Opinions Sat, 25 Sep 2010

Mills’ Master Plan to Replace the P-ndc with the CPP


You have to give it to President J.E.A Mills. I underestimated him. Slowly but surely, he has set the ball rolling to replace the P-ndc with the CPP in the not too distant future.

My underestimation of President Mills is not based on the fact that he came up with this plan. After all, his Godfather, Kwame Nkrumah reinvented the plan, which was loosely based on Napoleon Bonaparte’s template. But I underestimated Mills because I did not think he had the guts to implement it.

A little trip down “History lane” will help jolt your memory. As we all know, the UGCC invited Nkrumah to come and oversee the day to day affairs of the Party. Nkrumah had other plans, however. He bid his time and with the “machinations” of the UGCC usurped the party in his charge and the CPP was born within a few years.

With the aid of hindsight, let us fast forward to 1996. The Chairman of the P-ndc appointed, an Nkrumaist, Professor Atta Mills as his Vice President. With his Godfather’s template in mind, Vice President Mills clearly bid his time, waiting for the right time. The right time came when he was elected as the third President of the fourth Republic and he immediately set the plan rolling.

And this is the “ladder” of the plan; tried and trusted. First, you undermine the authority and vision of your benefactors with lies and non-acknowledgement. In Nkrumah’s case, he accomplished that by lying about and to the citizens of the then Gold Coast that, the UGCC did not want independence. This distasteful lie undermined the authority of the UGCC and thus served as a death blow to its clearly defined plans and ambitions.

Fast forward to 2008, Mills, as soon as he assumed office, sought to undermine the authority of the Chairman of the P-ndc by ordering all public servants and members of his government from attending the June 4 celebrations; an event he has acknowledged without fail in the past. The next step in the plan was to declare a day as “Founder’s day” in honor of his mentor, the Grandfather of African dictatorship; an honor that Mills’ benefactor, the Chairman, himself did not deem it worthy of his fellow dictator otherwise he would have instituted the “Day” himself.

While the plan continues to unfold, the Chairman has been reduced to a mere bystander, a mere spectator, from “Prince to a Pauper” in the very party he has founded with his “sweat and blood”. Amidst this all, the sorriest figure is the Chairman himself. For as we all know that, there is no greater pain, no deeper and unkind “cut” in the lives of men than ungratefulness. In fact, there is no pain comparable to the ungratefulness that President Mills, with his perpetual smile, continues to show the Chairman, a man he plucked from obscurity. Nor is there any pain unbearable as what the Chairman is experiencing as he looks on powerless while his “darling”, the P-ndc, is dying a slow death ; to the point that a tear has just rolled than my cheek as I write, in spite of…..

No wonder there is so much anger in the Chairman’s camp. No wonder he is doing everything in his power to replace President Mills with the “the Chairwoman” of the 31st December Women Movement or to sabotage Mills’ chances for 2012; for the Chairman knows that the plan’s fulfillment depends on time and “time” is a second term for Mills. For if he allows the plan to run to its ultimate conclusion, in less than a generation, the P-ndc and its chairman would be reduced to the level that the CPP currently finds itself. And so far the plan is working like clockwork.

But would the P-ndc even survive at all if Mills gets his way? I don’t think so. Unlike the UGCC which allied itself with more formidable parties like the National Liberation Movement, the Northern People’s Party and the Togolese Congress to form the United Party, which current parties would the P-ndc ally itself with when the “deal” is finally done; the Democratic Freedom Party, the United Renaissance Party or the newly formed RDPP? You be the judge.

Meanwhile, I salute President J.E.A Mills for his “courage” and guts. It seems Ghana would finally be rid of the cancer called the P-ndc although its eventual replacement, the CPP would not be any better. Akwasi.A Afrifa Akoto.

Columnist: Afrifa, Akwasi