Mills Revelation To Obama

Sun, 6 May 2012 Source: Yawose, John

Dear Obama,

I am truly happy to give you this message.

You know I am humble and I don’t owe anybody any apology for turning the Castle into a prayer camp. Also I don’t owe any apology to anybody for not occupying the Jubilee House. The fact is, I am a liar and a cheat and I have managed to convince Ghanaians thro’ my willing Fante Security Adviser Brig. Nunoo Mensa that the Location of the Jubilee House poses a security threat. That way, my jealousy and spite of Kufuor and anything NPP, which are the real reasons for not occupying the House will be cemented but hidden from the people. I have to point out, I FEAR THE ASHANTIS so I will do everything to disgrace and shun them. So far, I have tried to keep at arm’s length any discernible Ashanti from my Inner Cabinet or Corridors of Central Power, the Military Hierarchy, the Police, Immigration, Civil Service, Managing Directors of Parastatals, Chief Directors, Heads of Government institutions and any juicy appointment of some influence.

In my own ruling party NDC, we have worked it out that no Ashanti has any weighty Executive post. The strategy is to occasionally sprinkle out one or two peripheral appointments to an Ashanti, to bamboozle the people and let it appear that I AM FATHER OF ALL- it is a catchy slogan which has strategically worked for me. For instance, we all know that Accra-Kumasi road is the most important road in Ghana. Parts of the road take as many as 15,000 to 20,000 cars a day. But because Kufuor had the vision to dualise the road and actually continued its implementation, I have deliberately downplayed its importance to as usual spite Kufuor and NPP.

After all, the road leads to Kumasi and Ashantis should suffer for their TOO KNOWN attitude. Never mind that Sunyani, Wa, Techiman, Tamale people use that road. The real targets of the wicked scheme are the Ashantis. As a result, the continued negligence of Nsawam-Suhum Road, a vital section of the target road will continue to feature in our manouverings so that motorists suffer. We could have used GOG monies to continue the project but then, I am interested in rather putting the GOG monies to construct Volta Region roads, like Sogakope- Adidome-Ho Road, Ho-Dzolopkita- Fume- Vane Road, Kpandu –Worawora –Road, Ho- Nyive etc. Never mind that all these roads together take not more than 2,000 cars a day. Although you will call it LOPSIDED ETHNOCENTRIC VOODOO DEVELOPMENT, it is still good to satisfy Volta Region which is my second home, and whose aspirations, I will continue to pursue as firstly revealed by Kofi Awoonor, the Chairman of Council of State that- Ashantis must be kept away from Ghana Central power to prop up EWE hegemony and confirmed by Fiifi Kwetey, that being an Ashanti is a baggage and that no Ashanti should be voted to Central Power again . I shall pause here and give you the 2nd and 3rd portions of this letter soon, whereby issues about the elections and African governance will be addressed. Thank you for your attention


President “I FEAR THE ASHANTIS” Mills


Columnist: Yawose, John