What if I told you?

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Fri, 12 Feb 2021 Source: Benjamin Shi

What if I told you….?

That I love you

Will I have to build a staircase with words?

And a lane with rhymes to pave way for you to tell me same?

Will you require I make a name and keep the fame?

My face beams in smiles waiting to hear you say you feel same

What if I told you….?

That you mean the world to me

Will you ask me to rewrite my life’s script?

And play according to its skit?

The truth is the only star I see in the skies

is yours shining so bright

What if I told you…?

That I meant it

Will you ask me to educate my desires?

And refresh my memories?

That seems impossible

For you remain a picture in my reasoning

Bridging my present with my future

What if I told you…?

That I have found where I belong

And that I belong in you

Will you ask me not to come along?

Well I want to draw you closer that I may be home.

What if I told you…?

That I’m running into your arms

Will you be to me no harm?

Oops! Forget it and…

Give me a hug and keep me warm.

What if I told you…?

That your name keeps me going

And that your whispers stills my soul

Your company gives me hope of better ages

Your believe drives me with courage

A courage to tell you I love you.

Columnist: Benjamin Shi