Blankson, Nana Kow