Mills secret trips violated the constitution

Tue, 21 Aug 2012 Source: Yawose, John

A fortnight ago, I posted an article in Ghanaweb captioned ‘President Mills died out of cancer of his own Political Deceit’ in which I countered Professor Akosah’s annotation of the recent sudden death of President Mills- as having died out of ‘Cancer of Hatred’. In the post, I exposed President Mills deceitful conducts on three fronts to lay foundation to my charge:::

1. President Mills openly said at a press confab that Rawlings was not a pain in his neck—with the latter’s constant vitriolic attacks on the former and his administration. It was revealed after his death that Mills lamented on Rawlings attitude and that he was actually seeing stars and nightmares out of the attacks and criticisms. Mills therefore lied to Ghanaians.

====== 2. Mills allowed sycophantic and bootlicking NDC goons to use, misuse and abuse his health condition for politics--- e.g. silly joggings at KIA and inspection on the rugged Suhum Road. Mills refused to accept he was sick and thus denied his own self peace of mind to cure himself properly.

====== 3. The third point has become controversial and has triggered this rejoinder from me. I pointed out that-- TB Joshua of Nigeria said President Mills saw him 3 times this year in Nigeria for meditation and spiritual comfort before he died --- that, there are no records in Ghana’s parliament to indicate that President Mills travelled, even once, to Nigeria this year—that, President Mills travelled secretly to Nigeria 3 times without informing parliament – and finally that, President Mills thus violated the stipulations in the constitution of Ghana and travelled outside Ghana without reference to Parliament.

I wrapped up all these and contended that President Mills cheated Ghanaians and thus died of the Cancer of His Own Political Deceits.

(Refer- https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/features/artikel.php?ID=247334)

Enter, one columnist called Fajenyo Ezekiel, (Is he a Nigerian or a Ghanaian NDC goon?) who wrote to accuse me of spreading falsehood which had no foundation concerning TB Joshua of Synagogue Church. Because my article revealed that TB Joshua said that Mills saw him three times this year for meditation, Ezekiel labelled me -- dangerous and a great liar doing wicked disservice to TB Joshua , the man of God .

Ezekiel continued his aggression and labelled me terrible, vicious and doing deceptive insinuations because Professor Mills never visited Joshua this year, in Nigeria—and finally warned the managers of *GhanaWeb* that they have a duty to properly investigate their stories or claims made in submitted articles, especially on men of God, before publishing. (Check, Ezekiel vituperations at https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/features/artikel.php?ID=247382)

Somebody should tell the writer Fajenyo Ezekiel that he is a fake and huge joker and the threats he issued to me on this subject are based on phantoms. He had no right and bases to pronounce apocalypse carnage on my personality. I did not manufacture the issue of President Mill’s secret trips to TB Joshua in Nigeria, this year from my hat of my wardrobe. In any case , I don’t see how the facts about Mills travels –AWOLs- should indict TB Joshua to the extent that Fajenyo, a twerpish hired agent or something should issue threats and abuses on me.

Readers are informed that the day after President Mills sudden death, TB Joshua granted an interview to a Nigeria paper—LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER-- exclusively at his Ikotun Synagogue Church where Pastor Joshua pointed out that he was indeed very sad at the death of the Ghanaian president, saying he did not receive any revelation concerning the death, otherwise he would have intensified more prayers to avert his demise. Mills trusted cleric, Joshua went on to reveal that--QUOTE-- ‘’His death is a great shock and blow to me personally. Of course, I knew he had been ill for some time now and he had come for special prayers concerning his health thrice this year, and I and my other ministers had prayed fervently for him. I was so hopeful he would recover his health completely, but it is sad and only God knows best why he should die now’’—UNQUOTE.

Readers can check the link::: http://www.citifmonline.com/index.php?id=1.983503===for details of the full interview of TB Joshua with the Nigerian newspaper, extracts of which I have quoted above to support my disputation that President Mills made secret unannounced journeys to Nigeria and thus violated the stipulations in the constitution of Ghana and travelled outside Ghana without reference to the people or Parliament.

President Mills was a damn cheat and would have been a candidate for impeachment on these bases, if he were alive. Fingers are even pointing at President John Mahama that, he as Vice President connived and condoned at this blatant illegality of his predecessor and his claim of being honest and sincere is hanging on thin air already.

The writer, Fajenyo Ezekielwho issued threats on my life is just a mysterious vicious goon hired by NDC to throw dust into the eyes of the public to bury the revelation about this grave , deceitful and impeachable misconduct of then President John Mills and present President John Mahama. .

John Yawose

Columnist: Yawose, John