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Mills Set Duncan Williams And Mensah Otabil Against Each Other!!

Mills seem to be building an unprecedented record of pioneering division among once united groups in his term of presidency. From within his own party, through Ghanaians of different party affiliations and lately, the church. His recent efforts is flaming an anger between the The Action Faith Chapel and the International Central Gospel Church and their respective leaders.

When the internal wrangling within the NDC shot up it's ugly head, one thought it was just an issue of misunderstanding and mere disatisfaction. But reports which later surface showed a strategic attempt by His excellency to throw papa J out of the party as reported by Wikkileaks. A big gap has since then been created between the ones Hon Alban Bagbin called "butt lickers" and the die hard supporters of the man said to have been called "the barking dog" by the secretary general.

The signs of these divisions were availed within six months of Prof Mills rule. Three years down the line the trench dug between the two factions in the party has widened beyond expectation. So has antagonism between Ghanaians of different party background deepened. The verbal assaults on both our air and print media attest to this.

As Ras Mubarack once said; "Pres Mills will pass as the president to have divided the party and country than any other.". Ras Mubarak said this will be the only achievement of president Mills. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu, the minority leader in parliament also said he has never heard a diversionary message from a leader of a nation like what Pres Mills delivered in January 2010 state of the nation's address.

The good treatment of others at the expense of others cannot be listed. The desertion of citizens who needed justice because they were perceived to belong here or there is everywhere. How people were hauled out of their jobs on a mere perception that they belonged to one group or party is an open secrete. Heinous crimes, even murders were committed and all policemen could say was an order from above has authorized us not to act until further notice. The order from above excuse saw state properties burnt to ashes without a single arrest just as the milliners of Hajia Shetu and the boys at Agbogbloshie went scot free. A murder suspect could even find a safe heaven under the bed of a minister. All these and more has contributed to the gaps am talking of.

But what sparked the writing of this article is the direction the division is heading towards as we speak; the Church. Mills will have breached this looming turmoil between the two congregations.

If readers will remember it was in the news recently that the independence square had been allocated to Pastor Mensah Otabil to be used for his ten year or so old annual crossover watch night. However, reports claimed that some months after the International Central Gospel Church under the leadership of pastor Otabil had done the notification the venue had been re-allocated to Archbishop Duncan Williams causing an avoidable confusion. Avoidable because the law of "first come first serve" known by even toddlers could have easily solved the problem. But no, the place was taken away from the soft speaking Teacher to his fellow man servant of God.

Although Pastor Otabil had spent a lot advertising the program with that venue for many months he thought of the body of Christ and decided to let it go.

It was so obvious that some strings within Government had been pulled against pastor Otabil for reasons I will find very difficult to understand.

On the 31st night, whilst The Action Faith Chapel International headed by the Archbishop were holding their watch night at the supposed venue for ICGC, pastor Otabil had forced his way to the stadium to avoid the cancellation of the program. Our president on that faithful night ignored all the ugly circumstances that led to the offering of the Independence park to one pastor at the expense of another and visited the Action Faith Chapel headed by Archbishop Duncan Williams right there at the independence square.

After that he headed to Another Church I only remember as LCI. One would have thought that visiting pastor Otabil's congregation that night will have soothed his congregation which might be feeling that the state machinery has been set against them and their leader. This action of the president is engraving deep prints in the minds of people, especially those who feel his government has sabotaged their ministry. If he could go to Independence square and drive to another church for the same watch night, what prevented him from just flashing the ICGC congregation and at least assuring them that whatever happened had nothing to do with his leadership?

But as he has chosen, oneness is out of the books, "Everything na double double". Division into two everywhere is becoming a hall mark of this Mills led administration. It is highly regrettable that it is getting this far, creeping into the church of God.

Reagan Adomah Koduah.

London, UK.

Columnist: Koduah, Reagan Adomah