Messrs ‘Gyae ma no nka’, ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co have ....

Mon, 14 Jan 2013 Source: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

....Misled Afari Djan & Co into Constitutional Transgression

‘If you are not satisfied you can go to Court’ was the arrogant and pompus statement made by Kwadwo Afari Djan when he declined a request to revisit the election results from the constituencies in order to amend anomalies that had been uncovered before deciding to declare and announce winner of the 2012 Presidential elections. This same statement had eralier been made by a so-called Peace Council’ composed of oviform lupine hipocrites. Winner of the Presidential elections was a done deal long before even voters went from their homes and queued to cast their votes whereby their toils were frowned on and scorned as mere formality in the eyes of Afari Djan & Co of the Electoral Commission.

Naked robbery of the peoples’ mandate had come into play as the trust and integrity of the would-be trusted refrees had sunk into extreme venality for personal and parochial gains. Who and what factors would cause any person/group of persons/institution that is supposed to command, instil and enforce trust to lose the necessary and relevant will-power be so compromised, has today been identified to be in the ‘personalities’ of Messrs ‘Gyae ma nonka’, ‘Fa ma Nyame’, ‘Enye hwee’ wait for another occasion etc, a genre of ubiquitous self-styled moral and ethical advocates that have established their strongly adhered-to influential and readily applicable cultural institutions across Ghana, an institution that always persistently militates against justice but seemingly appeal to justice yet oblivious to the fact that Peace and Justice are didymous inseparables whereby Justice as the eldest carries along Peace with it everywhere but not vice-versa.

The above-named ‘personalities’ have lived in Ghana with premordial origin, have plagued society with a culture of counter-productive and timid mentality in the guise of ‘the fear of God’. These ‘personalities’ take on the image of orant religiosity without the least commitment to being religious and God fearing when dealing with their victim customers. They would always stand firm behind cheats and scoundels and promote a continuum of criminal negligence, recklessness and carelessness with their full support and encouragement because they have the skill to advice innocent and hapless victims to forgive and live for another day without prescribing any form of remedy or compensation. These ‘advocates’ capriciously hide behind potentially venal institutions and high-ranking personalities who act as their shameless prolocutors. Whenever criminals of any sort commit or intend to commit any infrngement in Ghana, bandits would lift up their eyes to either of the ‘golden’ images of these mischievous ‘Messrs’ for the relevant courage and aspiration, whence the offence procedes with the hope that the intervening interference of ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co would prevail. There is no wonder Afari Djan & Co have fallen prey to the attractive uncannies of Messrs ‘Gyae ma no nka’. In his responding affidavit to the Supreme Court he admits fundamental errors in his constitutionally mandated duties and responsibilities that can cost him a lot.

There are countless occasions on which Afari Djan & Co have, having appealed to Messrs ‘Enye hwee’ & Co, have won the day and escaped punition because these Messrs have been over-influential whenever such heinous constitutional crimes have been committed spanning twenty years of Electoral Commission avtivities in Ghana but this time they have met their match. Afari Djan & Co are about to be trapped and nipped as they find themselves trapped in a cul-de-sac with no escape route whiles their angry seekers have closed in on them. One very bad news is that, ‘Fama Nyame’ has brought a strong message expressing God’s extreme anger, saying that God has had more than enough of man’s wilful rubbish of commissions and ommissions in His warehouse so cannot accept any more of the ‘Fa ma Nyame’ nonsense on this occasion.

On 28th December 2012, as soon as a petition was announced to have been filed in the Supreme Court by a group that I have personally dubbed as Messrs ‘Nkwaseabuo nye & Nokware nna adi’ & Co, this ‘Fa ma Nyame’ and his cohorts have since suffered a serious cardiac arrest. Their adherents feel itchy and restless as if they have been sprayed with pruritus. The bold and fearless ‘Nkwaseabuo nye & Nokware nna adi’ & Co. trio and their supporters, working hand-in-hand with Messrs ‘Gyaesaayo’, a Themis incarnate, an upright equanimous socio-moral, ethical and legal Advocacy Consultancy are waging a politico-social, moral and ethical Velvert Revolution in Ghana’s electoral history, the like of which has never happened anywhere in the world. If successful, and God willing it will, its shells will surely wound, maim and scorge Messrs ‘Fama Nyame’ & Co in their capricious interventionist activities such that their influence will be drastically reduced to mere nominal levels whereby their operations will be few and far between. Its sweet perfumed-breeze will pervade the entire air across Africa and the rest of the world.

Soon after the filing of the petition became a reality and not a farce as earlier presumed, ‘Enye hwee’ has sensed serious forebodings ahead and is retreating and has signaled a plea of ‘Eye hwee enti fa kye me’ whereupon Afari Djan has come to admit vicarious fundamental errors in his affidavit. Gang leader ‘Gyae ma no nka’ is undergoing soterial if not a most probable escathological rebirth and re-christening to be known and called ‘Di nokware’ especially in electoral crimes and malpractices. Upon completion of acceptilation and rechristening, reborn ‘Di nokware’ will successfully apply to join the morally, ethically and legally exhalted chambers of Messrs ‘Gyaesaayo & Co. to herald rectitude in our Ghanaian socio-political and other institutions.

Pride, arrogance, pomposity, impudence with impunity coupled with stinking dirty-handed venality have continued to bedeck the EC institution so much that its members appeared in their own imagination to be sitting above the laws of Ghana, whereupon from their Zarathustrian heights they looked down upon and scorned Ghanaians and all of Ghana’s institutions except those which smoked from the same pipe with them. Strangely, controvertially and hipocritically enough, some of these selfsame institutions have never and would never accede to ‘Fama Nyame’ & Co. under any circumstance when or if ever they were confronted with such situations in which they would instead invoke these one-sided capricious anti-justice deities where others are loser victims. Rather, they would send gangs to physically confront, attack and assault neighbouring community heads and their people with dire, gory and devastating consequences and eventually go to Court even over minor land and boarder disputes. Certain media and communication institutions did not and will definitely not entertain Messrs ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co whenever they are infringed upon as they have been known to have behaved earlier before. Intrinsically the advocates of ‘Fa ma Nyame’ & Co may not be anti-justice as such however when the music is not about them, they may dance heartily with esoteric intricate steps never seen before but if they are directly mentioned or insinuated in the song, they would cower and cringe in silence. ‘Do onto others what you want others to do onto you’ has been an ancient Egyptian Maatian principle fiften millenia ago that has been rephrased and buttressed by the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucious three thousand years ago and also ingeminated by Jesus of Nazareth of the X’tian faith.

Detractors of Ghana’s fearless heroic trio, the determined who are seeking justice for Ghanaians of today and our future generations, must stop pining and moaning because if the ‘kukukuku’ had stopped, the ‘kekekeke’ would have un-noticeably vanished un-pursued. Therefore, kudos to you the fearless and determined. May the grace of the Almighty, the wisdom of the benevolent and beneficient spirits of the universe descend on our Supreme Court Judges for them to have the fortitude and will-power to display a high unprecedented sense of integrity and equanimity in their deliberations and subsequent determinations to save our dear Ghana from injustice!!

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa; (London, UK)

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa