Mills Talks Like a Christian, But Acts Like Baal's Son

Atta Mills01 09

Tue, 7 Apr 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

A man who recently told Ghanaians that God has ordained him to become the president of Ghana speaks like a Christian but is now acting like the son of Ba-al. His boss Jerry John Rawlings wants him to prosecute his predecessors for unjustifiable reasons and he is about to comply for these political criminal acts. He believes politicians have the right to say or do anything to win power and deceive people who they think are supposed to serve as their servants. The majority of our citizens do not actually know that some politicians are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is what Mills was, but Ghanaians did not acknowledge at first.

Mills promised Ghanaians that he would be president of all Ghanaians irrespective of political affiliations this was a lie. Mills should not forget that when someone preaches of change it implies listening to the people whom you are serving, doing what is right for the people and also respecting individual rights of liberty. However, after three month in office his ruling National Democratic Congress NDC supporters have unleashed his dog of war against the opposition NPP members and started to harass, intimidate and snitching cars from them without the due process of the law. His own Military officers are playing the tribal card in Ghana Army by harassing Col. Damoah a patriot citizen of Jaman South District for unjustifiable reasons. Here is the president who allows some ethnic groups called Ga-Dangme Youth and the Osu Traditional Council to use their own power to threaten to evict the ex-president from his office. What a shame from these sycophants who cannot realize that among all the Regions in Ghana they contribute nothing to our nations coffers, but they are the beneficiaries from the nation revenues. Furthermore, for this group to also claim that the land, which the state bungalow sits on, belongs to them is total nonsense. Why cannot they tell the Ghanaians that the moneys being used to develop their areas come from other regions? As a result of that they should stop developing their region with others people’s money. They are saying all these things without total regard for the law. At the same time, Attah Mills is not saying or doing anything about it. What a president the nation has!

I have always held that respect is not a gift. One has to earn it. Mills should be cognizant of this fact and restrain his dog of war from attacking the opposition. He styles himself as a Christian and the leader of change, yet he has the audacity to tell Ghanaians that because he is their president and whatever he says or does is final. Interesting statements from a violent Party like NDC. To have a leader who claims to be a Christian and make such pronouncements is tantamount to being a detector?

This is a party in the history of our great nation that has spilled innocent people’s blood and brought curses upon the presidency of our dear nation. Mills has forget that due to the NDC past records Ghanaians are not afraid of this kind of language with his threat from his administration. What has Mills to show for in Ghana, since he came to office? The nation’s economy is regressing, fuel prices are soaring, unemployment is worsening, and the nation currency is in free fall. This is what you get from a wolf in sheep’s clothing. During his campaign to become the nation’s commander in chief the majority of Ghanaians were saying he could not make a decision for himself. He has now proved them right that he cannot use his own hegemonic power to make decision. It is a shame for Mills to call himself a Christian, who has power as King David of Israel, but cannot speak the truth and also be his brother’s keeper. It is a shame for Mills to tell Christians do what I say but don’t do what I do. It is a shame for Mills to proclaim to be a Christian in front of all Christians in Ghana showing them how Baal’s son can fake being a Christian, when he is not.

From; Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi