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Mills, Pick Up The Phone, Koku Is Calling

President Mills, Pick Up The Phone, Koku Is Calling And It's An Emergency

"I Still Call Professor Mills' Phone Hoping He Will Answer My Call - Koku Anyidoho

The Director of Communications at the Presidency Mr. Koku Anyidoho has revealed that as at yesterday 3rd September, 2012, he called the mobile number of the late President Mills, hoping that he(President Mills) would pick up to say a word to him. Mr. Anyidoho, who is known to be a close associate of the late president, hinted that he sometimes wakes up having a feeling he would meet his former boss.

Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe/ Peacefmonline.com"

Is Koku Anyidoho losing it? What is Koku calling President Mills about? Having lost the influence he used to wield in the Mills Presidency in Mahama's administration, Is Koku trying to reach President Mills at his ethereal home to intercede on his behalf by talking to President Mahama or is this a case of President Mills haunting Koku Anyidoho for having gulled Ghanaians in his name? Is President Mills at his celestial realm exacting revenge on those who contributed to the soiling of his image during his Presidency haven taken decisions in his name? Koku might be the first but he will not be the last. The line is a long one including the Ahwois, Segbefia, Tsikata, Tony Aidoo, the rotten teeth communication team babies and Kofi Awonoor who made appointments in the name of the President at his blind side.

This is really getting surreal. We have had Ministers in ex President Mills government writing letters to him in heaven, how blessed are these NDC folks who have made insults into an art to have heaven address and phone numbers whilst some of us who have been paying our tithes and collections religeously every sunday for decades have been starved for getting the address and phone numbers to heaven without success, how sad. How did the NDC honchos get the picture of ex President Mills ascending to heaven? Has religion been an opium of deceit by these NDC non performers to deceive Ghanaians to hang on to power? Is NDC playing on our faith by using Mills coronated Sainthood with their cacologies? Blasphemy is a sin in Christian religion but the sharp baby teeths and rotten planks in NDC have been adumbrating Ghanaians about how Mills stopped flooding somewhere in Eastern region. These NDC sharp baby teeths and rotten planks will not have ataraxia until they stop their blasphemous malarkey. They cannot continue to mock God just to hang on to political power.Calling somebody who has been dead for almost two months when you are not even a family member is very strange. Koku, when was the last time you saw a Psychiatrist? Schedule an appointment, you ought to see one immediately.

President Mills soul needs a peaceful rest in eternity. He was abused by these sharp teeth rotten planks when he was alive. His sudden mysterious death, Ghanaians having been promised by Mills himself and his Aides that, he was as strong as a fiddle came as a thundering bolt to Ghanaians and it is about time his abusers leave his soul to rest in peace or the ghost of Mills will haunt them till they all disrobe in public for having sent him to his death prematurely. Leave President Mills soul to rest in peace. You milked and sucked his blood like leeches and vermins until there was no blood in him to sustain live, he is dead and still you people are trying to profit from his death with bizzare cacophonic mutterings. LEAVE THE SOUL OF PRESIDENT MILLS TO REST IN PEACE, HABA? Stop calling him, he is is a Preacher in heaven and don't want anything to do with you NDC Earthlings.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

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