Mills Is A Shameless Opportunist

Thu, 14 Apr 2011 Source: DayBreak


Dela Coffie, the Communications Director of Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings (FONKAR), has hit hard again at President Mills describing him as not a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) nor a genuine politician but a ‘political opportunist and shameless beneficiary of the toils of Goosie Tanoh, Obed Asamoah and Nana Konadu Agyeman – Rawlings’.

He contends that John Mills’ ungratefulness is legendary and the NDC must push him aside and purged the party of all infidels adding that the treachery is enough.

According to him, President Mills has ‘so far divided and polarized the NDC more than he has united it since he became President’ stressing the ‘NDC is not any better than it was in the 1990s’.

He said the President has surrounded himself with ‘intelligent-sounding educated fools’ who will do anything in their power to earn his trust.

Dela, who quiet recently, described the President as nothing but the caricature of a true leader and a horrible man noted: “is President Mills aware that the NDC is dissipating day in day out? Why the blind loyalty to the NDC and the extraordinary allegiance to the CPP? Is President Mills saying he is unaware of the visible criminalities of his policy advisors? And again, is President Mills writing the NDC’s obituary?”

He noted that “since assuming office, some insiders within the Mills government have denigrated the Rawlingses without any reservation. In exercising their constitutional rights, a subset of these political greyhounds who are bereft of substantive ideas on national development have called for the total alienation of the Rawlingses and at the same time projecting Kwame Nkrumah to the high heavens.

“Which party’s mandate brought President Mills to power? Was it the CPP or the NDC? Was it necessary for the government to spend 4million dollars to celebrate Nkrumah’s centenary when indeed the legacy of Jerry John Rawlings is being torn into shred? I seriously wonder if Mills is really running this country or a bunch of sycophants who have his ears are the ones ruling Ghana. What has President Mills done to protect the heritage of his party’s founder? Instead of protecting the ideals on which the NDC was founded he has rather encouraged his appointees and his trusted media contacts to run down the ideals of June 4th”, he stated.

Dela noted further: “is Mills really an NDC or a mole within the NDC? How can you be a Christian and not be Christ like? How possible can somebody claim to be an NDC and not believe in the principles and ideals that gave birth to the party?

“Mills is a traitor. I am willing to put money on that; he is a charismatic traitor. Everything he is doing points to the resurrection of a dying CPP and to the demise of the NDC. In the eyes of many party faithful, President Mills has lost his credit worthiness. I honestly don’t know if I even believe in the honesty of President Mills. And seriously President Mills is beginning to look like the pretender I suspected. Great speeches, but false promises.”

“All of a sudden, groups have emerged in the NDC. These groups comprise people of all sorts; influential, not so influential, praise singers, ego masseurs, mischief makers, liars, plain thieves and yes saboteurs. Some of these people are quick to attack and insult anyone who dares offer constructive criticism of the Mills administration. And they believe in the fallacy that Rawlings is no longer relevant to the NDC. What a crushing ignorance.

“Strangely or perhaps, not so strangely, the presidency appears to have introduced elitism into the ranks of the NDC. What does social democracy mean to President Mills and his advisors? The most dangerous thing for a leader to do is to surround himself with intelligent-sounding educated fools who will do anything in their power to earn his trust. What is the value of a governing concept that promises equitable distribution of resources yet rewards a few cabal and selected party patrons with pillages, while the majority bear the wrinkles of social adversity?”


Columnist: DayBreak