Menndacious in the name of God

Mon, 8 Jul 2013 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

After the late president John Evans Atta Mill failed to be president in the 2000 and 2004 elections respectively, the late professor re-strategized his campaign policy with demagogic phrases of using the name of God to justify to the good people of Ghana that he was the best to take us to the Promised Land prior the 2008 election. In fact the late professor did be hind the so called humility and his glaring ‘timidity’ to deceive undiscerning Ghanaians that Ghana will be better off under his presidency if given the mandate. With all due to my country men and women we are so mediocre so much so that many of us even though, fail to distinguish between competence and the so called “Godliness” of human conceptualization.

When the late president Mill got the mandate of Ghanaians after the 2008 elections and the going got tough for him after reality check, he demagogically invoked the name God to cover for his incompetence by declaring his intention to make the seat of government the castle a prayer camp just to attract the sympathy of some undiscerning and unrealistic Ghanaians.

He went further on to state that, “God is the president of Ghana’’ in order that his incompetence and visionless leadership would be blamed the “God” of human conceptualization not his team B squad.

What baffled me the most was that the utterances and actions his “prayer warriors” at the “prayer camp” the castle contradict the principle of “Godliness” for the late president saw and heard no evil when the then director of communication at the “prayer camp” (the president and his Excellency Koku Anyidoho shamelessly stated that: he hate former president Kuffour for no logical reasons. And even worse the director of the castle, his blood to prevent Non-gas register at the odododiodio constituency despite the fact the late president professor postulated about his “God” fearing nature,his protégés such as Ofosu Kwarkye, Okudjeto Ablakwa, James Agyenim Boateng, Out Korno, Alhaji Halidu, Hanna, Kobby Acheapong and the mendacious Alahji Mohammed etc, subjected the Good people of Ghana to an unprecedented insults, falsification and distortion to promote the interest of the God fearing Atta Mil.

After the mysterious demise of the late president Mills, his then vice president who inherited his tenure, whimsically and capriciously emulated his self righteous and sanctimonious postulation by commenting that the “God” of human conceptualization, emphasis mine “has shifted the mantle of power from the old generation to the new generation “, perhaps God Killed Atta Mills to create a paradigm shift from the gargantuan and dubious judgment debt to the gargantuan reckless and unaccounted budget deficit. I can’t figure a word to describe the most high, they called “God”! I can take the unique, most puritan and glittering concept from the deeper treasure-chamber of positive and can dour thinkers, but it will only be an unbinding creation of thought. I can’t capture the omnipotent and the omnipresence of the “God” whom the generations of mortals have honored and generation with their awesome living and dying. I do mean the “God’’ whom the heaven storming and the hell-tormented generations of men and women mean. He is the compassionate and the merciful but we should desist from talking advantage of his mercies when his ax falls, it even affects the innocent.




Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali