Opinions Sat, 4 Feb 2017

Mickey mouse change in Ghana politics.

The signals are getting clear, the undiluted faith has started getting diluted, the unflinching unity to snatch power has begun to develop cracks. Now it's NPP "wise men" against the NPP die hard supporters, the said youth that according to honorable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong NPP cannot afford to disappoint are on the other side against the so called "redeeming hands" the ministers that the youth were hoping to come and redeem Ghana from the NDC corruptible hands and rule.

Same time some eight years ago, newspapers, radio discussion, Facebook walls, twitters and other social media were "NDC snatched, grabbed, retrieved, arrested cars belonging to the state from the opposition NPP. Now tables have turned and NPP are on the same trail taken from NDC.

But the interesting thing is that, the NDC leadership at the time never whispered a word against its supporters over such act believing that they were in support. But today NPP's minister have taken siege in playing "MR Right" "MR Know laws" "MR Do Things Right" against their own gallant youth who were inflecting curses on whosever intend to compromise the victory of NPP. Has this got anything to do with the allegations that "some of the big wigs in Ghanaian politics are on the payroll of government be it in opposition or in government?".

The wise families have divided themselves into two, one fashion belongs to NPP and other belongs to NPP, so whichever political party in power doesn't affect their booty in government. We want to ask; why must our politicians take us for fools? Why should they always make it feel that they're the only people with wisdom?

The president decided to maintained his residence meant for the state, increased his salary and allowances so that he can live good even in opposition, the minister is stealing to survive in opposition and party executives are grabbing from left to right, yet they preach change in every year.

What in the name of God did hon security minister based his decision to ask for the return of the said state cars? The youth of Ghana in our opinion has been used for this mickey mouse change. We were made to believe that corruption is going to be a thing of the past, but these signals are not what we anticipated for. How can we fight corruption when the perpetrators are roaming on the streets, enjoying what they've stolen from the state?

Scratch my back when in power then I'll scratch yours when you're in opposition. So why should we die for these people who are only but interested in their selfish interests? The earlier the so called NPP's Mr. Do Things Right begin to know eyes are watching and that they should stop serving their stomachs and serve according to their promise the best.


Nana Kwabena Adom


Nana Moses II.


Columnist: Adom, Nana Kwabena