Mills The Prophet

Sat, 23 Jul 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

In the book of second Kings chapter four the first verse. A woman who was the wife of prophet approached the Prophet Elisha and said; "You know my husband was a God fearing man before he died and now his creditors have to carry my son as a bodman because of the debt he left behind". This man was known as a prophet but at his death he had accumulated so much debt behind that his son was being carried into slavery by his creditors.

Many Ghanaians lost the knowledge that leading a nation is different from claiming to be holier than someone. A whole son of a prophet who automatically also followed in the same line died and left nothing for his widowed wife and son but debt, which was eventually carrying their only son into slavery to serve his father's creditors.

What I asked myself after reading this verse was, what did he do with the money that was big enough to exchange a whole human being into bondage? If that money was invested in a profitable venture the son will rather have been rejoicing and living a happy life after the death of the father. But the prophet probably used the money on tea, chinchinga and his girlfriends. Now his profiligate spending was leading his son into a perpetual bondage.

NDC introduced to us a man they claimed was a God fearing man. Ghanaians being majority religeous after refusing him on two occassions finally gave him a try in 2008. We had heard what they said but it was now time for him to prove it by his deeds. All eyes were open whilst he kept promising a caring government, father of all, a fight against corruption, free flow of water and electricity and good living conditions for every Ghanaian. He introduced the phrase; "profiligate spending" to us.

In his swearing in into office, Ghana was owing an external debt of ony about 4.1million dollars by his first two and half years into office this debt had jumped to over 16 million US dollars. Just last week the same prophet who whilst in opposition together with his men, now his ministers vehemently condemned attempts by the Kuffour led NPP to acquire a presidential jet. Eventually the deal went through due process and the acquisition was made on paper. By the time the Jet was ready for delivery, it was Mills and his men who were in power. One expected that they would have cancelled the deal and stop the company from delivering the jet. But no, they welcomed it with smiles and started using it happily. The hypocrisy in this leader and his appointtees was openly exposed to Ghanaians just like it happened in the case of the jubillee house. A project they condemned with all seriousness but started using it when they came into power.

As if that is not enough President mills rushed a bill for the purchase of more presidential jets and other jets for the airforce. How many presidential jets do This Mills-Mahama administration need? He sent the said bill to the finance minister without even allowing the counsel of state to go through it and give their advice as every bill is supposed to be. The finance minister with the same haste rushed this bill to parliarment and before one could say jack, they had voted in favour of it without allowing time for anybody to go into the details properly.

The indecent rush raised some eye brows. The cost at which Ghana is buying one of the jets as revealed by the finance minister is 55million US dollars. I took it upon myself to go to the international market and inquire for the unit cost of the Brasil made Embraer E 190. The results was so shocking that I shook my head asked myself, is this the man of God we were told of? The cost of one of this jet is 32 million US dollars. If one makes specific customisation the price of one could rise up to 40million US dollars and not more. Lets assume Ghana with our financial standing and the difficulties our people are facing still decided to go for the customised, luxuries one it should still be costing us 40 million US dollars and nothing more. So where from the good 15million dollars extra? Egypt recently went for the same jet and they bought them at 32.8 million dollars.

Before Ghanaians will know this prophet will die just like the one in the book of Kings and leave us with debts which will land us in slavery just like NDC one did. They did similar things. We will remember the Caiman Island flying coffin. It ended us in HIPC where we lived in bondage for close to one and half year. This is exactly where we are heading to again. Taking loans has become a weekly affair. Today its STX, tomorrow it is a Chinese loan, the next day is clay family in Ireland Loan, tomorrow is a French loan before we sleep and wake up it is Beasilian loan oh hoo.

Just like the devil, he knows his time is short so he is destroying as much as he can before that end time, 2012. Note that as wicked as the Mills-Mahama led NDC is these loans they are grabing left and righ are to mature many years after they are gone. Some are maturing in seven years, eight years, ten years and so on. They are intentionally piling down debts for us in the future. Any asset we have is being used as collateral including the recentl. Discoverred oil fields. Those singing their praise should keep on, we will smell it at the end.

In fact, if Pres Mills is the man of God he claims then he should learn from Abraham, who died and left assets for all his children not debt.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame