Mills/NDC Cheating, Forgery, Fraudulent And Deceiving Records

Mon, 16 Jan 2012 Source: Yawose, John

NDC/Mills CHEATING, FRAUDULENT and DECEIVING records in 2011 are

shocking!!!The instances are many and bizarre ;

a. President ‘I’m not

dead’ Mills was accused of having received a mansion gift from a developer,

REGIMANUEL. Koku Anyidoho, talking to the press admitted that it was a token

mansion gift from REGIMANUEL. Few days later, the President Office released

letters between the Presidency and REGIMANUEL seeking to regularise the

transaction and remove the ‘gift’ concept from the minds of the people.

Critical observations revealed that the President’s letter was signed on a date

the President was on a campaign trail in Brong Ahafo region. At the same time,

the date the MD of REGIMANUEL was alleged to have signed his letters, he was

outside the country. These were not letters on an emergency issue and it was

difficult not to conclude that the letters were manufactured or forged to hide

the facts about Mills’ token REGIMANUEL mansion. Is this letter forging?

b. Joe Gidisu, Minister of Roads and highways forged

Ghana Highways official letters to cover the $190,000 bribe car he took from

the Chinese Contractor working on the Achimota to Apenkwa road. He is a greedy bastard

c. Alfred Thief Woyome

forged letters and misrepresented the issues to obtain false judgement debt of

$42m. He is a fraudster.

d. NDC are forging

letters and documents on their Adabraka Headquarters, Oyibi and Oyarifa lands.

They are deceivers. Observers know that NDC at first, tried to get Woyome to claim

ownership of the facilities: then at that material time, the lid on the infamous

Woyomegate blew and the scheme was

frustrated. They are still looking for ways to cover their gargantuan deals.

e. President ‘ I fear

the Ashantis’ Mills and his cohorts forged old photos to prove that he was in

USA to meet investors in 2011 yuletide. In the photograph they published in the

Daily Graphic to confirm the meeting in New York between President ‘I fear the

Ashantis’ Mills and the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Mills was wearing

same the suit, shirt and tie and Moon was also wearing the same suit, shirt and

tie when they met in Accra in May 2010 during the Ivory Coast crisis.

How funny! How ridiculous! To think about the coincidence that

Mills and Moon must be wearing the same suits, shirts and ties at separate

meetings in Accra and New York at different times. Mills/NDC forgery schemes at

work indeed.

f. In the same way they

forged old stories and pictures about $18m loan obtained in September 2011 to

let it appear Mills rather succeeded to get the loan in December 2011 yuletide to

give some meaning to his mysterious holiday run-around in America.

g. NDC/Mills together

with the Auditor General are now forging documents on the Woyome brazen fraud

involving several million cedis of the tax payers .

When Woyomegate first broke out in December 2011, courtesy Hon

Ken Agyapong, Woyome was accused of defrauding the Government of Ghana and had

wrongly been paid 58m cedis in 2010. WOYOME HIMSELF ADMITTED RECEIVING THE AMOUNT


supporters, including Achina Brentuo and Alex Segbefia launched spirited

but fruitless counter arguments in the papers, radio and television to prove Woyome was

entitled to the huge payments of ¢58m. Brentuo even sent the

documents to EOCO and requested for investigations rather into Kufuor

government who he claimed caused the liability.

The heat on the scandal has clearly become too much for

Mills/NDC to bear.

So NDC/Mills together with the Auditor General have started implementing the

dangerous irregularity of forging

documents to show the Fraudster Woyome was not actually paid ¢58m in 2010

but rather was paid ¢17m — in the

face of the fact that Woyome himself has admitted receiving ¢58m. Indications

are that, they are also engaged in schemes to cover up other payments including

the 2011 additional payments of ¢37m still to Woyome.

Somebody must tell Mills, NDC, the Auditor General ,Government Officials, EOCO ,Bank

Officials etc who are engaging themselves in this grave impropriety and forgery,

to cover up the gargantuan Woyome unprecedented deal that, they will all fall into


historical, political, social and legal ditches sooner or later. A word to the

wise is enough!!!!

Posterity will however, honour the current Minister of Justice, Hon. Martin Amidu

for his principled stand. More grease to your elbows, Martin. You have not disgraced

Christianity and Christianity will never disgrace you.

However, Verily, verily I say unto

you --- NDC/Mills CHEATING, FRAUDULENT, FORGERY and DECEIVING records in 2011 are

shockingand that these vicious and demonic Mills/NDC gangsters will be confronted

with the wrath of GOD, the

people and justice - come 2012 and beyond

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John