Mills Is Continuing Jerry Rawlings Tribal Politics

Sun, 18 Nov 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The opposition NDC Party presidential candidate John Evans Atta Mills is conducting a house-to-house campaign in the Central Region. He is now preaching on tribal politics by saying “Adze WO Fie Oye”. This has been his current message not to only the people from his native areas, but to the entire nation. That is good for an egocentric politician like Atta Mills and John Jerry Rawlings who have previously used the same ethnic sentiments to destroy our nation. It is still good politics for Mills to continue preaching on tribal lines to win votes from one’s ethnic area

The essence of Mill’s preaching these tribal slogans signifies that NDC party will continue their tribal abhorrence of the political legacy of the party founded by Jerry John Rawlings who has played this ethnic politics against the Akans for his twenty years in office. Now Atta Mills has engaged in this nefarious ethnic political campaign every where he goes in the central region, saying “Adze WO Fie Oye . It is good to be proud of what is yours”. The question is what of the other regions where he is not a native? What is he going to tell them? Don’t vote for me because I am not from your areas? The perception is that Mills dirty laundry has already been largely aired and that is like much in Rawlings messy past of playing ethnic politics. This led to the murders of our nation’s top judges by Rawlings and his tribalistic soliders who carried out his brazenly-violent mission. Atta Mills cannot be a leader for Ghana because this individual does not posses any common sense at all. He is very disgraceful, disrespectful and humiliating to the nation and his murderous NDC party and their members across the entire country. Atta Mills slogans of “Adze WO Fie Oye” are a plain silly ignominious language, which will never get him anywhere. Instead of Mills to insidious preaching, the importance of optimism for his party and the nation’s that there is nothing that we cannot overcome to move the country forward, and build a better nation for the future generation. Mills has resorted to the famous campaign of the slogan on ethnic divisiveness that brought his NDC to power through the (P) NDC era.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the history of our beloved country will establish that it was Atta Mills Boss, Jerry John Rawlings who used ethnicity in his influence to deceive some Northerners in the Ghana armed forces in his December31st night time coup that the Akans in PNP party wanted to overthrow Dr Hilla Lemann’s government. As a result of that they should overthrow Lemann government from power and eradicate all the Akans and later return Lemann back to power. This ethnic politics plays very well to Rawlings advantage to get his way and destroy our nation for us. This was the testimony from the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings right hand man Matthew Adanbuga. Now his Vice President has also engaged in the same faction of preaching ethnicity in Central Region to his advantage that “Adze Wo Fie Oye” as a spokesperson those Ghanaians who do not have any political voice to acknowledge these words from John Evans Atta Mills that he is running for office only in the Central Region but not the entire nation. The country does not need to continue this old ethnic tribal fighting as some of the same fights since their PNDC regime. That makes it very difficult for other ethnic groups to join the country to get things done. This tribal nonsense from the NDC and Atta Mills will never have any place in our political system.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi