Menacing electoral missteps

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Tue, 1 Mar 2016 Source: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh

If there are some natural gifts that I am lucky to be endowed with, one is sensing danger.

Something (intuitive sixth sense) told me a forty-something someone of the motherland, not born of the motherland, is trouble for the motherland’s electoral process. My fears deepened when signs of thinking she knows when she doesn’t began to surface. It’s a scary premonition.

After hurling whatever insults she could at my compatriots for daring to process against her adamant attitude towards a new voter register, she went on to blame a compatriot for allowing himself to be shot and have one eye destroyed in what everyone is saying is a peaceful country.

She called the protest ‘making noise,’ echoing the congress despicable song. So our version of peace is shooting people in the eye during unarmed and orderly procession.

Then she carelessly went about in prosecution of the Ashanti project to lie that the region had 200,000 double-registered names on the electoral roll. She did not know and wouldn’t want to learn because she thinks she knows everything she doesn’t know. Compare 200,000 to an actual 17,000 figure. That is what her appointer and cronies have been doing anyway; inflating contracts they award that many times so they can share the excess money.

An election steering committee of what else but congresspeople she assembled. If she wasn’t pretending not to know, and if she isn’t setting up an election stealing machine, she would have been aware that virtually all the people she assembled were congresspeople. I cannot understand how she could independently have thought out that plan and went ahead to implement it the way she did if she wasn’t playing mischief.

And now that she has been exposed, there is no remorse let alone apology to the good people of the motherland. One determined to be an impartial referee wouldn’t have hidden the plan from the interested political parties. She could have requested nominations from them in addition to her so-called institutional representation.

Before she tries any such surreptitious move again, she should take my advice that institutional representation would be the worst approach because the entire public institutional structures are infested with congressism. Congress has ensured that the top shall be congress or the next will be the congress. In many cases, both are. Just like she was before she came to the EC, she should know it is like that everywhere.

She should know if she doesn’t know or is pretending not to know, my compatriots with analytical minds all know. Congresspeople themselves know what they have done. Let all those who doubt publish the list of all appointments in all public institutions and I will show whoever dares the congress elements. Congresspeople live by state largesse.

From December 31, 1981, it has been congress debauched bastardisation of state institutions; infesting every institution they created with their decrees (sarcastically called ‘laws’) and within the constitution with their own people to perpetrate incompetence and thievery. She appears busy cooking underhand election cheating tactics.

If you think I am joking that a shrew should be tamed, don’t tame her. Just don’t tell me when she destroys your motherland and runs away. For someone said to be a mother to mock a compatriot who has lost an eye because he was protesting against the outfit she heads, she is danger, a real danger.

Goofing and blundering have turned a massive flip-flop.

I have heard every political party rep at that IPAC meeting say the so-called steering committee is suspended. She said nothing at first which meant all agreed it was suspended. Now she says it is not suspended. So what? She should keep pushing the motherland towards the brink.

Let all my compatriots sit by and watch her as she continues the pied piper of Hamelin deceit, making gullible compatriots believe she’s trying to be innovative.

The only novelty I can think of is trying to find another way of recovering election thieving tactics that have been exposed by the Supreme Court election petition hearings. Transposition of figures just happened with NCA and she herself only a few weeks ago transposed Ashanti double registration figures.

If you heard someone lament a tragic over 60 deaths at one spot per a bus, tell him the priority is painting his picture on the bus.

Tell him someone or some people under his nose stole millions of cedis that could have been used to maintain that bus and prevent the accident. Part of that money was used to paint his picture on the bus. If you go about using oil money to paint your picture on a bus instead of maintaining it, you become an architect of over 60 deaths resulting from a poorly maintained bus. You can’t expect anything better.

Columnist: Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh