Media cabal at the University of Education, Winneba

Uew Front Entrance of University of Education, Winneba

Fri, 3 Nov 2017 Source: Victor K. Owusu

It is very disheartening that the media houses (TV3, Citi FM and its online portal, Joy FM, Ghanaweb, etc.) who are expected to report everything happening in the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) impasse decided to sell their conscience to Alex Afenyo Markin and co, the people behind the current mess in the University.

Since May 22, 2017 when the case was in the Winneba High Court, no media house has ever reported the real issues on the ground at UEW but are quick to report on false information given by heartless characters.

On Tuesday, 31/10/2017 and Wednesday, 01/11/17, some media houses reported that the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the University and five others were detained by the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) without cross-checking their facts. It is a blatant useless reportage. The VC and the five others were not detained. How can some journalists be so mischievous? I am now beginning to believe the media cabal claimed by Former President John Mahama.

Thanks to the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) for bringing out the truth swiftly on the media claim.

To EOCO, don't be used by Alex Afenyo Markin, Prof. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah, Rev. Fr. Prof. Anthony Afful-Broni and co to cause mayhem in UEW.

No wonder, Alex Afenyo Markin is seriously sick. I wish him speedy recovery. The Bible says pray for your enemies and wish them well.

In all the brouhaha in UEW, why is Afful-Broni always left out as if he is not part of management? Since when did UEW council realise that they have to arrogate to themselves the power to find facts pertaining to malfeasance and corruption. I learnt that the council formed a so-called committee to do some witch hunting. I suppose this is a field of speciality for the council chairman and the Pro VC.

I learnt the committee came back last week to ask for an extension and they were given 2 weeks but before one could say jack, the council chair called for an emergency meeting on 31/10/2017 to discuss the committee's interim report which was not even made available for council members to peruse.

From the so-called interim report in front of the council chair alone, he claimed that some files were missing and a motion was moved for voting on “VC (who has stepped aside since July 14, 2017), FO (who has stepped aside since July 14, 2017) and four(4) others to step aside” and the voting was 8-4 in favour of asking the officers to step aside. On 30/10/2017, the Ag. VC had to meet the student leadership and convinced them to vote on the “asking some officers to step aside” issue.

The content of one of the letters to an affected officer is “Following alleged financial and procurement irregularities, among other things, levelled against the University by one Mr. Supi Kofi Kwayera at the Winneba High Court, the Governing Council of the University, at its meeting on 5th September, 2017, set up a Fact Finding Committee to go into the matter to establish the facts in an attempt to abreast itself with information relating to the issues and also to prepare for its defence against eventualities.

Besides, the EOCO and the BNI are also conducting investigations into the matter. Whilst the above-mentioned investigations are in progress, the council has been informed of alleged removal of vital documents from files at some offices that are at the centre of the investigations at dead night.

Thus, at its meeting held on 31st October 2017, to discuss the interim report of the Fact-Finding Committee, the Governing Council decided that to enable the Committee, EOCO, and BNI to do a thorough work without being impeded, undermined, compromised, and or shipwrecked, with immediate effect, you and the following officers should step aside while the investigations are ongoing: The above is communicated for your information and compliance.”

Then in another letter titled “STEPPING ASIDE OF SIX (6) OFFICIAL AT UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION, WINNEBA, at a paragraph, it reads “…Consequently, the Acting Vice-Chancellor has set up a Committee which is currently investigating this serious allegation. Also, interim report from the Governing Council’s Fact-Finding Committee raises extremely worrying concerns”.

The letters were typed before the council chairman called for the emergency meeting. If this is not witch hunting, then what can it be. The council chair has been committing administrative errors since the time he assumed office.

If one looks at the letter to the officers asked to step aside, the person will notice that it was the Registrar’s letterhead which council chair signed. The UEW council chair is abusing his administrative powers.

The Pro VC cum Ag. VC and Council Chair have been ordered by Alex to cook up the missing documents story. Alex always blackmails the 2 failed professors because he helped them get to where they are now and for that matter they are being controlled by him.

Files (Documents) missing is a cock and bull story. Which offices are documents missing from? VC and FO have not been in office since July 14, 2017 so how can they have access to documents? So, is the council chair saying that as for the Pro VC, he cannot orchestrate the removal of the said files or documents and must also step aside?

Is the file not from a particular office or offices? Let us assume that it is missing from DFO's office. Why should the development officer be asked to step aside? Is the council's decision not contempt of the Supreme Court? All these gymnastics is to make sure that Afful-Broni holds on to power.

Once again, Ag. VC is at post, a file is missing, then UEW Council is claiming the VC and the FO who have only been in office since July 14, 2017 have some knowledge of it. The UEW council should go and tell that to the marines. Can’t the Ag. VC and the Council chair be asked of the whereabouts of the files (documents)? Once again, I believe strongly that it is a set up by the Ag. VC to still hold onto power. My question: How many times must VC and FO step aside?

I am reliably informed that Alex Afenyo Markin realising that the ruling of the Supreme Court that comes off next week Wednesday, 8/11/2018 on a certiorari application may not be favourable so he must order the UEW council chair and the Ag. VC to cook-up a story.

When the Winneba high court fixed 28/11/2017 to rule on the application brought against UEW, didn't the council know that they can take action? Now, the Supreme Court has fixed 8/11/2017 and the council chair now realises that some officers have to step aside. If council chair, Ag. VC, Alex Afenyo Markin, etc. think that the UEW impasse is not affecting work output then they should go back and consult their voodoo.

I just heard from Citi FM that the lawyer for Supi Kofi Kwayera who has never appeared to defend him in court has withdrawn unconditionally all the cases brought against UEW. I think all the plans from Alex Afenyo Markin is to make sure the Supreme Court doesn’t rule on the certiorari, but he lie bad.

Media cabal, please, report the real issues on the ground at UEW so that level headed Ghanaian will appreciate your works.

Victor K. Owusu (An Alumnus of UEW)

Columnist: Victor K. Owusu